NieR: Automata for PlayStation 4

NieR: Automata

Mar 7, 2017

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Developer: Platinum Games
Content Rating: Mature


The distant future… Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing a new type of threat: weapons known as “machine lifeforms.” In the face of this insurmountable threat, mankind is driven from Earth and takes refuge on the Moon. The Council of Humanity organizes a resistance of android soldiers in an effort to take back their planet. To break the deadlock, the Resistance deploys a new unit of android infantry: YoRHa .

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Nov 29, 2019

The besta JRPG from this generation, a masterpiece. Everybody who reaches ending E praises this game as a masterpiece

Pawel Zujewski

Pawel Zujewski

Dec 12, 2019
vishal Ithape

vishal Ithape

Nov 3, 2019


Sep 5, 2019
Alonso Estremadoyro

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Ken McKownMar 17, 2017
NieR: Automata is unlike anything I have ever played. This being my first full playthrough of a Yoko Taro game, makes me want to check out his other work even more. This game takes the medium and spins it on its head in a way only video games can do, and it is a marvel to experience. Go into it without spoilers, read everything and pay attention to what it says.
Samuel GuglielmoMar 18, 2017
At the very end of NieR: Automata I was asked if I wanted to delete my save data in exchange for coming to the rescue of some poor sap who’s totally stuck in the game. I took it a step further and deleted NieR: Automata from my hard drive. It was the perfect ending. It’s a weird game directed by a crazy man. It has flaws that drove me nuts, twists that surprised me, sections that frustrated me, and moments that had me cheering in excitement and delight. I don’t think I’d change a thing.
Mike GuarinoMar 09, 2017
Nier: Automata takes fantastic action and RPG elements and blends them into a game world unlike any other, creating a truly memorable experience. The game continuously pleases and surprises with terrific gameplay that is constantly transforming, and a narrative that keeps you thinking and guessing. It has a lot to offer, and is an experience that shouldn't be missed.

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