25 Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2020

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1. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Microsoft’s award-winning metroidvania adventure about a forest spirit takes us once again into the magical floral kingdom. Move between platforms and use a variety of traversal abilities to reach from point A to B.

Like most Metroidvanias, use Ori’s nimble movements to take down enemies and even unlocking blocked areas using your newfound powers. This sequel by Moon Game Studios is ambitious as ever and it comes with a breathtaking new artstyle and an emotional story that will leave us into tears. It comes out this February 11, 2020 as a Microsoft Exclusive.


Omega Force's brand new iteration of Koei Tecmo’s classic musou series. This enhanced edition of 2018’s WARRIORS OROCHI 4 introduces a slew of new content including a new character named Gaia and a new story mode.

This definitive version of the famed hack and slash title also comes with a refined combat experience for some snazzy slicing and dicing. It’s intended to bring new fans to the series alongside various fixes that appeases long-time players. It’s set to release sometime this February 2020.

3. Watch Dogs: Legion

Hack the planet in this latest Watch Dogs title from Ubisoft. Originally planned to release this early 2020, it was delayed until mid-2020. In this sequel, Ubisoft is definitely pulling out all the stops as they expand on the idea of open-world by eliminating all NPCs.

In Legion, there is no main character because EVERYONE is. Anyone who chooses to take part in the rising revolution is welcome and it’s up to you to recruit them. It's full of technological innovations and it promises variety in terms of its open-world experience and gameplay. It’s coming sometime this 2020 and its also considered as a launch title for Project Scarlett.

4. Dying Light 2

Techland’s acclaimed open-world zombie game is back with more parkour and freedom. It’s been 15 years since the virus decimated half of the Earth’s population and as a dude with the powers of the Infected, adapt to your newfound abilities and survive in its crazy world.

Its focus on stylish traversal and first person combat remains as its core gameplay. Additionally, not only you will be pitted against an even dangerous world, your choices will matter. Make decisions or sacrifices that will impact the game’s story. It’s slated for a 2020 release.

5. Minecraft Dungeons

This version of Minecraft veers away from their usual first-person style adventures.

Like its many universes is an ever-growing franchise and it looks like they're expanding into a deeper focus of RPG elements now too, taking notes from classics like the Diablo series. It’s still embracing that charming voxel-based aesthetic, however, this game dons the familiar isometric perspective, immersing players fully into the dungeon-crawling we loved and still love today.

Minecraft Dungeons will have a multiplayer mode which lets up to four players team up in local and online co-op. It’s set to release sometime in Spring 2020.

6. Wasteland 3

The icy hell of post-apocalyptic Colorado isn’t as friendly as it was before in this much-awaited installment to the Wasteland series. Coming a long way since 1998, this fan-funded project wasn’t an easy task. The party-based RPG is stepping up their game with asynchronous multiplayer, solid single-player experience, and strategic turn-based gameplay.

That means whether you want a friend, or not, you still get to taste the horrors and atmosphere of this frozen wasteland. Still in its development stage, the game is slated for a 2020 release.

7. Outriders

A Square Enix first-person shooter. Something you don’t see every day. Outriders is a 1 to 3 player, drop-in-drop-out co-op shooter set in an original dark and desperate sci-fi universe.

Not much details are known so far, but it is presented with so much gravitas by its creators: People Can Fly. It offers a wealth of experience for the shooter genre and we can’t wait to find out more about this title when it comes out sometime this 2020


8. Destroy All Humans!

Relish the nostalgia in Black Forest’s remake of a wonderful piece from our childhood.

A completely improved version of the first Destroy All Humans game from more than a decade ago, the game remains mostly the same with all of Crypto's wacky genocidal antics. However, it's made smoother for modern generation consoles, allowing smoother aiming and simultaneous actions.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come with the same clunkiness as the original version. It's set to release in 2020.

9. Empire Of Sin

The latest game from Paradox Interactive and Romero Gamestakes us back in time and into the Prohibition era Chicago of the 1920s.

More than just another Mafia shooter, Empire of Sin is a strategy RPG. Choose from their 14 different characters and play the role of an up and coming Mafia Boss in their world of crime. From then on, you’re gonna be making offers your enemies can’t refuse. Each player will get to decide exactly how they want to run their business with the game’s strategic depth. It’s the Mafia management game you've been waiting for, it's coming out Spring 2020

10. Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

This fresh title is all about rage. It’s an upcoming RPG title from Cyanide Studio with so much lycanthropy involved. As a werewolf, you have the ability to transform between human and beast with just a press of a button.

Although there’s only a reveal trailer available so far, one thing we know about this game is its emphasis on ‘stealth’, players are encouraged to take things slow and control their character’s ability to shapeshift. We’re excited to talk more about this game in the months to come before it comes out this 2020.

11. HALO Infinite

Now that Gears 5 is out, there’s one more HUGE next-generation title up and coming for the Xbox One and a launch title for its elusive Project Scarlett.

Like most upcoming games, this one remains a huge mystery so far but thankfully each year Microsoft adds more details to the story and gameplay. It puts more focus on the character of Master Chief all while being a spiritual reboot for the series. It’s a huge step for the HALO universe and we hope it delivers when it comes out sometime this 2020.

12. Psychonauts 2

The much-awaited sequel to the adventure of Raz is coming out soon! This Kickstarter-funded title by Double Fine Productions has its ups and downs in development, but it’s finally gearing its release next year. Psychonauts 2 will be following up on the story of the 2005 original. The iconic Raz returns and he’s taking up the helm once more as he notices something dangerous is afoot.

From what we’re seeing so far in this upcoming Xbox one game, it looks like its gonna be another weird and delightful adventure. Coming sometime this 2020.

13. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

A decade and a half later, this cult classic returns and we're gonna get to experience another bloodthirsty and nocturnal adventures once again.

Still set in the 21st century, Continue your vampiric adventures and settle into the underworld gloom of nighttime Seattle. Choices still play a massive part of gameplay, and it comes out through your character’s backgrounds, as well as the decisions you make in the various dialogs and interactions. Coming sometime this 2020.

14. XIII

This remake of the stylish cel-shaded FPS is something to look forward to next year. With a side of comic book artistry, there's nothing like XIII. Amassing a cult following since its release on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox One in 2013, XIII is staging its comeback, refreshed and renewed for the modern consoles.

As their trailer suggests, XIII is still gonna be loaded with style and we’re looking forward to seeing it on the Xbox One sometime this 2020.

15. Tales Of Arise

Bandai Namco’s latest Tales game doesn’t stick to their same universe storyline anymore. For the first time in a long time, Arise takes you into a whole new world torn apart by differing cultures.

Still embracing that fantasy charm, play as two characters with a goal of restoring balance to their world. This latest Tales title offers a fresh cast of characters alongside a huge in its Linear Motion Battle System. It’s set to release sometime in 2020

16. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Project Scarlett is coming and it will change the way we play games, hopefully. Among the Ubisoft titles coming out for the upcoming ambitious console is Rainbow Six Quarantine. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter series is trying something different this time around. Set several years into the future of their Rainbow Six series, Quarantine explores the team's fight against a mutating alien parasite.

Although there aren’t many details about the game right now, it’s said to show off a brand new 3 player co-op, letting you get into gunplay and tactics with two other friends. It's set to release mid-2020.

17. Spiritfarer

An indie title from Thunder Lotus Games, the studio awes and impresses with the simplicity of their 2D art style. The whole world is oozing with charm.

Sail around in the fable-like fantasy world, build, explore, and gather resources for your journey. What's most interesting about it though is its seeming exploration of loss. Claiming to teach players how to say goodbye, we're ready for the waterworks that are coming once it releases sometime in 2020.

18. Microsoft Flight Simulator

A true Microsoft exclusive. This next-generation simulation game is all about highly detailed flights and stunning aircraft set in a realistic world. For those ambitious aviators, this is the perfect title for you.

Create your own flight plans then fly anywhere. It’s not Grand Theft Auto where you get to murder people, so take this experience at a slow and steady pace. Enjoy flying day or night and even brave through challenging weather conditions like a boss. It comes out sometime this 2020.

19. Little Nightmares II

Tarsier Studios’ sequel to their otherworldly platformer-adventure is taking you into the Maw once again. Most details remain a mystery so far, but the game’s biggest surprise is the switching of protagonists. You are no longer playing the girl with the yellow raincoat, instead, you play as Mono, which was a character from the previous title.

This sequel will further explore the harrowing atmosphere of The Maw and what lies beyond this demented dimension. It’s coming out sometime this 2020.

20. Cris Tales

This time-bending adventure takes us into the life of Crisbell as she stops a powerful Time Empress from messing up the future. It’s an indie game by Dream Uncorporated and is inspired by notable JRPGs including Chrono Trigger and Valkyrie Profile.

Its solid hand-drawn artstyle and a fascinating world to explore. Master turn-based combat as you use the power of time to warp them to the past, present, and even future. A Demo is currently available for download if you want to get a taste of what this game is really all about. It’s set to come out next year.

21. Crossfire X

There are more First Person Shooters for the Xbox One and this popular title from Asia makes its console debut next year. Developed by Smilegate Entertainment, it is an improved adaptation of the renowned Crossfire back in 2007.

Returning to this enhanced version are the familiar shooter aesthetic, namely in its backdrop involving players to fight for one of two mercenary factions. The trailer announcing the game at Microsoft’s E3 2019 showed off many of the same themes and motifs, including vehicular combat, underwater action, and modern weapons and tactics galore. No release date yet, but it’s slated for release sometime this 2020.

22. Overwatch 2

Politics aside, the next step for the future of Blizzard’s award-winning fast-paced hero-based shooter is a massive expansion for their existing game. Serving as a major update to the base game, this will add more content to its gameplay, mainly in its story mode. It also comes with an updated game engine, enhancing the graphics.

This ‘fresh’ batch of content includes a new PvE story-mode similar to the base game’s events. In addition, new characters and a few maps will be added alongside its major release sometime this 2020.

23. 12 Minutes

Another one from Annapurna Interactive. This indie game from developer Luis Antonio is a top-down interactive thriller where the story takes place in a looping apartment stuck in a 12 minute time-loop.

Doomed to relive the same thing again and again, point and click your way to freedom in its interesting narrative. Use ‘time’ at your advantage and escape from this messy and distorted curse. Coming sometime this 2020.

24. Project Resistance

We might have to wait a bit longer for the imminent release of Resident Evil 8 or hopefully a remake of Nemesis. This horror experience is unlike the usual survival-horror we’ve come to know and love.

Instead, it’s a whole new 1 versus 4 assymetrical online game where players work together to escape an experimental lab led by a mysterious Mastermind. Capcom's Priject Resistance shares the same gameplay from other survival-horror like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. No release date yet.

25. Diablo IV

It’s about damn time and yes, we do have phones. After the dismal online backlash of Diablo: Immortal, this long-awaited sequel to Blizzard’s isometric action RPG is finally in the works.

This brand new Diablo entry sees the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. Not many details so far, but the game will feature an open world map with five regions. Pick from five of its customizable classes and smash and loot your way through this terrifying world. No release date yet, unfortunately.