10 New OFFLINE iOS Games

So here are ten games for your iPhone and iPad that don't need an internet connection.

10 New OFFLINE iOS Games
ByClarizza BaquiranFebruary 02, 2023

You found and downloaded a game. You start playing it, your internet fails, and the game stops working. I'd have raged! So here are ten games for your iPhone and iPad that don't need an internet connection.

1. Devolver Tumble Time

Casual, Puzzle — Download

Devolver Tumble Time game

This game breaks the stereotype of difficult puzzle games.

For something cute and forgiving, this casual, physics puzzle is worth a try. Rearrange these little dudes around until you find the perfect setting for the most epic of chain reactions! It's simple, it's adorable, and super fun!

2. Orixo Hex

Casual, Puzzle — Download

Orixo Hex game

Based on the first game Orixo, Orixo Hex is back with even more - Edges, we mean.

Like most puzzles, it's easy to learn and hard to master. This makes it perfect for gamers who want a brain teaser but don't have the time for long games. The cherry on top is the relaxing soundtrack that eases you into the puzzle.

3. Perfect Grind

Casual, Sports — Download

Perfect Grind game

Ready your goofy foot, or finger in this case, for some sidewalk surfing!

Deck out your character and flex your very own custom skatepark to your friends or to the world. You can play this game with one hand, which is perfect for your daily commute. Just be sure not to face-plant on the pavement - in the game and IRL.

4. Idle Bank Tycoon: Money Empire

Casual, Clicker, Simulation — Download

Idle Bank Tycoon Money Empire game

Who doesn’t want to be filthy rich?

It may not be an accurate depiction of how running a bank works, but it gets to it. Plus, you can get to learn a few things about banking. For a free game, it doesn't have many ads or promotions so you get to keep counting the good 'ol greens.

5. Circle - Endless Spinning Game

Casual, Arcade — Download

Circle Endless Spinning Game game

The mechanics and appearance may be simple but it's not easy to beat. You need sharp finger-eye coordination. Avoid enemies and conquer obstacles with a tap to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Despite being offline, occasional ads show up that can dampen your speedy gaming session.

6. Battle Goddess

Adventure, Puzzle — Download

Battle Goddess game

This mix-and-match puzzler is simpler than it looks. Figuring out the mechanics can take a bit of time: which action caused which reaction? Loading times in the beginning and between levels are slow but they're skippable. A bit of patience and you have a block crusher that you could sink yourself in.

7. Epic Battle Fantasy 5: RPG

Adventure, RPG, Strategy — Download

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 RPG game

Looking for variety? This light-hearted, turn-based RPG might be for you. It comes with tons of mini-games - puzzles, side quests, easter eggs, and a love letter to the community with a gallery of fan arts. So if you missed out on the Epic Battle Fantasy series, this is a good place to start.

8. Crush the Monsters - Cannon Game

Action, Puzzle — Download

Crush the Monsters Cannon Game game

Angry birds was a phase. But not wanting the same game with gore!

Bring out the cannons and get shooting to trigger traps to make these monsters meet their demise. The ads that appear at the top of your screen can be a bit distracting, although it doesn't completely hinder your gaming experience.

9. Merge War - Army Draft Battler

Casual, Strategy, Roguelike — Download

Merge War Army Draft Battler game

This is the perfect game for busy casual gamers and those short on time. It's an auto-battler that will remind you of 2048 -- fuse similar units to form a more powerful hero to add to your legion. The mechanics are simple and it's one of the few games that doesn't bombard you with ads in the first 10 minutes.

10. Minor Miner: Mining Action

Casual, Arcade — Download

Minor Miner Mining Action game

Experience the visual glory of 8-bit games in this pocket-mining adventure. You barely have any idea what awaits you in the goblin-infested mine. Thankfully, the game has a prospector who will hand-hold you through your journey. You can play it offline, just be sure to create an account before disconnecting from the net.

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