Top 25 New Games of June 2019

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25. Generals & Rulers

The main gripes to this "strategy" from Hamsters Gaming is one, its trailer, that feels more like a management training ad than a game.

Two, there's really not much strategy involved. What makes generals & rulers good is that it distills the whole world domination thing into something anyone with an hour or two can do. That on top of its attractive UI makes it more than worthy of its provisional playscore of 8.

24. Timespinner

Retro style might be grating and overused in the hands of lesser developers, but, Lunar Ray Games and Chucklefish always lends the highest respect for the era, making their games feel like they're pulled right out of the 90s. Timespinner, luckily, has that going for it.

While some critics weren't satisfied with the game's challenges...and the way it utilizes its time-bending mechanics, it still plays pretty well on the Switch. As an accessible Metroidvania that might even play to fans of Chrono Trigger. It has a provisional playscore of 8.13.

23. Collection of Mana

Speaking of "taken right out of the 90s," Square Enix has some ideas of their own. Collection of Mana spans the spinoff trilogy that began with Final Fantasy Adventure in 1991, the subsequent and acclaimed RPG Secret of Mana, and, perhaps the most exciting for fans in the United States, the localization of Trials of Mana.

It fulfills its duty of bringing together the Seiken Densetsu games as it's known in Japan. If a little age and clunkiness doesn't scare you too much, it's a great little package with a rating of 8.16

22. Contra Anniversary Collection on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch

Contra explodes into the scene of Konami’s 50th anniversary. We can't tell, though, whether or not this helps with their coming shooter, Contra Rogue Cops, that's far removed from their 2D roots. This gathers round ALL 10 games of the series into one.

A solid collection for fans, but it was a little pricey for others, considering that some of them are effective duplicates of the other titles. It gets its highest score of 8.20 on the PS4, with provisional scores on the PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

21. Super Neptunia RPG on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

The personified console gang might've been breaking planar boundaries, they don't seem to be up to snuff with their iconic, real-life counterparts. While they got some decent reviews from players on Steam, Artisan Studios' Super Neptunia RPG had more than a few issues on the PS4, and especially on the Switch.

While there are minor gripes against their unfamiliar aesthetic, more serious criticisms like bugs, gameplay issues, and other technical hiccups haunt the two console ports. It gets a score of 8.21 on the PC, 7.25 on the PS4, and 6.37 on the Switch.

20. Vacation Simulator

Hey, even robots get stressed by the daily 9 to 5. The return of Owlchemy Labs takes you out of the four walls of their job simulator, and into the sunny isles--or snowy peaks--of a fully optimized robot vacation.

While it's set in a whole new environment, Vacation Simulator stays true to its roots. It's no mechanical breakthrough, but it's as hilarious a puzzle-solving experience as the original, getting a playscore of 8.25 on the PS4.

19. Quake II RTX

The future is..1997.

This latest "version" of the more than 2 decades old FPS might cost you an arm and a leg to fully experience. What RTX basically means is that it uses the ray-tracing technology that renders realistic lighting for each real-time. It’s a state of the art tech that’s mostly been used in today’s big-budget movies.

This is NVIDIA’s baby steps towards the future. While it’s a struggle to play for anyone without the RTX 2060, with some renderer workarounds, you’ll at least get a modern Quake II experience in your hands.

For gamers on Steam, every bit counts with a score of 8.26.

18. Trover Saves the Universe

Your favorite voices from Rick and Morty are out exploring--no, saving----the universe in a whole new set of bodies. First released on the PS4, this month it landed on the PC and it got most of the same the praise as it did on its debut.

It's short and simple, as most VR games go, but it'll be fun for anyone who's a fan of creator Roiland's irreverent, profanity-riddled flavor. And for anyone disappointed by the short length and steep asking price, there IS a free DLC in the works so there's more Trover content coming for you either way. It receives a squanching playscore of 8.28.

17. Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary on PC and Xbox One

What might be today's god of all marketing strategies. Gearbox Software surprises fans of the series with a good old bonus DLC for--wait for it--absolutely free.

Borderlands has already had a history of great expansions. And, far from just setting the stage for the third installment--which it apparently does well--this Lilith DLC adds to that long history.

Packed with classic borderlands story, humor, and loot, it gets you begging for more, garnering provisional playscores of 8.37 on the PC, and 8.10 on the Xbox One.

16. Slay the Spire

Developed by Mega Crit Games, it might not look like much but this game has been one of the hottest titles since its release on the PC and PS4. Now, it comes to the Switch.

With card games falling off the trend, Slay the Spire's use of turn-based and roguelike mechanics make for an addictive mix that will push you to keep getting better.

Without the hassle of narratives, you can feel fully immersed in the action which never gets old thanks to its branching paths and many randomly generated surprises. The game has a score of 8.41.


There isn't much you can expect from videogame tie-ins for movies. They're hit and miss. But, while they missed with last year's Homecoming VR, Sony definitely hit the mark with Far From Home. Leveling up the VR experience is a bit much considering it's still a 20-minute videogame with not much replay value.

Far From Home, though, drives home that "you can be Spiderman" feel. There's a story mode that lets you experience the danger of fighting drones, and there's also Free Play that lets you swing around New York as you please. Awesome AND Free, it has a playscore of 8.42.

14. SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions

After all the hot and heavy fighting they do, girls need a bit of rest. In this game, that rest is your job...and enjoyment. Tamsoft's Senran Kagura knows their audience and for a low low price, you'll get to fulfill your dreams of giving your beloved waifus the relaxation they need.

While caressing and massaging is fun, Reflexions also comes with a storyline that will lead you through 7 different storylines and endings.It’s making a more successful debut on the PC with a playscore of 8.47.

13. Cadence Of Hyrule: Crypt Of The Necrodancer featuring The Legend of Zelda

Uhhh yes, you heard that right. Definitely made for avid fans of all the franchises named, this rhythmic-adventure game from Brace Yourself Games is a crossover you never knew you needed. Link and Zelda play by the rules of the Crypt of the NecroDancer’s gameplay as they jive to the beat of randomly generated dungeons in tile-based fashion.

It’s a fanservice none expected, but welcomed. It’s packed with some smooth and remixed Zelda tunes with easter eggs and even notable bosses. This game receives a score of 8.50.

12. Super Mario Maker 2

There’s always enough room for Mario, especially in Nintendo’s hybrid console. Of course, everyone knows how Mario games work. Exercise your creativity in this content-packed workshop made for true Mario and platformer fans.

It has everything you could imagine in a Mario game: an endless supply of Mario content that comes along with pre-built courses, and fun co-op levels to mess around with friends. Super Mario Maker 2 is as big as its predecessor, and with the Switch’s capabilities, it does get better as it receives a playscore of 8.46.

11. My Friend Pedro on PC and Switch

There’s not enough games that make us LOOK COOL. Thankfully for Devolver, DeadToast's My Friend Pedro has it covered. Remember the movie WANTED? Imagine that, but with a talking Banana to back you up.

This action-packed shoot ‘em up is all about killing every thug you see with STYLE. It’s a violent ballet of bullets and blood. If you’ve seen enough gameplay videos, you know what we’re talking about. It receives a playscore of 8.63 on the PC and 7.81 for the Switch.

10. Ideology In Friction

We’re not even sure how this game made it to the PC. ONEONE1 sure does give us some questionable content, but it does provide fun to those who’re into this kind of stuff.

Basically, you control two knights as they embark on an RPG adventure courtesy of its customization features. It’s pretty much like any other JRPG’s but with a bit of… sexual content. So uhh... If you want this game, it receives a reasonable playscore of 8.64.

9. Judgment

SEGA’s spin-off to the famed Yakuza series is in the form of a Park Chan-Wook movie. Part thriller, part action-adventure, embark on a more serious take on crime-filled Japan.

Instead of spending time in Karaoke bars, you get to solve cases and get the job done using your wits and your fists. It received positive praise due to its gameplay, story, and graphics. It has a playscore of 8.65 on the PlayStation 4.

8. F1 2019 Anniversary Edition on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

How about another round of racing in this annual Formula game from Codemasters. Like every other installment, it gets better every year.

But this is no ordinary 2019 version. This Anniversary Edition boasts a handful of new stuff including two classic cars: The Ferrari F10 and the McLaren MP4-25. If you’re a huge fan of the Formula One series, this version is an added experience. Nothing much has changed in terms of gameplay. It has a playscore of 8.69 on the PC and an 8.59 and an 8.53 for the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively.

7. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Start your engines because Crash Team Racing gets a nitrous boost in this remake of the original CTR that shaped our childhood. Beenox's Nitro-Fueled goes full-throttle with its crazy reimagining of our favorite Crash Bandicoot characters in all their glory.

Aside from the reworked visuals, the stakes are even higher in this version as it's packed with more content than usual with more tracks, characters and better multiplayer. PlayStation 4 gets a playscore of 8.81 and the others receive a 7.90 and 7.91.

6. Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch

Definitely one of the highlights for this month. Koji Igarashi’s exploration-focused Metroidvania is something different, yet familiar compared to other games coming out this year. It’s as gothic as it can be. Just like its original inspiration. Castlevania, enter a mysterious castle plagued with demonic threats and use a variety of abilities to take them down.

Balancing its lush 2.5D graphics with a solid and engaging story, Ritual of the Night doesn’t hold back with its massive amount of content. It receives of playscore for the PS4 with 8.86 and the rest of the consoles follow.

5. Car Mechanic Simulator on PS4 and Xbox One

It’s always a joy to see simulators flourishing. From Farms to VR Jobs, this genre is something really different. Built for educational purposes, unleash that inner Greasemonkey inside of you as you build and expand your own repair service.

Now out on the consoles, this wonderful mechanical experience is something everyone should go through, especially when you just had your driver’s license. Maximum Games' Car Mechanic Simulator receives a playscore of 8.89 and 8.84.


If anyone wants a slightly toned down version of Quake, this title from New Blood and Indefatigable is something for you. Mixing fast-paced First Person Shooter and fantasy, use a variety of magical relics to slay enemies and take back the ancient lands.

Aside from the power of the Unreal Engine 4, this brutal shooter has some snazzy colors that could even run on toaster PCs. Amidst all the endless evil, the game is great with a playscore of 8.90.

3. Mushroom Cats

A point and click games about cats is all we need right now. Set inside the magical land of Toadstool, help these pawsome creatures thrive… for free.

Well, to be honest, there’s really nothing to do except for dressing these creatures to survive the harsh winter. So just sit back, relax and enjoy these adorable critters do their thing in this strange world by Anatoliy. A playscore of 9.39 on the PC.

2. Reventure

Indie games are something. What they lack in budget, they compensate for their unique stories. Pixelatto's Reventure is what you call a Metagame. It’s self-aware and it’s not shy to tell you how to do things the way they want it to be. As a wannabe hero, fulfill quests and make choices with whatever floats your boat.

It’s not a non-linear adventure and as crazy as it sounds, it has 100 different endings. That’s something the Witcher and Skyrim couldn’t hold a candle to. It has a provisional playscore of 9.46.

1. Muse Dash on PC and Nintendo Switch

Oh, boy. PeroPeroGames isn’t slowing down with the waifu-fest in this cute, albeit silly rhythm game. You know it’s all about the fanservice. Mixing traditional music game and simple platformer isn’t something new nowadays, but the presence of these adorable anime ladies makes you want to lock your bedroom door for hours if you know what I mean.

How did this game even get to Nintendo’s moral standards? Anyhow, it receives a playscore of 9.75 on the PC and 7.50 on the Switch.