27. Mini-Mech Mayhem

Known for their more fast-paced action titles, Futurlabs slows down the tempo for this family friendly VR game. Featuring colorful little mech buddies, guide them around the grid-based battlefield using flawless strategies and helpful power cards. A simple concept, but it's improved by a virtual hub that gathers your friends around an animated tabletop experience. Watch out for its release this first quarter.

26. Jupiter & Mars

If you loved Aquaman, then you might appreciate the neon seascapes of Tantalus' adventure puzzle game. Centered around the explorations of two dolphins, make used of their enhanced echolocation to navigate the Atlantic waters filled with legendary creatures and manmade architectural feats. Breathe new life to the seas this first quarter of 2019.

25. Deemo Reborn

With the success of their rhythm series, Rayark looks back on their roots as they bring their first game to the virtual realm. Not just a remake, Deemo Reborn is a complete overhaul. From the mobile's tapping mechanics, this PSVR game comes with a lush world of new gameplay elements, voice acting, and cutscenes. Get lost in the new 3D scenery when it releases sometime this second quarter.

24. Everybody’s Golf VR

Already a mainstay on the PS4, the game formerly called as Hotshots Golf, takes the golfing action to the VR. With the immersive virtual world, your actual golf skills are on the test. Move the the controller just like a real-life golf club and with your full body, master the art of the swing as you dive into the beautiful greens and bunkers. It's coming out this second quarter.

23. Golem

This release from Highwire games has been met with delay after delay after it was announced back in 2015. A bit like a magical Animus, Golem lets you explore the boundless golem-filled imaginations of an injured, bed-ridden child. Optimized for the PSVR by a Halo and Destiny game designer, you get to control the evergrowing sentient rocks as they roam around the ancient cities. Still no definite release date it's coming sometime in 2019

22. Trover Saves The Universe

Known for the bizarro humor of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Squanch games heads to gameworld to share more their absurdist comedy adventures. Offering the same kind of laughs as the popular TV series in a vibrant 3D environment, it's definitely a must have for true blue fans. Putting fun and irreverent laughter into the videogame format, it's set to release sometime in 2019.

21. Dreams

Sure, we all have a dream. But Media Molecule gathers all the best ones into one ever-tangible package. Creating a free space for you to jump in or make your own, this land of dreams is yours for the taking. Whether its arts, films, or nature you're into, there's probably one beautiful bigscale pocket universe for you. Making dreams come true Mario Maker style, It's coming out in 2019.

20. Vacation Simulator

From a world of fantasy to something possible but equally improbable. The antithesis to the popular Job Simulator, Owlchemy's Vacation Simulator puts you in the shoes of robots determined to game the classic tropical getaway in hilarious fashion. Job Simulator's more expansive and narrative driven counterpart, it's due to come out sometime in 2019.

19. Xing: The Land Beyond

This VR exclusive puzzle game from White Lotus Interactive might not be doing too well in the market, but it doesn't mean it's bad. Crafted with love and a shoestring budget, Xing's is a suprisngly rich and detailed title that's sure to draw you in with its zen atmosphere. Receiving mostly positive reviews on the PC, this PSVR launch just might be jumpstart they need. Unfortunately, no release date yet.

18. Visage

If there's one thing that VR do well, it's horror. SadSquare Studio attempts to make best use of the platform in the haunting atmosphere of this survival horror game. Taking pages from Resident Evil's book, unravel their hidden terrors as you retrace the history of one haunted house. With not a lot of recent updates, there's sadly no release date on this one yet.

17. Classroom Aquatic

Play as the new fish, or mammal, in the vast oceans of diving school in this adorable simulation game. Aside from your cetacean classmates, this isn't your run of the mill as it lets you cheat, sabotage, and manipulate your way to the top of the class. Ridiculous and fun, news about this release have unfortunately been scarce and no release date has been announced.

16. Godling

With most updates coming from way back 2015, there's been radio silence from Solfar Studios for the longest time. But, with its sweet-looking world built around the premise of playing tiny god in a big world, it radiates a sense of scale in viirtual reality that might be worth the brainspace. No release date yet.

15. Star Child

Premiered in Oculus Rift last 2016, we might need to wait a bit more for this platformer's PlayStation entrance. A stark contrast to the usual VR titles, Star Child brings traditional sidecrolling to the platform, giving the 2D formula a more 3D twist. Giving updates last December, developers assure gamers they're still hard at work on the project. No release date yet.

14. The Cooking Game VR

Currently on Steam early access, Play Spirit Limited's VR serves up some gastronomic competition. Work on prepping those fas t food dishes, work towards those high scores, and make sure you beat your rival chefs. Offering single player and an exciting PvP mode, it's a great PSVR addition but sadly no release date yet.

13. Reborn: A Samurai Awakens

It's time to awaken your inner samurai in this frenetic action game from Geronimo Interactive. Taking in a far off future, this VR game tells of an improbable war packed with reanimated samurais, cyborg ninjas, and alien invaders. Originally slated slated to release in 2018, no new updates have come for it yet.

12. Legion Commander

A PlayStation VR exclusive. This card-based real-time strategy game takes you to a medieval fantasy world where you play as commander amassing his growing army. Maneuver round the VR battlefield and crush your enemies with nine different leaders and 38 unique units. A step towards Yu Gi Oh like battles, it was set for release last year but so far, no official date has been announced.

11. Kill X

One of the first of its kind, this horror shooter offers next level immersion. Not only with its impressive graphics, but also with its relatively new full-navigational controls. Described as Brookhaven Experiment with guns, pack your own firearm and protect from the creepy creatures that lurk. No release date yet.

10. Alvo

Mardonpol Inc’s VR tactical shooter is a lot like Valve’s Counter Strike. This online shooter lets you enter an online arena where you play and pick on three game modes including Search and Destroy, Free 4 All, and Domination. Just like any other online shooter, it has a competitive mode. Good news, it has cross-play. Bad news, there’s no release date yet.

9. Ariel

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Sci-fi, horror and VR meet once again in this first person survival experience from Nuclear Fiction. Use your wits as you escape from Ariel, one of Uranus’ moons, in an open world journey filled with mysteries, monsters, and extraterrestrial brouhaha. No release date yet.

8. Gunship Battle2 VR

Currently one of Oculus’ top rated games, JOYCITY’s action-simulator puts you on the cockpit. It’s episodic story mode is lets you experience the life of a former Ace pilot as he changes the fate of the world. Aside from that, it’s immersive VR cut scenes really makes you feel like you’re in control. No release date yet, but hopefully it comes out soon.

7. Eden Tomorrow

A science fiction action-adventure set in a strange alien land. Explore an otherworldly planet in search for answers after your mysterious crash. As a wanderer, survive from giant worms, flying creatures and other creepy crawlies that lurk in every corner. There’s not much details yet, and the release date is still a blur.

6. Soviet Lunapark VR

This fully immersive VR game from Mundfish takes you to a creepy theme park with unique locations. There are 4 major areas to take a look at in this VR game. Take down some zombies along the way, or escape from a sunken storage filled with toxic gas. There’s a lot to do in this strange game, but unfortunately, no release date yet.

5. ROM: Extraction

The year is 2076 and you have the power to slow down time. This first person shooter Virtual Reality game from First Contact Entertainment lets you play as an Extractor in a mission to retrieve valuable alien data. Use the PS Aim or Move controllers to annihilate these extraterrestrial forces with finesse. No release date yet.

4. Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Wiping out Nazis is the best thing about the Wolfenstein franchise. In this Virtual Reality game, Bethesda takes you once again to the heart of Nazi controlled locations around the world. Play as a young hacker controlling fire-breathing Panzerhunds and other tanks to kill these Nazis with their own creations. No release date yet.

3. Blood & Truth

Become an action hero in this immersive PSVR first person shooter where you rampage around the melting pot of Modern Day London. Shape your character, make your own choices, and dive right in to its rich action story. With Sony’s PSVR, you can feel the vibrations of every shot you take. No release date yet.

2. Ghost Giant

A fantasy puzzle game where you team up with an adorable ghost giant as you try to keep life together and explore hidden secrets around the town of Sancourt. From the studio behind Fe and Flipping Death comes an emotional journey about friendship, loneliness and wonder. Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet.

1. Falcon Age

There’s plenty of Virtual Reality games around that focuses on avian creatures as your source of gameplay. Outerloop Games’ own take on this trend is a first person single player action adventure where you play as a hunter and his pet Falcon. Help them reclaim their lost culture by exploration, fighting and solving puzzles. No release date yet.