Top 10 iOS Games with Controller Support

Top 10 iOS Games with Controller Support

The iOS has a ton of great titles to choose from and we showcased them in dozens of videos. Today, we highlight 10 of our favorite iOS games that are great to play using a nifty controller.

Stardew Valley for iPhone and iPad

10. Stardew Valley

The iOS’ little Animal Crossing. Stardew Valley with a controller makes every movement feel better. Perfect for rummaging your neighbor’s trash bins, planting crops, or simply managing your little farmstead and finding that perfect soulmate.

Transistor for iOS

9. Transistor

The creators of Hades remain proud of this previous project. Guide Red in her journey to find her missing voice in a bleak futuristic world. Transistor’s top-down perspective and energetic combat make it a perfect game to use a controller with.

Minecraft for iPhone and iPad

8. Minecraft

Microsoft’s voxel-based universe is a hotbed of creativity and imagination. Whether you are crafting that perfect house in Creative mode, or surviving the harsh elements in Survival, using a controller can let you navigate around the polygonal worlds with ease.

Call of Duty mobile iOS

7. Call Of Duty: Mobile

When it comes to first-person shooters, using your fingers can sometimes lead you to a disadvantage. The use of a controller can really step your game up. While it may sound cheesy at first, you’ll realize almost everyone is using controllers too.

Dead Cells for iPhone and iPad

6. Dead Cells

A fast-paced hack-and-slash roguelike requires responsive controls. Dead Cells’ never-ending cycle of life and death demands time…and some fast fingers. To survive this deadly gauntlet of enemies, a good controller is as essential as any weapon in the game.

Goat Simulator for iPhone and iPad

5. Goat Simulator

The goofy gameplay of Goat Simulator can be played with almost anything that responds to touch controls. However, with a controller, the lengths you can do to mess around in its janky world are limitless.

INSIDE for iPhone and iPad


PlayDead’s award-winning platformer may not be as complicated compared to other games on this list. Everything is easily accomplished with or without the use of a controller since it’s as linear as its previous title, LIMBO. But, it doesn’t hurt to make your adventure a little bit…easier.

GTA San Andreas

3. GTA: San Andreas or GTA: Liberty City Stories

Both of these GTA titles work surprisingly well on iOS. Accuracy is important in games about shooting guns and blowing things up, which is why we recommend a controller. Completing missions and messing up Los Santos or Liberty City is made easier when you don’t have to deal with touch controls.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

2. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Simogo’s recent rhythm game received numerous accolades. It’s all about love, heartbreaks, motorcycles, and music. Jam to the beat and let its vibrant neon-soaked aesthetic wow you.

The Bind of Isaac Rebirth

1. The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Rebirth revamps the Binding of Isaac for modern audiences, adding new layers of challenging content that can frustrate new and old fans of the series. We recommend a controller for this one. Otherwise, Isaac will be shooting his tears in the wrong direction.

Do you know any other games that work well with a controller? Comment below!