Resogun for PlayStation 4


Nov 15, 2013
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Developer: Housemarque
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Unleash a diverse array of devastating weapons including lasers, missiles, overdrive, and nova-bombs to blast hordes of enemies and rescue the last survivors from distant galactic colonies that are under ruthless attack from an evil alien invasion force.

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Peter BrownNov 13, 2013
The only downside to Resogun is the short-stack of levels you get to explore. ...That said, Resogun remains fun to play even when the joy of discovery fades away. It's classic arcade action imbued with hard-hitting artistic and gameplay elements. Falling in love with Resogun is easy, and mastering it is challenging, and the combination of these two qualities makes Resogun almost impossible to put down.
Lucas SullivanNov 14, 2013
Make no mistake, playing Resogun in short bursts is an adrenaline-pumping good time. ...Resogun isn't the Geometry Wars successor that PS4 owners might hope for, since it doesn't induce a trance-like focus or as many heart-pounding close shaves. If we could abolish the human-saving mechanic from the game, we'd do so in a heartbeat, because it feels like that's what's holding Resogun back from achieving pure arcade bliss.
StaffNov 13, 2013
Resogun’s equivalent of Pac-Man’s power pellet is the Overdrive meter. ...The first twin-stick shooter of the next generation has a good chance of being PS4’s dark-horse killer app at the console’s launch. It’s hard to remember ever having quite this much fun whizzing around blowing up things in space. Resogun showcases how stunning arcade games can look with PS4 tech.

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