25 Upcoming PS4 Games of 2020

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1. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The next iteration of the famed anime franchise takes you to a grand open world where you can relive the key moments of the Dragon Ball series. CyberConnect2's Kakarot not only introduces a sprawling fantasy world to explore, but it also injects its own RPG elements to deliver a completely new Dragon Ball experience.

Still embracing their Fighting Game genre, select from a wide roster of iconic Dragon Ball characters and watch them clash their power levels together. It comes out this 17th of January.

2. Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft continues their voyage into mythical lands with this brand new open-world IP from the creators of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Step into a now-desolate Earth after a devastating attack from the Titan Typhon. Journey through its gorgeous realm full of mythical creatures, magical beasts and a sense of wonder reminiscent to Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

We’ve only got one reveal trailer as of the moment and it’s not showing much, but we’re looking forward to this fresh adventure as it comes out this February 25, 2020.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Return to Cloud and his buddies in their quest to liberate their polluted lands from the hands of the greedy Shinra. This insane remake reinvents the popular Final Fantasy title from the ground up, completely improving the visuals and redefining the next generation of video games in the years to come.

Its new and improved real-time battle system is akin to that of Final Fantasy XV. With the aid of your friends, embark on a grand JRPG adventure with breathtaking designs and a fantastic story that never gets old. It’s finally coming out this March 3rd as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

4. DOOM Eternal

Bethesda may be under fire right now, but that doesn’t stop the legendary Doomguy from stopping pandemonium in his god-forsaken planet. A sequel to the 2016 reboot of the award-winning first-person shooter, there's more demon-killing and eviscerating in this next chapter.

Improving upon its predecessors ‘push-forward’ gameplay, battles remain fast-paced and exhilarating from beginning to end. The moment to moment gameplay oozes with satisfying demon blood and responsive controls worthy of a next-generation shooter title. It’s coming out this 30th of March.

5. DOOM 64

Accompanying id Software’s sequel to their 2016 opus is this classic gem that paved the way to the future of first-person shooter games. This Nintendo 64 title is pretty much like any other Doom game: you fight hordes of Demons and survive Hell using your arsenal of weapons.

During its time, it was hailed as one of the greatest games ever made. Before the reboots game, this was the best version of Doom and this re-release will open doors for new and old fans. Think of it as a gateway back to the good ol’ days before you get your hands on Doom Eternal. It comes out this 30th of March.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

It’s hard not to include Cyberpunk 2077 when talking about upcoming PlayStation 4 titles. CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3 was a godsend and it’s about time they experiment with the first-person genre.

Adding with it their knack for great RPG design, this latest IP takes you into a vast open-world full of futuristic madness. Choices matter and customizations are almost limitless, giving more freedom to player decisions from the beginning to the end. There’s not much news about this game as of the moment, but we’re just glad we get to see Keanu Reeves back and he’s in a video game. It comes out this April 16, 2020.

7. Trials Of Mana

This remake of the 1995 classic JRPG that first released on the Super Famicom is having a full makeover and it’s coming out for the PlayStation 4. Fans of the Seiken Densetsu series, especially those in the West, have more reason to rejoice. Not only just a mere title, but this remake has also been rebuilt from the ground up to give it a full 3D makeover.

Story remains unchanged, which is a good thing. New and old players will enjoy the games enhanced voice acting and visuals, as well as an upgraded battle system. It’s making a debut on Western shores this April 24th, 2020

8. The Last Of Us: Part II

One of 2020’s most anticipated titles. This sequel takes you to the shoes of a hardened and mature Ellie with her own ways of survival.

Escape from the dangers of power-hungry humans and the mysterious Klickers in a post-apocalyptic world. With more verticality at your disposal, using Ellie is unlike Joel’s movements in the original. This sequel will give more freedom to stealth and action.

Packed with more gritty action and atmospheric backdrops, The Last of Us II’s hype is palpable despite its recent delay. Coming this May 29, 2020 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

9. MARVEL’s Avengers

It’s time for a rebirth in superhero games and what better way to bring it back to life with Marvel’s very own superpowered ensemble. Far from the Cinematic Universe, this standalone action-adventure RPG developed by Crystal Dynamics aims to redefine the genre as we know it.

MARVEL’s Avengers comes with an original story that focuses on a completely new set of characters, namely Kamala Khan, or better known as Ms. Marvel. It’s set years after the death of Captain America and the Avengers are at a fallout. With an emphasis on strong co-op and RPG elements, playing together with a friend is as enjoyable as doing it alone. Work together and customize your favorite Marvel hero. Coming this May 15, 2020.

10. Dying Light 2

Techland’s acclaimed open-world zombie game is back with more parkour and freedom. It’s been 15 years since humanity lost to the virus, play as a young survivor who adapted to the infection. Use his newfound abilities to take advantage of the massive horde of undead.

Like the first game, the focus on stylish traversal and first-person combat remains as its core gameplay. You can finally move seamlessly from one place to another with ease, unlike the previous title .

In this sequel, not only you will be pitted against an even dangerous world, your choices will matter. Make decisions or sacrifices that will impact the game’s story. It’s slated for a 2020 release.

11. Wasteland 3

The icy hell of post-apocalyptic Colorado isn’t as friendly as it was before in this much-awaited installment to the Wasteland series. We’ve come a long way from its 1988 release. As a fan-funded project, it’s never easy. The party-based RPG from InXile Entertainment is stepping up their game with asynchronous multiplayer, solid single-player experience and strategic turn-based gameplay.

That means whether you want a friend, or not, you still get to taste the horrors and atmosphere of this frozen wasteland. Still in development, the game is slated for a 2020 release, let’s hope the wait isn’t that long.

12. Outriders

It’s rare to see Square Enix make a first-person shooter game instead of their usual JRPG formula. Outriders is a 1 to 3 player, drop-in-drop-out co-op shooter set in an original dark and desperate sci-fi universe.

Not much details are known so far, but it is presented with so much gravitas by its creators. It offers a wealth of experience for the shooter genre and we can’t wait to find out more about this title when it comes out sometime this 2020.

13. System Shock

This Kickstarter remake of the 1994 space station thriller has been announced as far back as 2015. In the 3 years of development, the developers have gone through some creative conundrums that led them to stray from their original vision.

After a brief hiatus, Night Dive Studios concluded that they want to go back to developing the game that they promised fans, which is awesome. The plan now is to keep it as close to the original as possible so new gamers can have a taste of this classic game and old players can have a bit of a nostalgic moment.

It’s expected to be released in early 2020.

14. Psychonauts 2

After a series of publishing issues, it’s safe to say that Psychonauts 2 is still a go and it’s coming out real soon. Thanks to the efforts of Kickstarter fans and Double Fine Productions themselves, our dreams might finally come true.

A much-awaited sequel, Psychonauts 2 will be following up the story of the 2005 original. The iconic Raz returns and he’s taking up the helm once more as he notices something dangerous is afoot.

From what we’re seeing so far, it looks like its gonna be another weird and delightful adventure. Coming sometime this 2020.

15. Tales Of Arise

Bandai Namco’s latest Tales game veers away from the shared universe of the previous titles. For the first time in a long time, Arise takes you into a whole new world torn apart by ideologies.

Still embracing that fantasy charm, play as two characters with the same goal of uniting their divided world. This latest Tales title offers a fresh cast of characters that are as memorable as any other Tales games out there. Its improvement of the Linear Motion Battle System is also something to look forward to. It’s set to release sometime in 2020

16. Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The long-rumored Yakuza title has a name and it’s Demo is currently out in the wilds for you to test out. The eighth mainline entry of the famed Yakuza series, this title is set in the near future and it’s considered as a soft reboot of the series.

It features new characters and a new protagonist far from the likes of Kazuma Kiryu. The gameplay is also shifting to the classic turn-based combat aside from the real-time brawler which is a huge surprise. So far, there’s not many details as of the moment. Coming sometime this 2020.

17. Watch Dogs: Legion

After suffering from a major delay, we might have to wait a little while longer before we get our hands on Legion. Ubisoft is definitely pulling out all the stops as they expand on the idea of open-world by eliminating all NPCs.

That's because Watch Dogs Legion lets players take on absolutely anyone who chooses to take part in the rising revolution. Anyone can hack the planet, even a grandma! It's full of technological innovations and it promises variety in terms of experience and gameplay. It’s coming sometime this 2020.

18. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

A decade and a half later, this cult classic returns and we're gonna get to experience its nocturnal adventures once again.

Still in the 21st century, Continue your vampiric adventures and settle into the underworld gloom of nighttime Seattle. Choices still play a massive part of gameplay, and it comes out through your character’s backgrounds, as well as the decisions you make in the various dialogs and interactions.

Coming sometime this 2020.

19. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The Skywalker Saga is finally coming to a close and it’s the perfect opportunity for LEGO to give us a much-needed rundown of George Lucas’ critically acclaimed space opera… alongside LEGO’s quirky humor.

This massive collection from TT Games features all NINE Star Wars chapters all packed into one cartridge. Relive the fascinating stories of a galaxy far, far away from Darth Vader’s origin story to Kylo Ren’s madness. Nothing is more satisfying than using the force to build LEGO blocks. Coming sometime this 2020.

20. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One of the longest-running manga in history. Return to the high seas in Omega Force and Koei Tecmo’s Musou One Piece experience.

Similar to Pirate Warriors, control numerous One Piece characters including Luffy, Zorro and more as they repel a massive horde of enemies in satisfying hack and slash combat. This covers notable arcs from the One Piece anime instead of telling an original story. No release date yet, but it comes out sometime this 2020.

21. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six - Quarantine

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter series is trying something different this time around. Set several years into the future of their Rainbow Six series, Quarantine explores the team's fight against a mutating alien parasite.

Although there aren’t many details about the game right now, it’s said to show off a brand new 3 player co-op, letting you get into gunplay and tactics with two other friends. It's set to release early next year.

22. Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

This collaborative effort between Koei Tecmo and ATLUS is a Musou title and it’s far from the usual Persona 5 hijinks we once knew. This ‘canonical’ hack and slash adventure takes place years after the events of Persona 5 and it takes us once again to the shoes of Joker and the gang.

Reforming society takes more than just stealing hearts. This action game features real-time combat with satisfying animations and a sick new soundtrack for the longtime fans. It comes out sometime this 2020.

23. Persona 5 The Royal

Two Persona 5 games in a row is a blessing for PlayStation 4 users. This is the ‘definitive’ edition of the Persona 5 experience. Royal enhances the way Persona 5 feels, bringing a fresh dose of content including a new character, a new dungeon and some added story that answers some of the game’s lingering questions.

Royal isn’t a completely new game. The main story remains untouched and combat has some fancy tweaks, especially for their stealth sections. All in all, it’s just Persona 5, but better. It’s coming out sometime this 2020.

24. Elden Ring

Oh, Elden Ring. George RR Martin and FromSoftware team up to create this dark fantasy with Nordic elements.

We’ve only had one trailer so far, so there’s not much info. According to reports, Elden Ring will let you play a customizable character with no defined personality. It's up to players to flesh out their history as well as the world. It's gonna be one of FromSoftware's biggest games yet. Probably very early on in its development, there's no release date yet.

25. Ghost Of Tsushima

This upcoming PS4 exclusive from Sucker Punch was a scene-stealer in E3 so it's hard to forget it in the list of the best titles to come to the console. Ghost of Tsushima puts us in the sandals of the titular island's Last Samurai, desperately fighting against the Mongol invasion in the year 1274.

The atmosphere of its trailer was the most captivating part of the presentation, but its detail and combat also speak volumes about the game's quality. We don't know much about the game as of yet, and its release in 2020 might be a stretch of the imagination, we can't help but look forward to it anyway.