61 Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games

The official reveal of the Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 5 comes the showcase of titles that will be released on the platform. To see the full, up-to-date list, visit our dedicate page for all upcoming PS5 games.

1. Dirt 5

Codemaster's continually hitting the nail on the head with their rally racing series. With this installment though, we're set to get a more relaxed, arcade racing environment compared to their previous sim racers. With career modes that feature Nolan North and Troy Baker, and a four-player split-screen mode, we're certain it's still gonna be one hell of a cross-gen racer and it's coming to the PS5 this October.

2. NBA 2K21

Another entry in 2K's annnual basketball title. Realism has always been their goal, and with this coming entry to the PS5, it looks like they're about to make it happen. With a sweat-drenched preview featuring Zion Williamson, they showed us just how real they can get. Unfortunately, there wasn't much other than that in their teaser, but surely there'll be more to come as it releases this fall

3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Already a massive success on the PC and consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, this installment of the Rainbow Six saga has been confirmed for the PS5. While it will be a launch title for the new gen console, thankfully the developers Ubisoft Montreal have also confirmed that a cross-gen multiplayer will be a available. So whether or not you get the console on day 1, you can be sure you'll still be able to play with your old buddies. It's coming out sometime this 4th quarter

4. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft gave us one hell of a teaser for this one, and it was all worth finding out that our next Assassin adventure will be with Vikings. After their Greek expedition, it will be amazing to see how they'll treat the Vikings' action-packed history and expansive mythology. For now, we know that there will be raids, settlements, and the return of the hidden blade. It's coming out this fourth quarter

5. Madden NFL 21

The first Madden game to come out on the next gen consoles is sure to have some amazing new features what with all the PS5's horsepower. While we've had a glimpse in the Xbox Series X showcase, we still don't know much about what to expect in this entry. With the tagline "feel next level" some reports have suggested a more immersive experience through haptic feedbacks and the PS5's 3D audio. No release date yet but it's coming out sometime this fourth quarter

6. Skeletal Avenger

One of our first new names confirmed for the console is this "ultra-paced" hack and slash game from indie studio 10tons. It might not be as sparkly as the other games, but its reverse roguelite gameplay does look charming. Help their main character exact his revenge, whether solo or with friends in co-op. Coming this fourth quarter

7. Bugsnax

While a land of full of bugs that also happen to be foodstuff sounds charming enough. Wait till you find out you'll turn into whatever bugsnack you eat. Either it's just real goofy, or there's something sinister going on here. Solve the mystery of your destroyed camp, and track down all the followers in this strange indie adventure by Young Horses that's coming out this fourth quarter

8. Jett: The Far Shore

A game that Christopher Nolan would probably proudly call his. This open world space adventure from Superbrothers takes us to a mythic ocean planet, where we inspect wildlife and prepare for a myriad of dangers in an unfamiliar environment. Telling a tale of adversity and companionship in five acts, it seems like this is gonna have a great balance of story, gameplay, and with that breathatking score, atmosphere. Hopefully we'll experience it all once it releases this fourth quarter

9. Observer: System Redux

Bloober Team's 2017 cyberpunk horror game will be resurrected on the PS5. A game that was bogged down with technical flaws and performance issues, it will be a treat to see Observer finally at its best. Now that Cyberpunk is gaining more and more traction as a genre, this was the perfect opportunity. Travel the year 2084 and rediscover its level designs and puzzles in a better light. It's coming later this year

10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine

Tom Clancy's Quarantine looks a bit different from our image of it now with the current global situation, but if their works are any indication, it's still gonna be hell of a game to play. Other than the teaser trailer from last year though, we still don't know much about this newest entry other than its recent confirmation on the PS5. We're waiting to get actual details on the game with Ubisoft's event this July 12th.

11. Gods & Monsters

It looks like Ubisoft has been saving up a lot for their coming event, and this game is no different. From the creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, we get a closer look at the Greek pantheon in this mythical adventure that presents their vast open world in cel-shaded wonder. We may get more details soon, but we can probably expect its release later this year

12. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

With that gorgeous announcement trailer, this is definitely one of the biggest things to look forward to on the PS5. A standalone spinoff the way Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was, step into the shoes of the Miles Morales as swings around his hometown of New York. It might be a smaller, shorter experience than the last, it will still have the heavy technical specs of the new gen as well as a host of new features. It's coming out sometime in 2020

13. Paradise Lost

The Nazis have come to stay in this field trip through an icy alternative history. Unlike other alternative histories involving Nazis though, this is more of a journey of discovery as we play the role of a 12-year-old roaming around a Polish wasteland 20 years after the war. Discover the secrets of the past, and make decisions that will shape your present. It's coming out sometime this year

14. Hitman III

The end of the line in their World of Assassination trilogy was a special announcement at the PS5 reveal. This time their trailers show off the sights of Dubai; a perfect preview to what will be Agent 47's "most intimate and professional contract". But other than Dubai, it seems we'll also get to see import locations from the previous games to a total of over 20 locations. This thrilling end will hopefully be in sight sometime this January

15. Roots of Pacha

It's one thing to give us a farm life RPG, it's another to watch the science of agriculture take root. Not only does it offer us the unique experience of a farming slash life simulation game set in the Stone Age, it also lets us share it with friends with their online co-op. See the roots of civilization unfold when it releases early next year

16. Grand Theft Auto V

One of the show starters of the PS5 event, Rockstar shows off their solidarity with Sony once again with the rerelease of their latest GTA entry. GTA V on the next gen may not be too important news, but there are some upsides to this jump to the next gen. For one, it’s gonna come with a host of improvements to showcase the PS5’s hardware capabilities. The icing on that cake is that GTA online will be coming in as a standalone title that will be free for PS5 players for the first three months from launch. While we’re expecting GTA 6, this will be an extra treat for fans of the series, and it’s coming sometime at the end of 2020

17. Watch Dogs Legion

This title from Ubisoft has been delayed to Oblivion but at least finally we get confirmation that the latest entry to the Watchdogs Saga will make its debut on the PS5. As one of their biggest titles yet, Legion will surely benefit from the extra specs of the latest Sony console. It may have fallen short of expectations before, but Watchdogs is still a strong addition that's coming to us sometime in 2021.

18. Tribes of Midgard

The Vikings are getting a lot of attention on the PS5. Challenging players to stand against the coming of Ragnarok, it's fight against magic and might and the battles look gorgeous from the isometric perspective of their detailed environment. Play solo or co-op with a team of up to 10 players. Explore the wilderness, creaft weapons, and defend your village from the shadows. It's set to release in 2021

19. Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2

Fishing fans also have something to look forward to. Ultimate Fishing Simulator really takes its name seriously, gaining a reputation for its realistic fishing experience. After getting positive reviews on their first entry, this sequel is sure to come with a lot of enhancements to their formula. Try your hand at a whole new variety of fishing spots, and see what else there is to catch in their diverse waters. Coming this 2021

20. MicroMan

This does not look like the best showcase of the PS5's capabilities, but it is on the list of confirmed next-gen games. It's got a pretty straightforward premise: after accidentally becoming the world's smallest man, help him traverse the dangers of his size and get back to normal. It's always a treat to see the world from a new perspective, and we'll get that with this game's release in 2021

21. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

A game we didn't know we needed. Taking us back to Middle Earth, Daedalic Entertainment’s stealth-based Lord of the Rings title will center around Gollum. Set before the events of the iconic trilogy, witness Gollum's slow descent into madness after his acquisition of the ring. Their recent screenshots show us a sneak peek into a Middle Earth that's both wondrous and terrifying. It's coming out in 2021

22. Soulborn

With their name, you might already have a few expectations. But, coming from a small indie studio Pixelmad Studios, it's a brand new offering, mixing Legend of Zelda and Witcher into one. A story-driven open-world RPG adventure, explore the world, fight, and grow your character. Their alpha gameplay trailer may reveal some flaws, but its a promising title nonetheless and it's coming this 2021

23. Chorus: Rise as One

Talk about a space opera. But no, there's no music involved. A new IP from Deep Silver, Chorus tells the tale of Nara, a deadly pilot on her sentient plane, who goes on a quest to destroy the cult that created her. Their trailers so far don't really much, but it's enough to get us into the hype for this sci-fi title. It's set to release in 2021

24. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

There have been so many iterations of the famous Sherlock mysteries, and we gotta say, this one from Frogwares is looking pretty good. An open world detective adventure featuring a Sherlock Holmes that's on the "precipice of adulthood," we see the man before he was the man. Keep your eyes peeled for clues as you explore their Mediterranean landscape, and see how your search for truth shapes your character. It's coming sometime in 2021

25. Metal: Hellsinger

Now we have an actual rhythm game, but it's not what you would expect. Far from the techno beats and abstract backdrops, this rhythm game from The Outsiders hits different. For one, it's a first-person shooter game too. Shoot demons in their hellish landscape and it to the beat of their heavy metal soundtrack. It certainly looks like a hell of a lot of fun and it's coming to us on the PS4 and PS5 in 2021

26. Stray (Bluetwelve)

For a publisher known for their gorgeous adventure titles, even this latest title exceeds graphical expectations. Developed by Bluetwelve Studios, Stray lets you see through the eyes of a stray cat lost in a cybercity populated by robts. Its teasers smack of the artfulness of Annapurna's previous games. Surely, it's going to be a unique experience in puzzle-solving and exploration and it's coming out in 2021

27. Goodbye Volcano High

If you were a fan of the emotionality and coming of age themes of Life is Strange, this game might be a good fit. Anthropomorphic characters seems to be a rising trend in media, and with Goodbye Volcano High we get to grow with their Dinosaur-like characters. Get to experience this end of an era love story when it comes out sometime in 2021

28. Resident Evil 8: Village

CAPCOM has been doing so well with their Resident Evil remakes, but it's about time we get to see their new take on their survival horror series. Their trailers suggest that a few of their old characters will make a return in this entry. Though nothing has been confirmed, some rumored details reveal a return to the first-person perspective and zombies, plus a brush with werewolves. We'll know for sure when it releases in 2021

29. Battlefield 6

Aside from its release on the next-gen console, the details on this are still pretty sparse. According to some insider reports, the next game is gonna take some directions from Battlefield 3. This means that we might be returning to modern-day settings which have been the same setting for some of their most successful titles. Hopefully we get to know more before its release sometime in 2021

30. Pragmata

The PS5 has an intense line-up and sci-fi is its most prevalent genre. Pragmata’s trailer blurs the line between reality and fantasy as it takes us into a mysterious dimension where humanity has ceased to exist. The trailer gives off a strong Last Of Us vibe, but with a more high-tech atmosphere. That’s all we know so far, but the game is coming out to the PS5 sometime this 2022.

31. Gran Turismo 7

It’s not a PlayStation console without its iconic racing game. Kicking off the console’s release is none other than the eighth major installment of its award-winning racer. Gran Turismo 7 sets new heights for the series in terms of visuals and presentation with the added PSVR and 8k improvements. No release date yet.

32. Godfall

We all knew Gearbox’s latest IP was coming out for the PlayStation 5. This brand new MMO takes us into a high-fantasy world where magic and might is absolute. Now powered by the revolutionary Unreal Engine 5, Godfall takes multiplayer action like never before. Sadly, no release date yet.

33. Dying Light 2

Announced for quite a while, this sequel to the popular zombie-parkour open-world game is still making waves. In this sequel, explore a desolate new world with new abilities and a whole new story. As a cross-gen title, it will be available to all available consoles including the PlayStation 5. Expect better frames, graphics, and performance once it comes out sometime soon.

34. Gothic Remake

Yep, the widely speculated return of THQ Nordic’s epic is back and it’s rebuilt from the ground up. A playable teaser is out on Steam right now if you want to check how different it is from the original. A ton of people are still hoping for this Remake to see the light of day. No release date yet.

35. Outriders

Square Enix is also adamant in making their next games available for the PlayStation 5. Outriders is their ambitious drop in/drop out multiplayer that takes you and two of your buddies into a dark and desolate world. There’s not much gameplay revealed yet, but it does look very promising on how it will affect Sony’s latest console. No release date yet.

36. Starfield

Ah, the mysterious science fiction opus from Bethesda is still being kept under wraps. It’s still in development and we have no idea when it’s gonna take off. Sure, their latest games are questionable, but this brand new IP might elevate the future of sci-fi RPGs. In Todd Howard we trust… hopefully.

37. WRC 9

Also coming out to Sony’s next-generation console is Kylotonn’s World Rally Championship Game. It’s the official WRC entry for the year 2020 and it’s currently slated to release on all major consoles this September, but the PS5 release is still unknown. It will include all 13 scheduled rounds of the 2020 season and feature 15 landmark vehicles from WRC history.

38. Quantum Error

Science fiction horror makes a return. Like Dead Space, face the unknown with nothing but your sanity in this shooter. Taking control of a lowly fireman with no idea about the lingering dread is interesting, and the many diabolical forces of nature you’ll encounter in Quantum Error will test your mettle.


Bandai Namco also joins in the next-gen hype with their latest IP. This psionic-powered title takes players into a futuristic city overrun by otherworldly threats. Its fast-paced hack and slash action makes maneuvering in its world satisfying. Manipulating the environment to take down these hostile creatures is the best thing about this new game.

40. Moonray

Enter a surrealistic landscape full of foes to slay and treasures to hunt. Although not entirely new, Moonray shares similarities to the acclaimed Souls series with its challenging combat and difficult bosses. Still in Early Access, it still has a long way to go to prove itself among the big leagues.

41. Horizon II: Forbidden West

Guerilla Games sets the bar high for the future of Sony exclusives with its vibrant reveal trailer of Horizon’s sequel. Aloy makes her grand return to the now abandoned Earth in search for historical truth and to find the answers behind the machines that roam the lands. It’s easily one of the biggest games unveiled during the PS5 event, but sadly, we have no release date yet.

42. Flea Madness

Scratch that itch for a brand new fast-paced multiplayer in this no-holds barred online game from Missset. Join a team of alien fleas in this frantic game of maddening melee mayhem! Customize your flea to pure perfection as you embrace those parasitic tendencies.

43. Destiny 2

The future of Bungie’s award-winning MMOFPS is looking bright. Now coming to the PlayStation 5, this science fiction playground of intergalactic warfare makes use of its newfound freedom from Activision by unveiling three massive expansions. Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and Lightfall will shape Destiny’s length in the years to come and its imminent cross-play can take its multiplayer to new heights.

44. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Making its way to the PlayStation 5 is Insomniac Games’ iconic dynamic duo. Ratchet & Clank tests the console’s SSD technology with its seamless moment to moment science fiction action and third person gameplay. A sequel to its 2016 reimagining, lead Ratchet & Clank into a seemingly alternate world where everything goes topsy turvy.

45. Returnal

Live and die. And live and die again. Housemarque’s latest IP lets you blur the lines between life and death in their most ambitious game yet. This Edge of Tomorrow-inspired third-person shooter takes you on a never ending cycle where you intend to break. Free yourself from this nightmarish world in intense bullet hell action.

46. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy gets his own standalone game. Not entirely different from its mainline games, this spin-off by Sumo Digital takes players to a whole new dimension of platforming goodness. Rumor has it cooperative play is a focus so save that controller for your buddy and enjoy its colorful world!

47. Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

Talented cinematographers from Emberlab Games transport us to a world of magic where everything feels like it came out of Pixar. Play as Kena, a spirit guide that's travelled to a forgotten village and soon discovers that there are many trapped lingering spirits awaiting to be saved. Combat feels fluid and Kena’s mobility can make gameplay experimentation to different directions. It looks very promising so far.

48. Oddworld: Soulstorm

The inhabitants of Oddworld embark on a brand new adventure where danger lurks in every corner and the lives of your fellow Mudokons are at stake. This latest sequel takes a bold leap of new cinematic heights. New mechanics and challenges await the worthy warrior. No release date yet, unfortunately.

49. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Shinji Mikami’s latest IP still has his own brand of dimensional horror. This time, bask under the neon-lit streets of futuristic Tokyo after an unexplainable purge took out most of humanity. As a member of badass ghost hunters, eliminate paranormal scum in its stylish first person combat.

50. Solar Ash

From the creators behind the hyper-violent Hyper Light Drifter, Hyper Machine, comes a whole new adventure soaked in its signature purple aesthetic. Encounter eccentric characters and face against massive bosses in this slick action game. Enter a surreal and broken world teeming with mystery and danger.

51. Astro’s Playroom

It wouldn’t be a new console without Sony’s little workbots. This FREE tech-demo maximizes the power of the PlayStation 5’s features including its sleek new DualSense Controller. It serves as a sequel to 2018’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission and it also contains a fun VR mode for you or your kids to enjoy.

52. Little Devil Inside

Embrace the daredevil inside you in this fascinating indie game from Neostream. Still in its development stages, go on a majestic voyage to unknown lands facing all kinds of creatures. It’s been in development hell since 2015 and luckily, it gained enough support from fans and from the looks of it, it looks almost ready.

53. Chivalry 2

The PC also has a variety of exclusives that don’t normally make it to consoles. The medieval lands await your return in this epic sequel of warmongering fun. Finally making its way to the consoles, its imminent release gives players a chance to play with other systems with its upcoming cross-play feature. Now war is about to go big and bloody… and somewhat goofy.

54. Deathloop

Of all the promising titles revealed during the PlayStation 5 event, Deathloop took us by surprise. Cursed with living the same life again and again for the enjoyment of others, break the cycle of death in the most stylish way possible. Its fast-paced first person shooter combat is reminiscent of the BioShock series but with a time-travelling twist.

55. Demon’s Souls

The OG soulslike game gets the Remake treatment. Remade from the ground up by BluePoint Games, travel to a high-fantasy world and topple down demonic beasts in this reimagining of the game that gave birth to a number of hair-pulling moments in gaming history. This refreshing new look will test the PS5’s potential.

56. Fortnite

Of course Epic’s billion-dollar Battle Royale franchise is coming to the PlayStation 5 too. Any kid with a PC or a console needs no introduction on how this game works. Pushed to the limit with the new technologies of Sony’s latest console, engage in fast-paced shooting action and claim that Victory Royale.

57. Destruction Allstars

Rocket League has met its match in this upcoming competitive vehicle versus vehicle game from Lucid Games. It’s a wreckfest of epic proportions as Destruction Allstars celebrates its wide array of fascinating characters with their own tricks up their sleeve. Decimate the battlefield with your hulking metallic beast in absolute mayhem. .

58. Project Athia

Square Enix’s other ambitious open-world fantasy RPG. Still a working title, traverse into a foreign land brimming with chaos and magic. The path won’t be easy and your character is well-equipped for the job with her wide range of spells. There’s not much we’ve known about the game so far, so it’s still a long to go before we get to know its real title.

59. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

It makes sense that this sequel will make use of the PlayStation 5’s potential. Continue your vampiric adventures in the 21st century and settle into the underworld gloom of nighttime Seattle. As an RPG, whatever path you choose remains a massive part of Vampire's gameplay and story.

60. Warframe

The Tenno will not be missing out their debut to the PlayStation 5 as well. Still the same MMO action game that we all knew and loved. These space ninjas will slice their way to Sony’s latest console with improved visuals and better frames. There’s no release window yet, so expect further updates in the months to come.

61. The Pathless

A mythic adventure game from the creators of the gorgeous Abzu, Giant Squid. It tells a whole new story about a lone archer with her pet Eagle. Pathless takes you to a vast forest slowly corrupted by darkness. Throughout your journey, explore, and uncover the secrets of the forest.