Rain on Your Parade for PC
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Rain on Your Parade

Apr 15, 2021 NEW
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Content Rating: Everyone10+


Travel the world as a mischievous cloud set to rain on everyone's parade! Unlock new methods of causing mayhem and destruction across a wide range of short and sweet levels each with their own unique objectives. This is the ultimate schadenfreude simulator.

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Apr 16, 2021

Charming game with tons of laughs along the adventure. One of this games standout features is the ability for player of all skill sets and ages to enjoy it. It offers a variety of game types (puzzle, high score, monster fight) within to keep it fresh. The story line is light hearted and fun. It even offers a new game plus to provide additional challenge to those hardcore gamers.

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Sara GitkosApr 21, 2021
Rain on Your Parade is a charmingly delightful blend of puzzle-solving and ridiculous antics wrapped in a unique setting. You'll be the hero, the villain, and mischievous nuisance in this self-aware title, literally bringing the thunder to this cardboard cut-out world.
Marta TriviApr 28, 2021
Aguafiestas es un juego que nos permite desconectar gracias a su sencillez y brevedad, consiguiendo apelar al placer de la destrucción en cada una de sus variadas viñetas. Aunque no llega al genial nihilismo del título del ganso, «el juego de la nube» resulta mucho más accesible para todos los jugadores al rechazar los componentes de mayor experimentalidad.
Manu DelgadoApr 15, 2021
Con una propuesta sencilla pero bien llevada, el diseño de Aguafiestas: Rain on Your Parade se va reinventando para proponer una sorprendente experiencia cargada de humor y diversión. Sin duda un juego completamente recomendable.

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