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Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 28, 2020
While it may seem like an odd pairing on the face of it, Atomicrops blend of farming, rogue-like elements and bullet hell shooter make for one incredibly fun game. Starting from scratch upon death still isn’t my favourite thing in the world, but Atomicrops is definitely one of the better examples of this system.

Minecraft Dungeons

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 27, 2020
The Minecraft brand is massive, and to create a dungeon crawler with all the familiar characters and architecture makes absolute sense. It was always going to be tough to cater for all ages and abilities in this genre, but I feel they have handled it quite well. The lack of co-op and online play with players outside of your friends list is, for now at least, a massive shame as it’s clearly at its best when teaming up with a few players.

A Fold Apart

Xbox One
Varno HarrisMay 26, 2020
A Fold Apart was a game that hit close to home for me. Given the current circumstances in the world today I take it I won’t be alone. It is definitely a game that will tug at your heart strings. Besides a few glitches and repetitive puzzles at times, A Fold Apart has a meaningful story that many will enjoy.

Golf With Your Friends

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 24, 2020
Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of crazy golf in either a virtual or real sense? It’s definitely better played online in a simultaneous manner and preferably with friends though. The many different themes are interesting, and the variety of tweaks and modes do keep things fun for a while, but the pacing of the game or loading times may cause many to lose interest, unfortunately.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 23, 2020
Outside of some cheap boss battle tactics that arbitrarily crank the difficulty up, Huntdown is an excellent retro styled action game. The combat is fun, brutal and often funny, the visuals and audio are top notch and each stage is just short enough to keep us feeling like we’re moving along nicely.

Formula Retro Racing

Xbox One
Varnell HarrisMay 23, 2020
Coming into this game I twas expecting a better, newer version of Virtua Racing – and I was right. It doesn’t need to have a bunch of new features to top the older game. All it needed to do was visually enhance it and to keep the same charm that the game had in the ’90s. If you haven’t played Virtua Racing, or just want to play a fast-paced arcade racing game for a reasonable price, then Formula Retro Racing is the game for you.


Xbox One
Jamie BaldockMay 22, 2020
Maneater is another great title from Tripwire, plenty of blood and adventure packed into this single player shark fest. Full of fun and great gameplay I highly recommend to any Jaws fan or horror nut out there. The only thing I’d like to see next time… Online shark battles.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 22, 2020
Saints Row The Third Remastered has done a good job of touching up the original. All of the DLC content that has been added to the title should encourage those interested to pick this up. Fans of the series that missed this one would definitely enjoy this instalment. Those interested in GTA style games should give this game – or at least this series – a try as there is a lot of fun to be had here.

Ultimate Ski Jumping 2020

Xbox One
Joe PepekMay 21, 2020
Hopefully they can build off of this and do a complete game of winter sports for around $20-$25. Perhaps even a summer version as well. It could be like that old Konami classic Track and Field. For me, $9.99 for one event just doesn’t cut the mustard. No matter how many different hills you put it on, at the end of the day, it’s just ski jumping.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Xbox One
Varno HarrisMay 20, 2020
To the common eye Super Mega Baseball 3 looks like Arcade version of baseball, in the vein of NBA Jam‘s take on an arcade version of basketball. Beneath the mask is a well polished baseball simulation that I believe baseball fans will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a hardcore baseball fan this game still is something to play if you’re just trying to past the time.

Fury Unleashed

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 19, 2020
Fury Unleashed manages to bring some fun combat and exploration to the rogue like genre that, even when a run fails, feels rewarding. A well-executed upgrade system, as well as plentiful loot found along the way, means that it’s rare to not find something new to play with, or a new tactic to use on each go. The comic styling works well too, though the music could’ve been a bit more impactful; a small knock on an otherwise brilliant title.

Robot Squad Simulator X

Xbox One
Jamie BaldockMay 17, 2020
Robot Squad Simulation X isn’t a great game but still playable to a degree. Unfortunately riddled with bad mechanics and average design, this title will see you getting more frustrated than having any real enjoyment. A great idea, just poorly executed.

EMMA: Lost in Memories

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 17, 2020
EMMA: Lost in Memories simple premise means it is easy to get to grips with, but some vague collision detection and dull visuals/music lead to it all round feeling rather bland and frustrating to play.

Thy Sword

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 14, 2020
Thy Sword is in every sense a simple a retro platformer. It has many nods to the past and has fine-tuned the experience to make the game fairly challenging. The controls are slick and pulling off a special move to finish an enemy is a joy. However, the game is fairly short and could be completed in 1 or 2 sittings. This is a fun game for those looking for a quick platformer to conquer.

Guard Duty

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 14, 2020
Guard Duty feels like a blast from the past. The way it is set up and executed, it certainly feels like an old point and click adventure that has been ported. That is testament to the work and effort that has been put into the game to capture that experience. I’m sure this will be a pickup for fans of point and click games that like to adventure with a fair challenge.

Ion Fury

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 13, 2020
Old gits like me will no doubt get a nostalgia rush out of Ion Fury, as for all intents and purposes it is a ‘90s game. It’s certainly a lot simpler and to the point than most modern shooters, and perhaps modern payers might not quite jive with it, but the core gameplay is fast, fun and easy to get into. Hard to beat, but easy to get into.

Reed 2

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 12, 2020
Whether Reed 2 will be your cup of tea ultimately rests on how you feel about near constant death and a high difficulty. Some less than precise controls don’t help matters, but even so I found myself still coming back to try, try, try again. Achievement hunters will no doubt persevere, though it’s probably one of the tougher Ratalaika titles to get that elusive 1000G.


Xbox One
Varnell HarrisMay 10, 2020
SuperMash to me had a goal in mind, and that goal was to create a variety of games for the player to play out of different types of genres. It executed it’s goal perfectly but even so, I feel that a few more additions to the game itself would make it even better and more entertaining than it already is.

Super Toy Cars 2

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 09, 2020
I am not a fan of serious racing sims, luckily this is far from that. But it’s not solely a Micro Machines/Mario Kart clone either. It’s found its niche somewhere in the middle and it’s quite enjoyable to play. With a variety of power-ups and cars, there is plenty of fun to be had. I feel this game would have benefited if it opened up online play other players other than just friends.

Infinite Beyond The Mind

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 09, 2020
Infinite: Beyond the Mind brings back the simplicity of proper retro action platformers in a great way. There’s no fluff or unnecessary padding, just honest, simple action that keeps the pace flowing nicely. It’s definitely better as a co-op experience thanks to a slight leg up in tricky sections, though solo still manages to be damn good fun too.

Streets of Rage 4

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 06, 2020
Whether you’re a fan of the originals or not, Streets of Rage 4 is a blast from start to finish. Satisfying combat, incredible music and visuals and tons to unlock mean this should be sticking around on your hard drive for some time yet. A lack of 4 player online is a disappointment, but otherwise what’s here more than makes up for the long wait.


Xbox One
Joe PepekMay 06, 2020
Overall Antigraviator is a nice, smooth experience of high speed, futuristic racing. I wish it had a few more tracks as even with reverse and mirror modes it’s really only 18 courses, which would have been fine 20 years ago, but I believe players expect more in this day and age. Another thing on my wish list would have been some kind of combat element with limited ammo per lap.

Gun Crazy

Xbox One
Graham CameronMay 03, 2020
This is a simple fast past side-scrolling shooter that holds a fair amount of challenge. For those who need a no-nonsense shooter then this could be a quick pick me up. Really skilled players might breeze through it though and it may not hold enough replay value. If the annoying scream doesn’t bug you when you die, you might get some value out of this bright arcade retro shooter.

Space Engineers

Xbox One
Joe PepekMay 02, 2020
There’s a lot of potential with the groundwork Keen Software have set here in Space Engineers. However, it’s an incredibly obtuse game to get into, not helped by a lack of clear, legible information in game (relying on YouTube links instead). If you’ve the patience to get stuck in though, the scope of what can be done will likely surprise and amaze you.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerMay 01, 2020
Not only are there some well designed and challenging campaign levels on offer, but Levelhead dares you to come up with your own too. A powerful, intuitive editor makes it pretty effortless to get started, and really the sky is the limit for your imagination.