ARMS for Nintendo Switch


Jun 16, 2017

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Developer: Nintendo EPD
Content Rating: Everyone10+


These elite fighting superstars share one thing in common: extendable arms! So fight as never before: equip super-powered ARMS to create a slew of unprecedented combinations. Then use simple motion or button controls to dish out highly strategic beatdowns in 1-on-1, or even 2-on-2 battles!

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Jun 13, 2019

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Laura KateJun 09, 2017
Arms is a really weird game. At its core it’s a simple, accessible fighting game with a really strong gameplay loop and room for player growth competitively, but a pair of fundamentally flawed control schemes, a lack of decent modes and a glacially slow random unlock system for items that fundamentally change how characters can function make it a really tough package to recommend.
Kallie PlaggeJun 07, 2017
Arms is a strong, substantial fighting game that takes a while to really hit its stride. Its barrier to entry is unlike anything else in the genre, but it's one worth tackling in order to get at the game's fascinating take on fighting. It may not have the same skill requirement as other fighting games, but the flexibility and fast thinking it requires secures it as one that works on its own terms and opens the genre up to a wider audience.
Brendan GraeberJun 16, 2017
Arms’ clever take on boxing provides a simple premise with a startling amount of depth for those who would seek to master the stretching appendages. Its rapidly evolving lobby system had me sticking around for “just one more match.” There may not be a lot worth unlocking right now, but planned free updates may just give Arms some additional legs.

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