My Time at Portia Announces Mobile Port

The town of Portia is coming to Android and iOS

My Time at Portia Announces Mobile Port

My Time at Portia is a hit kid-friendly game that came out for PC and console back in 2019. Following a great reception and a few awards, developers Pathea Games and Pixmain are ready to bring the world of Portia to mobile.

Here’s the announcement:

Exciting news, right? Everything that you love about Portia is coming to iOS and Android this Summer! Get ready to be swept off your feet in the mobile adaptation of the Town of Portia and do all your favorite things that made up this iconic original bestselling simulation RPG!

The game pushes players to become builders around the sandbox town of Portia. Not only do you get to craft, farm, and fish around the town, but you also get to take on monsters. Plus, there’s plenty of options when you’re creating your character.

Some changes are coming to the mobile version of My Time at Portia. Pathea promises a UI redesign, a new manual, and an auto-save function.

For more information on the upcoming mobile port, you can check out My Time at Portia on Facebook. You can also join them on Discord.

My Time at Portia will come out on Android and iOS sometime this summer. It is currently playable on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Check out our post on PS4 games for kids for more family-friendly titles.


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