DOOM Eternal for PlayStation 4

DOOM Eternal

Mar 20, 2020 NEW

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Developer: id Software
Content Rating: Mature


As the DOOM Slayer, you’ll return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell with powerful new weapons and abilities. DOOM Eternal will deliver the ultimate combination of speed and power, along with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.

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Mar 22, 2020

Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal are the reason what I play video games. Pure Eternal Fun.

Mar 21, 2020



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Lucas WhiteMar 20, 2020
The air-dashing, grappling, and tons of unlockable stuff is cool, and Doomguy’s personal quarters in his weird spaceship/castle gimmick is pretty funny. But while there’s nothing outright bad or poorly crafted in DOOM Eternal, the direction id Software chose to head here just reeks of AAA homogeny. The last game had teeth; DOOM Eternal feels like it sold out a little.
Collin MacGregorMar 24, 2020
DOOM Eternal is an adrenaline shot of pure, hyper-intense action that will constantly keep you on your toes. Mixing classic FPS gameplay with modern visuals and upgrades keeps DOOM Eternal’s repetitive loop of killing demons and hunting for collectibles constantly engaging. While I do wish the story was told in cumbersome text logs, id Software has crafted a gorgeous, macabre world to fight in. If you’re looking for
Kevin DunsmoreMar 23, 2020
It’s also disappointing to see id Software replace what ended up being a robust multiplayer experience in Doom 2016 with something lacking content and substance. These problems are annoying, but they’re just small blights in what is an excellent FPS. When everything comes together, Doom Eternal’s combat, mobility and levels combine to create one of the most satisfying gameplay loops and FPS campaigns in years. The Doom Slayer came, he sawed and he lived up to his reputation.

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