Top 25 PS4 CO-OP Games to Play with Family & Friends

The PlayStation 4 is home to many great single players, but it’s not without a few co-op titles as well. Over 700 titles on our database are fighting for this Top 25 list. Whether it’s built for couch, local or online, see our list of all the best PS4 Co-op games so far.

25. Knights And Bikes

Enjoy childhood innocence in this adorable adventure of two best friends seeking treasure! Ride the treacherous landscapes using your customized bike and face off against hordes of dangerous enemies. Work together with your buddy using local or online co-op as you dominate this mysterious island with your teamwork. It receives a playscore of 8.46

24. Children Of Morta

An indie game breaking the conventional ‘one character’ rule. Instead of a single defining protagonist, you control an entire family of heroes. 11bit Studios’ Children of Morta is a lovechild between The Incredibles and Diablo. The game supports local coop and it lets you and your friend enjoy its rogue-lite adventure where you go hacking and slashing through an ever-changing dungeon filled with monsters and mayhem. A playscore of 8.47

23. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

A sequel to Popcap’s successful third-person shooter spin-off of their most successful franchise. The game has local co-op support with a 4-player split-screen mode. Meet your favorite homegrown flora once again as they dig themselves deeper into the battlefield to fight Dr. Zomboss and his undead armies. Choose from a wide variety of Plants (and zombies) and use the perfect artillery to blow your enemies to a crisp. A playscore of 8.52

22. Helldivers

A twin-stick shooter that brings out the badass within you and your friends. Survive endless waves of extraterrestrial monsters threatening to destroy the planet. Work together and unleash a barrage of bullets and mayhem with its 4 player co-op. Whether it’s online, or local, the game supports cross-platform play between the PS3, PS4, and PSVita. It receives a playscore of 8.53

21. Cat Quest II

A sequel to Gentlebro's surprisingly deep feline adventures takes you to even more cat-tastic goodness. This latest chapter expands the wonders of the beloved Felingard with new weapons, explosive spells, and a most appreciated 2 player local co-op mode. It’s the ideal couch coop game to spend time with a friend or a loved one due to its peaceful and nonchalant vibes. A playscore of 8.54

20. Overcooked! 2

Taking Kitchen Nightmare to a whole new level. This stressful party cooking game goes on for a more chaotic culinary co-op experience. Work as a team, call your friends, and as fellows chefs, serve tasty dishes before the customers storm out. Find the right ingredient, cook it to perfection, and get ready to overcome hundreds of challenging levels that test your patience, friendship, and stress-levels. A playscore of 8.62

19. Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Local co-op has always been a part of Tales games since 2003. Although it was never utilized properly due to its focus on more single-player adventures, the option to play with a friend has been present since. And gotta admit The world of Terca Lumireis does look better than ever with a friend at your side. Simply connect an extra controller, and ready yourself to a great JRPG journey. A playscore of 8.67

18. Resogun

Housemarque’s critically acclaimed shoot ‘em up serves as the spiritual successor to their also successful Super Stardust games. This voxel-based science fiction adventure lets you maneuver through a neon-lit city blasting alien foes at bay. Grab a friend and compete with who scores the highest. It receives a playscore of 8.69

17. N++

Reveling in its minimalistic style, N++ is a fast-paced and momentum-based platformer that requires your reflexes and some needed button-mashing to get through its over 4,000 hand-crafted levels. Just by looking at it, you could tell that it requires more than just thinking. And its four-player local co-op support isn’t making things easier as well. However, the fun comes when working together to escape this sadistic hellhole. It has a playscore of 8.70

16. Enter The Gungeon

One of 2016’s most celebrated co-op games. Gather your ragtag group of lost Gungeoneers in this frenetic and crazy bullet hell game. Devolver Digital gives you Enter The Gungeon. Your one-stop-shop for fast-paced survival in its procedurally generated labyrinths. Its two-player local co-op sets you and your buddy on a perilous quest to find the ultimate gun that can kill the past. How far can you go? A playscore of 8.72

15. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Sony’s own version of Mario Kart. This remake of the original CTR that shaped our childhood is getting a nitrous boost. Nitro-Fueled goes full-throttle with its crazy reimagining of our favorite Crash Bandicoot characters in all their glory. What could be better than enjoying this fun casual racing game with friends? This version is packed with more content than usual with more tracks, characters, and better multiplayer. A playscore of 8.72

14. The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

A remake of the PC original, it's built from the ground up with a new engine, showing off their hand-drawn pixel styles and soundtracks. Shoot out liquid bravery with a friend and escape from this demented dungeon your trapped into. The process is hard, and the gauntlet of enemies are relentless, but that’s where The Binding Of Isaac always shines. A playscore of 8.72


Enter the gritty and neon-lit 80s cityscape in this retro-futuristic platformer from Easy Trigger Games. Take control of a one-armed character and lay waste to the criminal underbelly of this dystopian timeline. Its local 2 player co-op support can let you invite an extra friend with one arm as well. You run, jump, and take cover in this mayhem-filled future. It has a playscore of 8.73

12. Sonic Mania

Everyone’s favorite blue Hedgehog returns and this time he brings a pal along with him. Sonic Mania rekindles Sonic’s fire after a series of disappointing titles. Enjoy its two-player local co-op and get to play through the sonic stages, either as the usual lone hedgehog, or, with an extra controller, alongside your best sidekick Tails who will have no problem collecting rings and carrying you through tricky loops and corners. A playscore of 8.73

11. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition

Of course, there’s always Minecraft when you’re looking for a great co-op experience. A game that needs no introduction. Enjoy an infinite voxel haven in this iconic sandbox game from Microsoft. This PlayStation 4 version is no different from the rest. Go on a full 8 player local or online co-op journey with friends or simply enjoy a peaceful 4-player split-screen on a warm Saturday night. A playscore of 8.74

10. Dragon’s Crown Pro

A story of swords and sorcery from Vanillaware, its remastered visuals and added content takes the award-winning strategy RPG experience to greater heights. One of the PSVita’s best games, choose between the game’s six heroic character types and decide whether you want to go in alone, or with a friend in its epic quest. With a 4 player local and online co-op support, overcome its daunting challenges with other lowly travelers. A playscore of 8.79

9. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Pandora awaits your return and it’s itching to give you more insatiable treasures. This collection packs two of their most beloved games except the original and the latest 3. Get ready to dive into the ridiculous world of Pandora once again with revamped features and added content. Enjoy all their DLC’s, smooth visual upgrades, and 60 frames per second on your fancy 4K display, and don’t forget to call a friend in its chaotic co-op experience! A playscore of 8.82

8. Rocket League

One of the most unique games on the market. Rocket League’s massive community continues to grow each day and with a strong eSports scene at the helm. Featuring an unlikely combination of vehicular action and good old football mechanics, take on their massive arenas and become your own kind of superstar with your customized monster engines. It's a fast-paced battle for supremacy as you and your team drive your supercars from one corner to the next in a struggle of scoring the gigantic balls. A playscore of 8.84

7. Guacamelee! 2

A sequel to their smash hit which was released on the PS3, Vita, and PC back in 2013. 2 managed to incorporate everything that made the first game good, while adding new features to keep up with today's tough Metroidvania crop. Its four-player local, drop-in/drop-out co-op is supported throughout the campaign and it enables players to enjoy a hassle-free adventure without needing to call for help. A playscore of 8.84

6. Rayman Legends

The fifth main title in their well-loved series, it takes place after the events of Rayman Origins in a time when the Bubble Dreamers have grown and multiplied. The limbless protagonist returns with all-new levels, as well as Rayman 2's greenbottle companion, Murfy. Continue on with the co-op craze and bring along up to three of your friends into its frenzied foray. A playscore of 8.86

5. Streets Of Rage 4

It took almost 3 decades to finally get the latest beat ‘em up craze from SEGA. One of the games that paved the way for the brawler genre, Streets Of Rage 4 is a return to form from their classic side-scrolling adventures. And just like the old school titles, it’s even more fun to play this with friends! Take back the streets with up to 4 local co-op fun, OR go online with up to 2 players. Choose to play as Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Flloyd, or Cherry Hunter! A playscore of 8.92

4. Nex Machina

Another intense arcade isometric twin-stick shooter from Housemarque. Return to the glory days of Arcade Style gaming as you take down a fearsome horde of robotic creatures in a distant, cablepunk world. Nex Machina allows two players to play side by side, just like in the old school arcade halls, competing or helping each other out. A playscore of 8.96

3. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Blizzard may not be in their best state lately, but no one could forget its massive impact to the gaming world. Diablo’s third and most controversial game has come a long way since its terrible launch problems. Over the years, it received numerous fixes and updates. It’s the ultimate co-op experience as you and your buddies feel the rush of loot-collecting and skill-developing with tons of possibilities. Pick from their wide array of classes and witness Diablo’s story at its peak. It has a playscore of 8.97

2. Shovel Knight

Despite being hailed as one of the greatest platformers of the generation, Shovel Knight also has a fun co-op mode you can play with a friend. Co-op is supported only within the original Shovel Knight campaign, also known as Shovel of Hope. Enjoy an adventure where old and new gameplay mechanics go side by side together. There is no difference in its challenges and puzzles, but an extra shovel is always welcome. A playscore of 9.09

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Hailed as one of the best RPGs ever made, Larian Studios’ award-winning series takes the top spot of our Top Co-op games. It brings the spirit of pen and paper RPGs to the videogame world, Divinity Original Sin II is an outstanding piece of emergent gameplay. Each interaction gives you more room for experimentation and other ‘crazy’ ideas. It’s a game played better with friends. Gather your buddies and role-play your way into Divinity’s fully-realized world with intriguing mysteries and complex characters stories. A playscore of 9.10