Death Stranding for PC Gets June Release Date

We don’t have to wait too long for Hideo Kojima’s latest game to come to PC.

Death Stranding for PC Gets June Release Date

Death Stranding was initially sold as a PS4-exclusive, but fans were happy to hear that Kojima Productions was going to bring the world of Sam Porter Bridges to PC. We know that the game was coming in 2020, but now we have an official release date.

Here’s the announce trailer:

We only have to wait until June 2 to get Death Stranding on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Pre-orders will actually get you a lot of goods, add to that the PC version boasts a higher frame rate, ultra-wide screen support, and a photo mode.

There is also some Half-Life inspired bonus content, what with Sam wearing the headcrab hat; the tech gloves at the beginning were actually a reference as well, and Sam having that valve in the back of his head was a reference to, well, Valve


Death Stranding was met with mixed reviews when it came out, but I’m curious just how different things will be when it comes to PC. A lot of people have been praising Kojima for his ingenuity when it comes to games, but at some point, some are saying that DS was just a boring walking simulator. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the PC release to see what that branch of gamers thinks.

Death Stranding comes to PC on June 2; the game is currently available for the PS4.


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