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Trek to Yomi

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Ken McKownMay 31, 2022
Trek to Yomi is not an overly long adventure either. Outside of the standard combat there is some light exploration and puzzle solving with a few boss battles tossed in for good measure. The story is what kept me chugging through to the end. It is boilerplate but interesting. I wanted to know how things concluded so I pushed through the repetitive combat. Trek to Yomi is a game that on the surface seems way more interesting than it actually is.
James DavieMay 06, 2022
Similarly, the combat is super slick, stylish and gratifyingly nuanced, that it will please many who beg for a finely-honed, lethal and precise katana-thrusting gameplay core. Unfortunately, the repetition of enemies and their compositions do get in the way as there isn’t enough diversity in the enemy variety nor the deviation to manipulate curiosity in interesting ways, but ultimately if you want a brief, beautiful and brutal action game, you should certainly take this trek.
Shubhankar ParijatMay 06, 2022
Trek to Yomi's outstanding visuals and presentation are quite enough to make up for its fairly straightforward and simplistic gameplay.
Kes Eylers-StephensonMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi is a katana-sharp experience that impresses with its flashy skills — use the joyous time it gives you well.
Ben KerryMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi is a game of two halves, where slightly repetitive combat does bring things down a notch. However, that other half — made up of the game's visuals, characters, storyline, atmosphere and overall polish — is so good that you'll want to carry on trekking right until the end.
Leo FariaMay 05, 2022
Combat sections were more sparse and sluggish than anticipated, but that’s fine since it’s so easy to sink into the game’s world. If you’re okay with a samurai game that’s more focused in being an audiovisual and emotional spectacle, then Trek to Yomi is absolutely worth your time.
Aran SuddiMay 11, 2022
Trek to Yomi is a game that really does evoke the style of Kurosawa films, with a good story and good characters. However, it is let down by a combat system that can feel clunky and unresponsive against enemies that are a little too straightforward to defeat.
George SweetnamMay 15, 2022
Trek To Yomi is in that perfect space of being story based while also innovating so much on its style and graphical prowess that the story ceases to be as important as it would need to be for an enormous thirty hour open world experience.
Ben LyonsMay 05, 2022
Despite its minor problems and short length, it's unique, and truly captivating, and for that reason I can't help but recommend this game.
Richard WalkerMay 05, 2022
Choosing Hiroki's path, confronting his past failures, and ultimately deciding his fate, while engaging in enjoyable, meticulously crafted sword-swishing duels, ensures that Trek to Yomi is a journey worth embarking upon. While it has the occasional annoyance, it's an experience that can feel hugely rewarding.
Brodie GibbonsMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi is an unparalleled adventure to the shores of hell and back that meticulously encapsulates and delivers an experience through his lens. It’s when you look behind its eyes that you discover the game’s soul is missing in a disappointing case where a wellspring of style and authenticity is anchored by a sad lack of substance.
Steve WrightMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi‘s presentation and slick style somewhat save it from the issues that plague it. An amazingly crafted soundtrack full of Japanese instruments really helps to provide a unique identity to the overall experience. Optional collectibles that litter each chapter not only encourage exploration — and sometimes, opportunities to fell groups of baddies without direct combat — but provide another insightful look into Japanese culture.
Borja RueteMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi captura la esencia de las películas clásicas de samuráis y traduce esa esencia en una experiencia de juego agradable, que combina momentos de acción, exploración y de narrativa. Gráficamente muy bonito, se vale de un estilo visual en blanco y negro que encaja a la perfección con este tipo de propuesta. Aunque el combate es divertido y funciona bien, hemos echado en falta un poco más de profundidad y de variedad. También en la exploración de los escenarios.
Adrià PérezMay 19, 2022
Trek to Yomi es un juego lleno de luces y sombras, donde una trama interesante, junto a un apartado artístico de miedo pierden mucha fuerza por culpa de un sistema de combate terrible, que deja en un "limbo" a este título.
Fabien PellegriniMay 05, 2022
Dans l'absolu ce n'est pas forcément un problème pour un jeu de ce genre, mais cette brièveté s’accompagne également d'un certain manque de contenu. Les "kills" environnementaux se comptent sur les doigts d'une main, et les rares énigmes sont toutes basées sur le même principe. Un peu trop timide, l'aventure peine donc à réellement se renouveler et se repose un peu trop sur son ambiance et ses combats.
meakayaMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi est une très belle œuvre cinématographique. Il n’a pas à pâlir devant les géants qui l’ont inspiré. Son usage de la caméra et du grain noir et blanc lui permettent de nous présenter des tableaux particulièrement somptueux. Ajoutez à cela des chorégraphies de combats qui font briller les yeux et vous obtenez une petite pépite de maîtrise artistique. Si l’on jugeait un jeu à cela, Trek to Yomi serait sans aucun doute en haut du classement. Mais malheureusement, le jeu est, en comparaison, trop peu poussé au niveau du gameplay. Ses choix superflus et ses combats répétitifs l’empêchent d’exprimer son plein potentiel.
Daniele CucchiarelliMay 06, 2022
Purtroppo le sbavature evidenziate in fase di test lasciano l'amaro in bocca perché con un testing più accurato e qualche scelta di game design più bilanciata, il risultato finale avrebbe potuto essere qualcosa di davvero speciale.
Atıf Doğan ÖzcanMay 20, 2022
Genel hatlarıyla Trek to Yomi işte böyle bir oyun. Gelelim benim düşünceme, yapım, efsane yapımcı Kurusawa’nın elinden çıkmış gibi görünse de bu kadar ağır sinematikler oyunun akışını kesmiş. Bu kadar güzel sahnelerin olduğu oyunda ki oynanış hataları çok bariz bir hayal kırıklığına yol açıyor. Samuray filmi izlemek tadında oynanacak bir içerik olmuş özünde.
Rick OttenMay 05, 2022
Trek to Yomi is ontzettend mooi. Maar door een focus op stijl boven inhoud en vorm boven functie, gaat die pracht niet dieper dan de oppervlakte.