Top 10 PS4 Couch CO-OP Games To Play With Friends & Family

Feb 5, 2019

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10. Death Road to Canada

Turning the polite stereotype on its head, Rocketcat Games is taking all of us on a road trip of the least Canadian sort. Mixing in elements of roguelike into their blocky survival shooter, Death Road to Canada welcomes us into a world of randomly generated cities where each journey will look and feel different every time. Road trips being a particularly social activity, the game translates the experience into the digital stage with their couch co-op capabilities.

Offering two-player, same-screen co-op where you control up to four characters, gather your party of zombie fighters, pass around the controller and spice up your evenings by batting undead heads, shotgun firing through hordes, and partaking in some nice chit chat. Made precisely for replay value, there's always new cars, weapons, and stories to unlock in Canada's zombie-infested highways. The most family friendly zombie game out there, it has a PlayScore of 8.29.

9. Guacamelee! 2

Five years after the success of their first outing, Drinkbox Studios' brought us a stunning sequel to their multiawarded metroidvania platformer. Steeped in the bright colors and vibrant lucha libre culture of Mexico, Guacamelee 2 welcomes the return of their loco luchador, Juan Agcuate, who steps out of retirement to take on a new and important mission.

But, more importantly, their highly praised local co-op also makes a return. In this sequel, they double the cooperative dose, letting up to three of your best amigos drop in any time to join you across new arenas like Mangrove Swamp and the fiery depths of hell. You'll have to wade in solo for the first few minutes but you'll get there eventually.

Incorporating everything that made the first game stand out and adding a slew of delicious new features to the mix, Guacamelee 2 keeps faithful to the spirit of the series. A new Mexican adventure awaits you and your friends with a PlayScore of 8.58.

8. Overcooked

You can't make a co-op list without one of the most authentic cooperative experiences yet. Unlike most co-op games that lets you explore with a friend a world you can otherwise see alone, Team 17's couch multiplayer is built around working together with other people to fulfill the games’ mission. In Overcooked, you form a team of talented chefs who are each required to overcome the challenges of their crazy kitchens.

Whether its wading through busy traffic, crossing rivers on glaciers, or braving the sweltering heat of active volcanoes, you and your friends must learn to find their places and master their own culinary corners. With its simple controls, it's a game that's easy to pick up. With a press of a button, you'll be slicing, dicing and simmering in no time. Might take some getting used to with the shared controller mode, but it's definitely worth the laughs. It has a PlayScore of 8.59.

7. Dragon's Crown Pro

Vanillaware's acclaimed medieval fantasy got a refreshing makeover with this enhanced port for the PlayStation 4. This 2D role-playing game was released on the PS Vita in 2013. During its time, critics went all out in praising the game for its great RPG mechanics and challenging dungeon crawling. An enjoyable game on its own, the real fun came with Dragon Crown's multiplayer adventures.

In their multiplayer modes, it allows up to four players to work together either in local or online coop. Reap the just rewards of your hack and slashing and watch the magical mayhem ensue in eye popping 4K resolutions. There isn't much in the way of new content for this PlayStation version but the PS3 and PS Vita crossplay lets you make the most of your 2D adventures. A classic title from the Vanillaware vaults, it has a PlayScore of 8.68.

6. Resogun

One of the earliest games on our list. Finnish studio Housemarque has been serving couch co-op enjoyment on the PlayStation 4 since 2013. And with its bright neon futurism and, might I say, cyberpunk visuals--coop wasn't the only thing they piocaneered. Shoot it up in the matrix-like Avernus and take down the endless waves of enemies in Survival mode. With its kaleidoscope explosions and bright projectiles, Resogun is a perfectly immersive singleplayer experience, giving you leeway to focus on the non-stop action. However, the multiplayer just has its own charm.

Stand or hover side by side with your partner in voxel destruction and power through the massive attacks coming from both sides. It's a real-time test of friendship and teamwork as you give each other the cover they need. Five years later, there isn't a lot of activity in the online playing field, but booting up the local co-op remains a handy distraction. A rating of 8.68.

5. Enter the Gungeon

Devolver Digital’s frenzied bullet-hell dungeon crawler that rewards players with fast reflexes and heavy artillery. Just one out of many stylish Devolver releases, Enter the Gungeon fits the company profile with its pixel graphics and the ordered chaos of its fast paced gameplay, all served with a side of trademarked silliness. As a bullet hell dungeon crawler, the game will test your dexterity as you move through the intense difficulty spikes of their randomly generated levels.

Where the game really shines though is in its cooperative mode that pits you and your friends against a seemingly endless onslaught of Gundead. Having one more liability adds more pressure so make sure you recuit only the best for your team--unless of course you’re just in for the lulz. Journey into their mysterious castles and fulfill the past-destroying mission of the Gungeoneers. A PlayScore of 8.71.

4. Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition

It's hard not to know about Minecraft, what with the hundreds of youtube and twitch streams dedicated to Mojang's masterpiece. First released on the PC last 2011, the PlayStation 4 opened its doors to the open world sandbox game in 2014, widening all of our blocky horizons since. Acclaimed for their vast universe, it's neptune-sized world is up for exploration and survival, as well as unlocking your creative juices.

But a massive world is only as fun as the people you're with. That's why Minecraft gives players the chance to split their screens and roam about in pocket universes along with a friend. The skewed views might be a little awkward at first, but it's a popular option nonetheless as each player will get to see and interact with the environment as they please. Offering an almost endless haven for emergent gameplay, there's no wonder Minecraft has become a certified cultural phenomenon. It has a PlayScore of 8.76.

3. Rayman Legends

No other name will be more apt for this fifth main entry in the Rayman series. More than just the latest installment in Ubisoft's highest rated platforming series, Rayman Legends has also gained a reputation for being one of the trippiest titles in the genre. Featuring their loveably disembodied title character, Legends dazzles at every turn with its colorful visuals, hypnotic soundtracks, and creative gameplay mechanics.

As well as new levels, it also has a new companion in the greenbottle Murphy, completing the quartet of agile adventurers in the four player co-op. Their unique mechanics serve to refresh their famed couch multiplayer. Throw punches at enemies and groove to their rhythm based maps. There's not much that will convince old players to experience the world again, but, as it stands, it's one of the most exciting multiplayer platformers on the console and it has a PlayScore of 8.85.

2. Sonic Mania

2017 was a great year for Sonic fans with this throwback game that dips our feet back in the familiar pixels of their 2D stages. Refurbished and reinvented for the new generation, Sonic Mania boasts a lineup of bosses new and old, along with a brand new set of paths and secrets to discover. With Dr. Robotnik back to his old tricks, it’s up to Sonic and the gang to stop it all before it's too late. Set up the couch co-op experience as Sonic and his sidekick Tails, and together relive the good old Genesis days.

Much like the classic titles, it's a Sonic-focused experience which might leave second players behind on the fun. As its pretty much the same ring-collecting excitement we used to love on the Genesis, that also means its still lacking on some online features. The ultimate celebration of SEGA's beloved blue hedgehog, it's a nostalgic treat for long-time fans with a PlayScore of 8.99.

1. And the best co-op game on the PS4 is Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Not quite what you’d expect for a couch party game, but if you want quality, Larian StudiosRPG is where it’s at. Known for opening up creative possibilities in their Divinity Series, the relative newcomer that is Larian Studios has effectively cemented their RPG legacy. Bringing the emergent quality of pen and paper RPGs to the digital form, Divi1nity is praised for its interactive, elemental environments, customizations, and captivating storylines.

Tried and tested in the singleplayer field, they effectively double the excellence with the introduction of splitscreen co-op mode. Much like Minecraft, it gives each player the freedom to explore the magical fantasy world on their own, complete with individual characters and skills. With two players on each device, you can quadruple the excitement with the online multiplayer. A polished gem made better, it has a PlayScore of 9.17.


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