Top 10 Upcoming PC Roleplaying Games of 2019, 2020, and Beyond

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1. The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment moves on to a new IP. Fans of their previous games are hoping that it will come with all the things that made New Vegas as great as it was.

In Outer Worlds, you're sent to an alternate future controlled by megacorporations, all of which are bent on colonizing all planets in orbit and out. Create your own character, wake up onboard an abandoned ship at the edge of space and use this to travel around the galaxy to investigate the nature of the corporations.

Aside from being an RPG, The Outer Worlds is also first-person shooter where you can use a VATS-like Time Dilation System against the various enemies. With various factions and ways to navigate a situation, your choices will still play a huge part in the gameplay. It probably won't be as big a game as New Vegas, The Outer Worlds remains a promising title for fans of their RPG shooters. Coming out on the Epic Games Store this Oct 25th.

2. Divinity: Fallen Heroes

While we're on the subject of iconic names in RPG, this is the next title from one of the veterans in the industry, Larian Studios.

Taking up the name of their claim to fame, Divinity: Fallen Heroes isn't a a direct sequel to their most recent hit Divinity: Original Sin 2. Instead, it's spinoff title that focuses on the tactics side of gameplay but still set in the same Divinity universe.

Distilled to its core concepts, GamesRadar described the game as a blend of their style of RPG with the action of classic XCOM. Using one of the canon endings as a jumping off point, play as Lady Vengeance and captain a familiar flying ship along with a staff of familiar faces. It's a purer, more refined version of Larian's combat, and even features the same environmental interactions.

It's still very early in production, but the excitement is palpable and it's set to release sometime this year.

3. Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered

This isn't a brand new game but it's news nonetheless. Before the arrival of their ground-up remake for Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix is bringing back another certified classic.

Although it's not a full-on remake, this remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII will prove a perfect first contact for those who didn't catch it when it first released on the original PlayStation in 1999. This entry has been considered one of the greatest FF titles of all time. Though its original release didn't quite live up to its legacy, it's set to get better with high definition graphics and updated character models.

Relive the adventures Squall Lionheart and help him lead his group of mercenaries once again. This time, you might get to fully appreciate the countenance of "the best looking guy" around. It's coming out sometime in 2019.

4. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

Ready your smiles, citizens, because when they say happiness is mandatory, they do mean it. This upcoming RPG brings a classic tabletop RPG to the modern videogame age, bringing together isometric RPGs with tactical combat.

Set in an Orwellian future filled with clones all sorts of technology, life as a troubleshooter is joy under the watchful, all-seeing eye of the Friend Computer. All you need to do is complete missions together with a team composed of four out 9 total specializations. With Traitors everywhere, Paranoia sets in as your supposed members rat out your misdeeds to the beloved Computer.

It's a game that injects comedy into the bleak dystopia, allowing you to laugh through the myriad failures ahead of you.

Brimming with the uniqueness of its character progression, its real-time-with-pause combat, and its Matt Mercer voice overs, Paranoia is all sorts of fun and it's coming out in 2019.

5. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Another one from the classic RPG vaults, Vampire: The Masquerade the tabletop RPG has been going since 1991. But, with the last full videogame release dating back to 2004, this upcoming sequel is a breath of fresh air for fans of the two cult classics.

Continue your vampiric adventures in the 21st century and settle into underworld gloom of nighttime Seattle. Getting your fangs wet with blood might still be important, there's also plenty of whacking, hacking, and shooting. As long as you make sure you got enough silver bullets.

Whoever you are, where you're from, and whatever you choose remains a massive of Vampire's gameplay. And, it's all gonna look even better with Nvidia's real-time ray-tracing tech, if you can live without your own reflection. It's coming out in March of 2020.

6. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

A lot can happen in ten years. Not so much for fans of the Mount & Blade series. Where hope might have been the only thing keeping the fandom going, TaleWorlds Entertainment finally brought something more concrete for all of us to hold on to.

Sure, it's no official release date. But, with this Early Access announcement is a promise that we'll get to see the fruit of what seems to be a decade-long labor.

Through the years, we've had our share of previews of their medieval playground--from a look into campaigns to overviews of their siege defence. All of which leave us only itching to see the beautiful, polished product that will offer us endless life in the Middle Ages.

Bannerlord when? Soon, it seems, with its Steam Early Access release scheduled for March of next year.

7. Cyberpunk 2077

Ever since the announcement from CD Projekt Red, the excitement for this upcoming open world action RPG has only mounted up. From its exploration of a cyberpunk dystopia, to the announcement of this year's wholesome breathtaking darling, Keanu Reeves' involvement in the project.

Since they've been breaking boundaries with Witcher, it's not a stretch to expect this one to do so as well. Create everything about your character, from their appearance, stats, background stories, and modifications. And then roam around Night City where Big Corporation is law.

Played in the first-person perspective, it all adds to immersion that's improved by a not-so unfamiliar future that feels fully populated and alive. All we know is it's gonna be hard to get out of the house when it releasest on April 16th, 2020.

8. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

First introduced to us as Dragonball: Project Z, Bandai Namco officially named it Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at this year's E3 to signal its focus on Goku's arc in one of the most popular Dragon Ball series ever.

It might be a little worrying for some to have yet another iteration of his iconic adventures, Kakarot also promises to refresh the series with revitalized visuals and action RPG gameplay.

It aims to be THE dragon ball game of the generation and it's achieving it through its packed roster of legendary characters. They've been hard at work at announcing them.

Their latest one showcases Gohan's emotional confrontation with the villain Cell, while also giving glimpses to gameplay and sidemissions that build up to the famous faceoff. The game's release is still a long way off, so there might be even more of these to look forward to before its official date Early 2020.

9. Elden Ring

FromSoftware's second venture out of their Souls universe and they're bringing another veteran in the party.

Combining their talent for action-packed RPGs with the writing prowess of famed author, George RR Martin, it sets the tone for what might be their most ambitious title yet. There's no wondering why everyone's excited to see how this one turns out.

There's only a reveal trailer so far, so it's anybody's guess what the story and gameplay will be. But, Hidetaka himself has admitted to taking inspiration from the Lord of the Rings series, and perhaps the presence of a ring may be another central part of the plot. FromSoftware's may be heading towards a darker tone in this next title. With no release date, nothing is certain yet.

10. Baldur's Gate III

Of course an RPG list for the home of the classics wouldn't be complete without THIS. Just when we thought we were over buttering up Larian Studios, they pull us back even further with a move to resurrect one of the most iconic titles in the genre.

Baldur's Gate III won't be a direct sequel to the original. It will, however, stay faithful to their roots. Having been borne out of the Dungeons and Dragons universe, this third entry will be the first to adapt 5th edition D&D rules. This means there will be more than a few changes in abilities, dice, and things like advantages/disadvantages which will feel unfamiliar to those who haven't D&D since the 4th edition.

Meanwhile, what remains to be seen is whether it'll stick with turn-based combat or a real-time with pause system. Still probably very early in development, we'll be keeping our eyes open for more news until its eventual release.