Top 10 Switch Fighting Games of All Time

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10. Blade Strangers

It might be a newbie in the fighting game market, Blade Stranger's character roster surely isn't. A crossover title, this 2D fighter's lineup consists of the familiar names in today's indie videogame scene. Rounding up stars from up to six franchises, as well as some originals, Blade Strangers is definitely not your usual arcade game. Aside from Code of Princess and Umihara Kawase characters, it also lets you get acquainted with the unique fighting styles of Isaac, Shovel Knight, and yes, Cave Story's Curly Brace.

Offering fun, user-friendly fighting for all, it might not have the most comprehensive mechanics for veterans. But, making creative use of each characters individual abilities in the fighting game format already ensures players with plenty of entertainment value. If you're an indie game fan looking for a simple fighting game on the Switch, Blade Strangers is one to check out. It has a playscore of 7.73

9. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works takes a break from their other fighting games to bring together the cast and characters of various japanese universes into one ultimate battle. Rendered in their signature flair, their expertise continues to shine through with the introduction of a newer, easier to understand fighting system. Unlike other Blazblue titles, Cross Tag Battle, along with the usual Blazblue suspects, features characters from Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.

The base game offers 20 characters but their succeeding season DLCs promise more than 20 additions--with the most recent announcements being Naoto, Teddie, Seth, and Heart Aino for a Japan release this Spring.

A unique and occasionally odd reunion of Japanese greats, this Arc System Works crossover manages to unite them all in one battlefield while retaining the charm of each character. While a little lacking for some, it's ridiculous plot and straightforward but fun fighting mechanics is a great edge especially for the Switch lineup. It has a playscore of 7.74

8. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Let's face it, who doesn't know Street Fighter. Commemorating a legacy that's spanned 30 years already, CAPCOM celebrates their anniversary with showing of all the things we loved about the series. Gathering their games between 1987 abd 1999, this collection has a hefty package of 12 classic games, all conveniently rounded up and modernized into their definitive forms.

As well as the joy of getting to play all those awesome titles, this collection will also include more blasts to the past in the form of archival documents, music, and history. Adding online features, portability, and local play to the arcade adventures, this makes it the ultimate package for self-respecting SF fans on the console. It has a Provisional playscore of 7.92

7. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

A highpowered sequel to Dragonball Xenoverse, Bandai Namco takes a turn towards time-bending plots in this latest installment of their unique Dragon Ball title. Distinct from the FighterZ, as a blend of RPG and fighting, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 gives players the full experience of the anime's expansive universe. Create your very own character and join the iconic band of heroes as they jump from timeline to timeline in the hopes of saving their reality. Taking you into a hub world seven times larger than the original, there's plenty of opportunities for high flying fighting. Already packing 50 characters on release--with more in their 8 succeeding DLCs--meeting them on the battlefield is an exhilarating experience that's a definite upgrade from the last. It has a playscore of 7.93


Unveiling a new IP especially for the Switch, Nintendo brings its fans a whole new multiplayer game to show off their skills on the joy controllers. Pulling off the whole quirky fighting game with absurd mechanics, ARMS gets right down to business letting you equip your own combination of extendable appendages on their cast of characters.

Whether its playing the physical way with a pair of joycons for each player, or the more traditional controller mode, ARMS is an experience in and of itself. Use your set of devastating special moves and deal out insane combos until you're the last one standing. Much like Mario Kart, it might have friendly, vibrant colors but competition in each arena is undenably fierce. Familiarize yourself with all the silly artillery and create your own special fighting style to surprise your opponents. A little light on the singleplayer experience, it still packs a mean party game punch with a rating of 8.02

5. Pokken Tournament DX

A marriage of two titans, Bandai Namco blends the fierce pocket monsters of the Pokemon series with the agile badassery of their own Tekken series. Originally released for the Wii U back in 2016, this DX version packs all the needed additions for the expanded and definitive Pokken Tournament experience. Meet all your favorite pokemon stars, and watch them pull out all the punches in this one of a kind arena.

Gathering a total of over 20 different types of Pokemon, each fight is an eye-popping spectacle of powerful skills and varying element types. It's all made better by the fact that it's all rendered in gorgeous 3D style. With a handful of game modes to choose from, the pokebattles will never get old. Synergize with your chosen picks in practice mode, and climb your way up the elite halls of the Ferrum League.

Not your ordinary Pokemon game. It has a playscore of 8.07

4. Mortal Kombat 11

It looks like Nintendo has fully let go of their family friendly atmosphere with the entry of this long-running fighting game. A sequel to their 2011 reboot slash story retcon, Mortal Kombat 11 happily picks where that left off. With this latest installment comes a mix of new and old. Featuring familiar faces across the series' history--like Liu Kang, Kitana--as well as a handful of fresh names like the Earthbending Cetrion, the Shao Kahn ally, The Kollector, and the mysterious Geras.

Building upon the solid foundations of their signature gorey combat, Mortal Kombat 11 new features include an upgrade on their fatalities with Fatal Blows--a powerful and more gruesome attack at that last breath of life. Amid news of framerate drops and grinding, the experience of bloody battles on the Switch is still a promising idea. A Provisional playscore of 8.08

3. BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Special Edition

BlazBlue’s complicated storyline continues to add more anime magic in this latest entry, gathering ‘round a roster of 30 characters and 60 unique stages. Developed by the makers of Guilty Gear, Arc System Works’ 2D fighting game boasts the same captivating special effects and high skill combat they're known for. Set after the events of Chrono Phantasma, this special edition gets you 40 hours deeper into their action-packed storyline. With the game’s drive system, eat through health bars and savor moments within its responsive and fluid combat. A perfect complement to its incredible art style and visuals. With this Special Edition that contains all their previous DLCs, this is the definitive Central Fiction experience.

Already a captivating fighting game, it may have been the end for its story arc but the wheel of fate is sure to keep turning. It has a Provisional playscore of 8.14

2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

It was only a matter of time before it gets the Switch port. Arc System’s iconic cel-shaded art style takes you to the hit anime that changed the world.

Featuring a massive roster of all the best Dragon Ball characters, embrace Arc System Works’ visual and mechanical mastery. That means every moving pixel is crafted with precision and every character design is packed with detail.

Fights are blazing with steaming action, the huge selection of Dragon Ball heroes are unique and every map offers their own unique flair. Though it shares the same core gameplay throughout all of Arc Systems’ fighting games, FighterZ pays homage to the one of a kind abilities of each character. The use of Ki lets players take advantage of their energy to attack, counterattack and break opponent combos.

It’s flashy dramatic finishes also offers a fantastic hero to hero interaction. However, its high skill ceiling may intimidate newbies that want to learn more about the game. It has a playscore of 8.51

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With the release of Persona 5’s Joker, Nintendo’s universally acclaimed crossover fighting game continues to wow new and old players with its massive amount of content. Ultimate is the biggest Smash game in Nintendo history. Featuring a huge roster of iconic heroes from various franchises including Pikachu from Pokemon, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Bayonetta from Bayonetta and even Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.

This huge ensemble benefits from its gigantic content. Each character has their own set of stage, OST’s and unique traits. Go in a frenetic battle with up to 8 players in its signature Smash mode. The game’s objective remains the same, smack your opponent out of the map and achieve that satisfying victory.

Its recent update introduced a Stage Editor where players can clash in creative handcrafted stages from other players. But it doesn’t just end there, Ultimate has a long way to go and its Champions Pack introduces new playable characters in the coming months! It has a playscore of 9.05.



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