Top 25 Best Android Games of the Last Three Years

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25. Super Cat Tales 2

There is nothing more adorable than this sequel to the best cat platformer on the Android. Purr your hearts out in another ‘bout of cat-tastic adventures. Join Alex the Cat and his friends as they embark on a quest to rid the feline kingdom of Cat Land from an army of Tin Soldiers.

With over 100 levels all draped cute pixel art style and cat-chy retro music, Neutronized's Super Cat Tales 2 gets a playscore of 8.78

24. Star Traders: Frontiers

Take control of a massive starship and venture into a massive open universe. Trese Brothers’ turn-based RPG game lets you explore the galaxy torn apart by war, aliens, and politics. Customize your own ship, assemble your own loyal crew and become an intergalactic captain. A recent addition to the Android lineup, Star Trade frontiers excels at its sci-fi RPG elements engrossing players in its beautiful universe and challenging to step up to the cosmic plate.

It has a playscore of 8.78

23. LONEWOLF (17+)

One of Android's best shooters, FDG's Lonewolf is definitely not for kids. An action game that covers the life of a sniper, step into its 5-hour long storyline and complete contracts in over 30 missions. What makes Lonewolf so immersive, other than its realistic sniper mechanics, is their cutscenes which are presented in hand-drawn art style. Unlock over 20 weapons, and prepare to face a flurry of moral questions.

It has a playscore of 8.8

22. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

A classic from Kongregate, Burrito Bison launches out of his flash home to bring skyhigh entertainment to the mobile platform. Bringing along a pair of old pals, aid the loco luchadors in their mission to take back his cookbook. Along with the masked muchacho are his squishy martian archnemesis. Watch the rainbow gummies explode, and take to the land and skies with rockets, balloons, and underground worms.

It has a playscore of 8.81

21. Iron Marines

Ironhide Studios moves on to a new realm of strategy after their successful Kingdom Rush series. Set in a futuristic dystopia, take on the shoes of the hardy Iron Marines as they brave supernatural climates and deadly alien attacks. Amass your army of marines and pave your path to victory with strategically placed structures, bomb strikes, and combat maneuvers.

Maintaining the impressive polish of Ironhide's titles, it gets a score of 8.81

20. Rush Rally 3

Brownmonster shows off their Rush Rally mastery in this third installment of the series. Running at 60 frames per second, the tracks definitely look good in full speed. It's not just console quality in terms of graphics, Rush Rally 3 has also been praised for being packed with content and capabilities. Play with your mobile controllers and dive into the high-speed racing life.

Realistic and well balanced, it gets a playscore of 8.82

19. Tap Titans 2

Combining role-playing with the fidget-friendly clicking formula, Tap Titans 2 lets you become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen--all with a tap of a button. This sequel from Game Hive will unleash the master swordsman in you, offering up over 120 new towering titans to defeat. Brandish your skills with enhanced RPG Mechanics, new heroes, and a sweet prestige mode to relive the highs of this tapping treat.

It has a playscore of 8.82

18. Where Shadows Slumber

A puzzle game not unlike the ever popular Monument Valley. Forgoing the bright pastel visuals, Game Revenant's Where Shadows Slumber explores a world encapsulated by darkness. Anything that is touched by light has the freedom to change. Playing as an old man with a lantern, use your wits to navigate the mind-bending world and finish the old man's last journey.

It has a playscore of 8.82

17. The House of da Vinci

Blue Brain Game's 3D puzzle adventure will unlock the power of your mind. Find out the reason for the Renaissance Man's disappearance as you step inside the labyrinth walls of his manor. Solve the puzzles hidden in every corner, and let the clues guide you to enlightenment.

A stunning, atmospheric adventure, it gets a score of 8.82

16. Super Cat Bros

Go on a fun-filled feline adventure with these adorable brothers. Roam around with Alex in his pixel-perfect lands, and go on a quest to save your brothers from danger. Optimized especially for the mobile, players will be able to jump, swim, and fly all with a single tap. If you love cats and platforming games, you can't go wrong with this one.

It has a score of 8.82

15. Stardew Valley

One of the best indie games on the PC becomes one of the best additions to the mobile. For anyone who doesn't have a Switch, Chucklefish and ConcernedApe made sure you can still bring the quiet farmlike experience wherever you go. A casual RPG, Stardew Valley mirrors the retro Harvest Moon experience. Plant, harvest, take care of animals and find the love of your life amid the quaint rustic neighborhood.

Cumbersome as the controls might be, Stardew Valley is as charming as ever, with a score of 8.83

14. Blades of Brim

An epic endless runner from one of the makers of Subway Surfers. A videogame hybrid, it borrows from endless runners, RPGs, and more, to bring us the intense action in the dazzling world of Brim. Embark on a noble quest with their humble knight as you take on the realm of medieval fantasy. Rendered in mesmerizing 3D and chock full of satisfying combat, it's no doubt one of the finest runners on the mobile.

It has a playscore of 8.83

13. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The pioneers of the tower defense genre return with its latest installment. IronHide Studios’ latest iteration offers a flurry of new content where players stop Lord Vez’Nan from taking over the world once again. Much like its predecessors, the best part about IronHide’s Kingdom Rush series is its high arsenal of destruction and monster variety.

It receives a playscore of 8.83

12. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The third in the Motorsport Manager lineup, this is the ultimate race team strategy game on the mobile. Built around developing a motorsport team from scratch, learn the ropes of championships and car parts, and give each of your players the expertise to make it to the finish line on their own.

A refinement of MM2's awesome additions, Playsport Games' Motorsport Manager 3 has a playscore of 8.84

11. Thimbleweed Park

Have yourself a dose of comedy Twin Peaks in this neo-noir indie set in the year 1987. From the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, comes a game loaded with questions, asked in traditional point and click fashion. Follow their duo detectives and help them solve each suspicious case and uncover the mystery behind the eponymous park.

It has a playscore of 8.85

10. Alto’s Adventure

One of the Android’s gorgeous looking titles. Developed by Noodlecake Studios, Alto is a stunning snowboarding odyssey that takes you across the beautiful alpine hills of Alto’s native wilderness. Pass through neighboring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins as you grind rooftops and leap over chasms with style. Its fluid controls and procedurally generated world makes for an addictive experience.

It has a playscore of 8.86

9. Teeny Titans - Teen Titans GO!

DC and Cartoon Network’s adorable band of bite-sized superheroes. Take a tour around Jump City, and shop for your favorite hero figures. Create your squad and face off in 3-on-3 battles. Unleash your super moves, and take down the opposition. Immerse yourselves with original voiceovers from Robin and the gang!

It has a playscore of 8.87

8. Oddmar

Oddmar Could be an Avengers: Endgame spoiler without context. Mobge’s mobile adventure-platformer takes you to the life of Oddmar as he finds a way to prove himself worthy of Valhalla. Step into a fun Viking story as you journey across its 24 hand-crafted levels. Discover the true power of your self by obtaining magical imbued weapons and shields. Face foes, encounter bosses, and achieve a worthy death.

It has a playscore of 8.88

7. Rusty Lake: Roots

Expand your bloodline by unlocking portraits in the tree of life. This second premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake continues to charm us with its simple controls, unique story, atmosphere, and immersive soundtrack. Interact with various objects around the environment and unlock numerous secrets.

It receives a playscore of 8.90


Developer Dan Vogt gives us a story-driven, neon-soaked racing adventure. Deliver critical data throughout the mesmerizing computer system using the game’s intuitive two-touch controls. Make your way to the objective as fast as possible and own the leaderboards with its competitive Crown System.

Packed with an amazing soundtrack, it’s a fantastic Android game with a playscore of 8.93

5. Part Time UFO

Hover around the planet as a workaholic UFO in HAL Laboratory's action-adventure. Complete odd jobs like helping out farms, support cheerleaders, cook desert and even build castles. Wherever this adorable little disc goes, jobs are waiting. Use his signature UFO claw to grab, move and stack objects to complete his tasks. So long as he remains distracted from taking over the world.

It has a playscore of 9.01

4. Mini Metro

From developer Dinosaur Polo Club comes a minimalist strategy simulation game about designing your own subway map for a growing city. Draw lines and place them in their corresponding polygonal stations to help passengers survive the daily commute. Make efficient use of length, distance, and colors in each of the worlds’ iconic subway systems. How long can you keep your city moving?

It receives a playscore of 9.01

3. Through The Ages

CGE Digital’s strategy entry mixes board and card game mechanics. Based on the legendary board game classic from award-winning designer Vlaada Chvatil, make history by expanding your civilization to its optimal potential. It’s a perfect substitute for Civ, and its Android features make it a compact 4X experience.

It has a playscore of 9.04

2. Crashlands

Sandbox meets absurdity. Get lost in a hostile planet and survive by transforming scraps into alien-powered technology and weaponry. Fight and tame extraterrestrial oddities or befriend them. It’s an insane adventure RPG from Butterscotch Shenanigans that could transcend time and space. Manage your inventories, explore the world, build stuff, and enjoy the creative potential of this title.

It receives a playscore of 9.10

1. The Room Three

Fireproof Games’ latest puzzle title continues its escape-the-room charm. Revealing more secrets and mysteries than usual, this third entry draws a conclusion to the Room series. Interact with various objects, find important clues, uncover the deeper origins of the house, and make your way out of this haunting conundrum.

It receives a playscore of 9.25.