tinyBuild Reveals 14 New Titles in 1st Connect Showcase

Indie game publisher tinyBuild unveiled 14 new, upcoming titles as part of its first-ever showcase.

tinyBuild Reveals 14 New Titles in 1st Connect Showcase
ByMarie MijaresMay 23, 2024

Indie game publisher tinyBuild unveiled 14 new, upcoming titles as part of its first-ever showcase.

The Seattle-based publishing house kicked off its first tinyBuild Connect Showcase on May 21st. The event was marked with exciting announcements, including 14 new games under development. These titles include a few upcoming releases scheduled for 2024. Publishers also held a massive Steam sale, with discounts of up to 80 percent, for its library of titles. These included popular franchises such as Hello Neighbor and Graveyard Keeper.

The sale runs until May 27th.

14 New Games

Below is the complete list of new and previously announced titles revealed during the recent tinyBuild Connect showcase.

  • The King is Watching: A roguelike kingdom builder that promises to offer a twist on the genre. In this game, the player's success hinges on keeping a watchful eye on their kingdom. A playable demo is currently available on Steam.
  • Drill Core: This is a strategic colony sim that tasks players with mining the core of planets. At the same time, manage resources, research new technology, and combat nightly alien attacks. tinyBuild has recently launched a free playtest for the game on Steam.
  • SAND: In this extraction FPS, gamers pilot giant mech suits across a treacherous desert planet in SAND, a brand new extraction FPS. The game unveiled its first gameplay footage and announced a beta test coming this summer.
  • Level Zero: Extraction: This one's for fans of spooky multiplayer shooters. Level Zero: Extraction also dropped a cryptic teaser hinting at a big announcement coming soon.
  • DUCKSIDE: A fun take on the hit survival title Rust, players must thrive in a post-apocalyptic world as... ducks. The game will be offering an open playtest starting June 6th.
  • Kingmakers: Witness the clash of medieval warfare and modern weaponry in Kingmakers. The game's first look showcased its destructible environment mechanics, promising epic, chaotic battles.
  • Streets of Rogue 2: This open-world RPG sandbox adventure offered a sneak peek, hinting at major news coming later this summer.
  • RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena: Calling all foodies! Get ready to throw down in free-to-play food fights when RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena arrives at the Epic Games Store this July 23rd.
  • Not for Broadcast: The award-winning propaganda simulator, Not for Broadcast, is getting a time-bending twist with its new "The Timeloop" DLC.
  • Astor: Blade of Monolith: A fast-paced adventure RPG set to debut on PC and consoles this May 30th.
  • Astor: Blade of Monolith screenshot
    A screenshot of Astor: Blade of Monolith
  • Train Valley World: The beloved railway sim franchise is chugging onto PC with its third installment, Train Valley World. It will launch on August 8th.
  • I Am Future: This post-apocalyptic life game is getting a new update called the Solar Energy Update. It contains new gameplay systems and improvements to enhance your dwelling experience.
  • VOIN: A hack-and-slash RPG, this new title will slice its way into a new and improved Steam demo.
  • VOIN screenshot
    A screenshot of VOIN
  • Punch Club 2: Fast Forward: The fighting management simulator is getting a knockout-worthy update with the Iron Fist DLC. This new storyline will be hitting PC and consoles soon.

Established in 2011, tinyBuild started as an indie game developing house. Since then, it evolved into becoming a developer-publisher. The company has released dozens of games such as Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, and SpeedRunners.

With headquarters in the Seattle Area, it also has presence in the Netherlands, Latvia, and throughout Eastern Europe.

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