10 Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2021

10 Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2021

Over two thousand games for just this year. Despite the PlayStation 5's launch, the PlayStation 4 isn't dying anytime soon. From the over 2600 critic reviews and 169 thousand user scores, we gathered up 10 of the best PlayStation 4 games that came out this year. All arranged by playscore.

10. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Resident Evil Village

It's hard to ignore the success of CAPCOM's latest survival horror chapter. According to many of our critics and users , Village was the gold standard for triple A horror this year, mainly due to its carnival of terrors in every corner.

From giant vampires, creepy dolls and fish monsters, Village knew how to keep the frights going. Ethan Winter's journey was a rollercoaster of emotions. Even on the PlayStation 4 the game runs smoothly, albeit sacrificing that crisp 60 frames for the ideal 30.

The RE Engine is a blessing for old-gen users, and Village was proof that they can still make a great RE game before the console's imminent swan song. A playscore of 8.78

9. Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers

The Phantom Thieves' return was a welcome surprise for this year. Strikers wasn't something we'd expect in the Persona 5 universe, but then again, with ATLUS' knack for experimental spin-offs, anything could happen.

The hybrid of Dynasty Warriors' musou combat and the slick Persona summoning powers of our favorite Phantom Thieves are like a match made in heaven. Attack Of The Fanboy praised the sequel-like format, saying, “... it does a great job continuing what was an already great and established universe, without changing much, besides the battle formula.”

It's a game built for Persona 5 fans, and this follow-up was a refreshing take on Joker and his gang of heart-stealers. A playscore of 8.78

8. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

Yoko Taro managed to remake this cult-classic after the success of 2B's adventures in Automata. This 10-year old game needed a lot of ironing out, but developer ToyLogic, with the help of Square, polished out most of the kinks of the original.

“... it is the perfect way for fans of Automata to experience the original and for newcomers to engage with the franchise.” cites COGConnected who gave it a score of 84.

It integrated Automata's fast-paced combat and added quality of life controls that saved us time as we navigate through its bleak dystopian world. The story is, of course, still packed with Yoko Taro's brand of strangeness. A playscore of 8.81



The winner of this year's Game Awards for best fighting game. Arc System Works' stylish fighter, as IGN describes it, is “ a milestone 2D fighting game that raises the bar for anime-like fighters…”, IGN also went on to praise its style, netcode and sheer creativity, concluding by giving the game a score of 9.

Strive doesn't ‘strive' to be an intimidating fighter that filters the casuals from pros. It's actually the most accessible Guilty Gear game to date, especially with its beginner-friendly tutorials. You can simply mash buttons and you'd be enjoying it in no time. Its selection of gonzo characters is also one that leaves a lasting impression on new players.

By the time you finished your first match, you'd be finding that perfect character for you. By then, no one's stopping you from going competitive. A playscore of 8.85

6. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

Sucker Punch's open-world samurai game wowed so many players when it came out 2 years ago. It was a gorgeous power fantasy that took you to 13th century Mongolia-controlled Japan to play a badass Kurosawa-style character.

This Definitive Edition of the PlayStation exclusive is now the best way to play the game. Unfortunately for PlayStation 4 users, you won't get the full visual and performance improvements of its new-gen counterpart.

Perhaps the best feature for this old-gen version is the addition of a 10-15 hour Iki Island expansion story. According to Destructoid, “...although the DLC does feel like too much of a companion piece at times, it doesn't feel tacked-on in the slightest.”

The base game remains the same, but alongside the DLC and the online multiplayer, there's so many more hours stacked into this game. A playscore of 8.90

5. Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

For almost 2 decades, Double Fine's cult-favorite platformer finally released its true sequel this year. It was a huge leap from the video games of 16 years ago. Still, Psychonauts never forgot its roots. This sequel is still a mind-bending trip that puts focus into its characters, story and its themes of mental health.

PS Lifestyle's Rebecca Smith said, “It's a glorious return for the franchise, one that should keep existing fans happy while being perfectly welcoming for new players.” Maneuvering through shape-shifting worlds and psyches with Raz is an audiovisual experience that looks good even on Sony's 8 year old console. A playscore of 8.91

4. Quake

Quake Quake

The OG shooter that paved the way for the creation of thousands of games since its inception. id Software's Quake is a genre-defining title that just received its modern polish this year.

This Quake gets the upgrade for your PlayStation 4, from the visuals, to its sound and controls. You get to enjoy this 1996 classic with 2021 eyes. COGconnected praised its slew of content: “Between the five campaigns, the console mods, and the multiplayer, this is a lot of bang for your buck.”

If you can't enjoy the new Halo, or if you just want to revisit the good ol' days of classic shooters, this Quake remaster is something you should try. A playscore of 8.97

3. It Takes Two

It Takes Two

Taking the crown for Game of the Year in Geoff Keighley's Award Show, Josef ‘Fuck the Oscars' Fares' latest project was all about partners working together to save a dying marriage.

It Takes Two's genre-shifting adventure can net you hours of non-stop fun. No world feels the same and it encourages teamplay through and through. Attack Of The Fanboy gave it a perfect score, saying “...it is co-op gaming at its most joyous and whimsical, and will forever be in the hearts of anyone that is lucky enough to play it.”

So hand over that extra controller, invite a friend, whoever it may be, and enjoy this multi-award winning game. A playscore of 9.05

2. Hades

Hades Hades

This PlayStation 4 release came a few months after Supergiant's release for PC.

Hades is an indie giant that captured the hearts of many. Whether you're a fan of the roguelike action formula, or a good story about the Greek pantheon, Hades has so many avenues for you to explore and enjoy.

It's roguelike gameplay is boiled down to its most essential elements, never needing to saturate the gameplay. The never-ending cycle of Zagreus' journey has a lot of room for breathing, especially with its story-heavy moments after every death.

But if you're in it for the action, the game doesn't just stop when you beat the final boss. The many upgrades, loot, and Greek God powers you acquire throughout your quest has hundreds of variations to experiment on. The critics and users have spoken, Hades receives a playscore of 9.07

1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of gaming's most celebrated science-fiction stories. Commander Shepard's 5-year long quest to stop the Reapers was a huge moment in gaming. This Legendary Edition is the perfect way to revisit the trilogy in all its glory.

“In some ways, all three titles are showing their age — but excellent character writing and exceptional world building make this a timeless trilogy.” said Push Square, who gave it a score of 9.

It's packed with all kinds of upgrades, from visuals to sound and quality of life improvements. Playing the first game doesn't feel like a chore anymore. In addition to a few important changes, picking this game up has all their well-written DLC stories.

This makes us all excited for BioWare's next Mass Effect game, and hopefully, it doesn't disappoint. The Legendary Edition receives a playscore of 9.14