Life is Strange for PlayStation 4

Life is Strange

Jan 19, 2016
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This is an episodic game. You will need to get the base game and all succeeding episodes to experience it as designed.

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Content Rating: Mature


Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

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Apr 26, 2021

Life is Strange put players with comfort on these characters but it becomes darker once you progress with its episodic story telling combine with hard story telling choices, this game will stick with you even after you beat it

Apr 2, 2021

Life Is Strange is an excellent game. It’s very emotional. There are lots of choices and opportunities for input. Much more than LIS2. The story of Max and Chloe is really moving. It portrays a best friend relationship really well. In the end Max learns the benefits and consequences of messing with time. It’s a great example of the butterfly effect. If you want an emotional story with lots of choices this game is for you. Excellent soundtrack too! It holds up well even 5 ½ years later. Definitely recommend!

Sep 9, 2020
I have mixed feelings about this one.

It was nice playing it with some twists in the plot, especially thanks to the power of Max, but the global atmosphere feels ankward.

It's all about teenage problems and non-realistic situations, it's too extreme to believe in it.

It's very slow and very "cinema-like" (I felt more like watching a looooong movie than a video game).

You feel that the devs want you to feel bad, all the scenes and actions are dramatics, it's too much !

It was nice playing it at first, but then I just wanted to know the ending.
Douglas Gimenez Ávila


Jan 13, 2021


Jan 1, 2021


Dec 23, 2020
Ahmed El-Refaey

Ahmed El-Refaey

Dec 23, 2020

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Oliver VanDervoortDec 14, 2015
The game doesn’t quite live up to other similar games in the genre, but it’s worth the time and energy to check out if you’re a fan of these type of games.
Baz MacdonaldOct 26, 2015
Life is Strange got off to a so-so start, but strong storytelling and impressive choice and consequence mechanics boost its first season. Soon the world really gets its hooks in, and you'll enjoy it despite yourself. The time rewind and choice mechanics are well-implemented, and the breadth of consequence is impressive. Max and Chloe are well fleshed-out.
Clara Castaño RuizJan 19, 2016
Ha construido buenos personajes y relaciones complejas sin que resulten forzadas. Y, sobre todo, ha sabido jugar con el formato episódico sin que nos resultara chocante. Una aventura gráfica emotiva que debe su éxito al boca a boca de los jugadores, al buen hacer del estudio y al cariño de los fans. Muy pocos contaban con ella y se ha convertido en toda una sorpresa.

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