CAPCOM’s Devil May Cry Is Now Out On The Nintendo Switch

Dante makes his badass debut on Switch’s hybrid console.

CAPCOM’s Devil May Cry Is Now Out On The Nintendo Switch

Devil May Cry, the first and the original DMC entry of the critically acclaimed series takes players into the salad days of everyone’s favorite Devil Hunter. One of the hit PlayStation 2 games is getting the Switch port treatment it deserves.

This classic hack and slash game puts players into the life of Dante as he must stop the evil Mundus from taking over the world. As simple as the plot goes, it does very well with its intense, yet stylish, gameplay mechanics. Revered as the pioneer of the action-character genre, this Switch port continues to show the game’s ability to weed off casual players off the map with its challenging difficulty.

Switch users will be delighted to get a taste of CAPCOM’s beloved series for this original serves as the birth of Devil May Cry. It retains the Remastered look from its Steam and console versions, with no added content.

The game, digital only, is currently available on the eShop at a price of $20. Fans are somewhat concerned about its Switch price tag, considering it alone can purchase the entire HD Trilogy on Steam and other platforms.

Nonetheless, it is still something new for Nintendo users and it is a great way to introduce the legendary series. It’s only a matter of time before players get the full franchise into the Switch.

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