5 New PS4 Games under $10

Here are five new PlayStation 4 games under ten bucks.

ByRaine ColubioSeptember 15, 2022
5 New PS4 Games under $10

Following recent announcements by EA and Ubisoft, prices of AAA releases will soon start at $70. I wouldn't be surprised if other publishers follow suit. This trend may even trickle down to indie games. So expect game prices to shoot up in the next couple of years.

On the other hand, there are awesome hidden gems that you can buy for under $10. Here are five new PlayStation 4 games under ten bucks.

1. Mothmen 1966 ($8.99)

Let's start with a pixelated, 80's style visual novel. In Mothmen 1966 you uncover a conspiracy involving winged beasts. There are quite a few mini-games to play and choices to make. While they won't exactly change the ending, one wrong decision and you can wind up dead.

2. Slipstream ($9.99)

Here's another release inspired by the audio-visual experience of late 80s to early 90s games. An arcade racer with local multiplayer built in. To complete the experience, it even comes with a built-in CRT and NTSC filters

3. A Memoir Blue ($7.99)

This is a short, 'interactive poem' about the deep love between mother and daughter. It may be just an hour long but the story and emotional journey is not one to miss.

4. Risk System ($9.99)

If story based games aren't your thing and you'd rather play something action-packed, this is for you. Energy parasites has breached a dimensional gate and are on a rampage to overtake humanity. Let the bullets rain down on them. Surprisingly, it doesn't have a dedicated shoot button.

5. Blade Runner: Enchanced Edition ($9.99)

Be warned, this is not for everyone. It's a port (remake) of a game from 25 years ago. It didn't age well: blocky characters, outdated textures, and awkward controls. But if you're looking for just another dose of nostalgia, it might be for you.

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