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The Touryst

Xbox One
Ian WrayAug 09, 2020
The Touryst was a joy to play. It’s fun, calming, and simple. The puzzles can sometimes be tough to figure out, but it is satisfying when you solve it. It’s not long at about 5-7 hours to complete and it’s currently on Gamepass, so if you’re a subscriber give it a go!

One Dog Story

Xbox One
Jamie BaldockAug 06, 2020
One Dog Story might not have the punch of a modern game but it’s style and arcade mannerisms make for a fun and entertaining experience. Literally, you can see the characters expressions and when it comes to pixels that can be a hard task indeed. Well done team.

Liquid Sunshine

Xbox One
Daniel EustaceAug 04, 2020
Compared to Inside, Liquid Sunshine does suffer from a few issues; pushing platforms to cross gaps sometimes takes perfect timing, and climbing higher ledges needs to have the correct combination of characters which can be frustrating as their is cue from the game. Audio does get very repetitive as you progress through the game also.


Xbox One
James DavieAug 04, 2020
Skully is not breaking any ground or pushing any envelopes, but it’s not stationary either. It’s just a pleasing and simple platformer to be enjoyed, and a modest worthwhile curio that certainly deserves a look.


Xbox One
Graham CameronAug 02, 2020
Hellpoint is a challenging and interesting RPG in a similar vein to Dark Souls, but maybe not as difficult. It is still unforgiving though, and best played with others to stand a real chance of progressing. The online multiplayer needs some work to iron out some issues, but if you like games that pose a real challenge then this could be for you. The fact that I couldn’t find any real strategy to take down difficult enemies made this hard for me to play by myself.

Nowhere Prophet

Xbox One
Graham CameronJul 31, 2020
I used to be a fan and casual player of Magic: The Gathering many years ago, and that experience was very valuable in playing Nowhere Prophet. For those who enjoy card-based battlers like Yu-Gi-Oh or Gwent then this is a decent game which incorporates an interesting storyline, a simple well-executed survival element, and a refreshing take on the card-battling genre.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 30, 2020
Along the way we meet several other characters that again are wordless, yet wonderfully expressive thanks to the animation. The art style is also excellent, with a hand drawn, almost sketchbook look to the world and characters. Add in some excellent music and it’s a combination that really captures the attention, and sucks us into the world.

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 29, 2020
Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break manages to provide some good, old school style arcade fun with it’s core game mechanics. Rolling the balls down the nicely designed tracks, smashing buildings and people along the way is great fun. It’s let down by some fiddly, tedious tower defence-style missions, and a creative suite that, while deep in options, only seems to serve as a gateway to online play.

Clash Force

Xbox One
Ian WrayJul 28, 2020
It’s hard to write about this game as it’s just not very much fun. It’s a cheap and average run-and-gun side scroller. The music has a nostalgic feel and the achievements are nice and simple. It’s a one hour run and you only need to beat the first 15 stages. It’s a shame the 3 characters don’t have unique abilities and that boss fights aren’t more challenging.

Maid of Sker

Xbox One
Jamie BaldockJul 28, 2020
Maid of Sker is a compelling and visually stunning experience for any horror fan and brings true stealth horror with 3D sound against you at it’s core. This may not be the longest game ever, but if this is the future of horror gaming then I welcome it with open arms.

Destroy All Humans!

Xbox One
Varnell HarrisJul 28, 2020
In my opinion, I feel that Destroy All Humans 2 should’ve been remastered instead since it was made and released at a later time period in gaming. While first time players might find it a little stale, bland, and repetitive, old players regardless will have fun with the game as it throws them back into a more simpler time period than the one we’re living in now.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 26, 2020
I really quite like Tannenberg. It’s committed to presenting WW1 in a pretty chilling way, yet still manages to be a fun, challenging online multiplayer shooter. The levelling progression menus are a bit confusing, and there’s not all that many people playing it yet, but get a good squad to go into battle with and I think you’ll be won over.


Xbox One
Jamie BaldockJul 25, 2020
Carrion is one of the best pixel made horrors I’ve ever seen and deserves praise from horror and gaming fans alike. With impressive controls and visuals for a game of this nature, this title is a must for any horror or gaming fan with a thirst for blood and anyone who loved the movie “The Thing”.

Lunch A Palooza

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 25, 2020
I was quite looking forward to a new local multiplayer party game to add to the rotation; sadly, Lunch A Palooza won’t be filling that void. There’s a neat idea here, but the hard to decipher combat, wonky physics and general lack of, well, fun mean that we’re best off warming up some of our leftovers for now.


Xbox One
James DavieJul 24, 2020
Distraint might be too simple to a fault at times, but it’s clear that love and attention has been made to make an impactful game where players are positioned to think and relate to its characters rather than soullessly using them as mere portals for spooks and scares.

Night Call

Xbox One
Graham CameronJul 24, 2020
Night Call for me is a really tough game to play through as I prefer more – or even some – action. It should appeal to those who like gritty novels and like to play as a detective. For those who can read between the lines and use clues to solve mysteries, it may be better suited. The game plays more as just reading the book with the occasional dash of strategy. But it does have some interesting stories and themes and should appeal to the right audience.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Xbox One
Rob TurnbullJul 22, 2020
As I mentioned earlier I’ve played everything Warhammer from the Xbox 360 on and I can recommend most of them, but this is the first title I can recommend for both Warhammer enthusiasts and novices alike, as there’s enough story and lore content and plenty of interesting and challenging gameplay to satisfy both groups.

Deja Vu

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 22, 2020
As debut efforts go, Déjà vu is a great go of it. The puzzle designs are unique and well thought out, and the cloning mechanic adds a great twist to the rule-set that requires forward thinking in ways other titles in the genre haven’t needed before.


Xbox One
Joe PepekJul 21, 2020
I think that the biggest thing that will hurt this game is the versions that came before it. I’m not sure people will spend the money on the latest edition if they’re still having fun on the last few entries. The career mode is worth the jump I think, and the more people that do will ultimately find themselves filling up multiplayer lobbies too.

Radical Rabbit Stew

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 18, 2020
These minor niggles aside, Radical Rabbit Stew is a fun puzzle game. The central mechanic is easy to grasp, the puzzle design is mostly brilliant and the retro style visual and audio presentation is right up my street.


Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 17, 2020
This is the exception rather than the rule though. For the majority of Neversong I was constantly engaged, in awe of the weird and wonderful sights and tales being shown to me. Brush seems to be a master at crafting darkly engaging narratives that not only get you thinking, but leave an impression long after the credits roll.


Xbox One
Graham CameronJul 15, 2020
The RPG side of things does provide a lot of the content of the game, but it does sometimes seem the main focus is all the different puzzling elements, with the combat feeling a little filler to pad out the game until the next puzzling section. The variety of side quests will keep you busy, although some of the fetch quests can be a bit tedious. But the story is interesting, and it is very fun to play through, so I strongly recommend it.


Xbox One
AdminJul 15, 2020
REZ PLZ brings us a unique spin on the co-op puzzle platformer, and it’s one that mostly succeeds. The way it forces players to co-operate using each other – literally – is gruesome, yet hilarious. Graffiti Games managed to come up with some ingenious methods for killing our heroes in the name of progression and with a willing partner there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

Demolish & Build

Xbox One
Jamie BaldockJul 13, 2020
Demolish and Build may have its issues, but the game can be enjoyed on many different levels. Fun and creativity can be found in this title, and it’s good to see some more simulators of this calibre to come to Xbox.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire

Xbox One
Jamie CollyerJul 11, 2020
Sisters Royale is a fun and amusing bullet hell title that offers up some solid arcade action, but little else. The specific anime styling will either draw you in or put you off (you know what I mean), but the light-hearted tale will likely win over even the most prudish players. Some online leader boards or alternate modes wouldn’t have gone amiss, but even so I still think Sisters Royale is worth a look if you’re into, or curious about, the bullet hell genre.