Best PS5 Open World to Play Right Now

Explore an expansive world of challenges, mystery, and adventure! In this video, we highlight the top open-world games to play right now on your PlayStation 5

Best PS5 Open World to Play Right Now
ByFeliciano Mondigo III September 02, 2022

Explore an expansive world of challenges, mystery, and adventure. In this video, we rank the top open world games released for the PlayStation 5.

20. AWAY: The Survival Series

Make your very own nature documentary in this narrative-driven adventure where you play as a little Sugar Glider. Interact with nature and befriend the non-aggressive wildlife. Explore the ins and outs of the local flora and fauna in its miniature open-world like format.

19. Cyberpunk 2077

After fumbling the launch, CDPR finally fixed most of the issues that almost made the game unplayable. As of now, you can play it without being worried about game-breaking bugs. Night City is still one of the most impressive futuristic open worlds out there, and if you care about that, you might want to check this out.

18. Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft’s very own cyberpunk, but with less neon and more hacking. It’s not the strongest Watch Dogs in terms of story, but its world is rife with detail. Legion’s recreation of London turns it into a bustling high-tech metropolis where crime and capitalism clash together.

17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Your little fantasy playground is still around. The world of Skyrim is full of adventure and secrets, as well as a whole lot of screaming. Make your own story as you explore decrepit tombs, massive strongholds, and misty mountains. It’s the right mix of janky and fun at the same time.

16. Riders Republic

Ubisoft’s extreme sports racing game that’s also open world. It’s their own version of Forza where everyone can gather in a huge social space to take on challenges together. Travel to snowy mountains, arid canyons and more with a variety of activities to choose from.

15. GhostWire: Tokyo

Exorcize demons with style in a neon-soaked Tokyo where everyone mysteriously vanished. Much like Watch Dog Legions recreation of London, GhostWire pretty much captures Tokyo in its entirety. From the jam-packed cityscapes to its narrow alleys, except it’s filled with Japanese yokai everywhere.

14. Farming Simulator 22

When it comes to Farming Simulators, there’s really nothing to expect aside from… farming. Its open world aspect is more like an open-farm, where you expand your empire of livestock and crops. It’s certainly bigger and better this time around, though.

13. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The parkour is what makes Dying Light, without it it’s basically just any other zombie game. Taking place in a fictional place in Europe, its world is a massive urban city. This sequel increased its open world scale tenfold, with more verticality and parkouring to do.

12. Far Cry 6

The latest from Ubisoft’s open-world FPS takes you to a fictional tropical island led by a tyrant. Like the previous entries of the series, you can do anything you want as long as you have a gun in hand. You can even join cockfighting tournaments if you wanted to.

11. Subnautica: Below Zero

The sequel to Unknown Worlds’ underwater survival game. It’s technically a horror for anyone with an underwater phobia. If you do not fear the depths, Below Zero is an open ocean where everything under the watery abyss is your playground, just watch out for the big ones.

10. Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Another open-world from Ubisoft and it’s their freshest IP in a long while. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of fallen Greek mythology icons. It’s Ubisoft’s attempt at their own version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, perfect for anyone who wants a ‘somewhat’ similar experience.

9. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

All 9 major chapters of Disney’s space opera are yours for the taking. Explore popular locations straight from the Star Wars universe in LEGO form. It has everything you need in a Star Wars game, from lightsaber battles, podracing, and ship battles.

8. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

A standalone chapter taking place in the same world as Insomniac’s Spider-Man. This is Miles Morales' journey to becoming a hero. Much like the original Spider-Man, it’s a recreation of New York and you can swing and climb atop skyscrapers. You even get to visit iconic Marvel locations.

7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Ember Labs’ indie project doesn’t feel indie at all. It fits the signature Sony IP when it comes to its cinematic value and gameplay. Use a variety of magic and light combat to guide Kena as she saves her fantastical forest from a growing corruption.

6. Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Enter Odin’s realm in Valhalla. This viking setting offers the most robust RPG gameplay from the series. From sieging castles to epic ship battles. There’s always lot of stuff to do in an Assassin’s Creed game, especially with their huge maps full of icons and quest markers. But this is the biggest Assassin’s Creed game to date.

5. Control Ultimate Edition

Remedy’s sci-fi shooter is a homage to the internet’s brilliant SCP content. Control’s singular location takes place inside the Oldest House. An ever-changing building and a brutalist Architect’s wet dream. Weave through office cubicles and shifting walls and cleanse the building from an alien threat.


This is the definitive edition of Hideo Kojima’s latest project. Death Stranding is the ultimate open-world experience where the terrain is a character in itself. The post-apocalyptic US looks gorgeous in Guerilla’s proprietary Decima Engine. In a world where you’re Normal Reedus and hope is seemingly lost, being futuristic delivery-man reveals an unexpectedly emotional journey.

3. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

Jin Sakai’s quest in this Mongolian-infested Japan is made even better for the PS5. This Director’s Cut includes a ton of new features, including better visuals and a story expansion taking place in Iki Island.

2. Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy’s brand new journey takes her to the West Coast. Forbidden West’s impressive open-world looks gorgeous on PlayStation 5. It makes good use of their flagship console’s hardware, giving our eyes a treat, whether on land, sea or air.

1. Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s latest easily takes the crown. Elden Ring’s dark fantasy world is expertly designed to make your jaw drop with amazement or frustrate you with its challenging boss fights. It’s a culmination of all things great about FromSoft’s games and it’s the strongest Game of the Year contender so far.

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