Super Neptunia RPG for PlayStation 4

Super Neptunia RPG

Jun 25, 2019
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Developer: Artisan Studios
Content Rating: Teen


In a world where 2D games reign supreme, an organization called Bombyx Mori forces its citizens to churn out 2D games as offerings to their leader. Those who dare to use new technologies or whose games don't meet their standards risk banishment to the soul-crushing Trial Grounds. A girl awakens in this world with no recollection of anything beyond her name, Neptune, and soon realizes she possesses great strength. With her newfound sense of heroism and a strange book known as Histoire in hand, she sets off on a journey to see if there might be more than this two-dimensional life!

Critic Reviews

10 Reviews
A.J. MaciejewskiJun 13, 2019
Super Neptunia RPG does a solid job of providing an innovative blend of Metroidvania exploration and fresh JRPG combat with cool twists. However, it could definitely benefit from a lot of tweaks so hopefully, we'll get a more ironed out sequel down the road.
Jelani JamesJun 28, 2019
Super Neptunia RPG is what untapped potential looks like. It has the capacity to be the best Neptunia spin-off to date, but is marred by so many gameplay-related issues and bugs that they often overshadow everything that the game does successfully.  Like a lustrous Share Crystal, it’s beauty will shine through if all the dirt and grime is wiped off first. The only question is whether the polish Compile Heart and Artisan Studios applies will be enough.
Thomas FroehlicherApr 26, 2019
Technically shoddy, this latest Neptunia game is a short and fairly limited JRPG. From a narrative and artistic standpoint it's an enjoyable adventure, but Super Neptunia RPG unfortunately really lacks enticing gameplay. Long-time Neptunia fans who are seeking an experience that's closer to the first few games may forgive it its drawbacks, but even they're unlikely to be wholly satisfied by this spin-off.

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