16 Upcoming Video Games of June 2019

These are all video games that are confirmed to release in June. For a complete, updated list, visit our page of all upcoming video games.

1. Warhammer: Chaosbane on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

There's a new Warhammer game coming and it's definitely unlike all the others. For the first time ever, the series explores the exciting ARPG format in their own familiar universe. Take on the role of a soldier, dwarves or elves in their four classes and train their swords and staffs against their large bestiary of monsters and bosses. As a modern ARPG, Warhammer's Chaosbane has a focus on the co-op experience, letting you play along with up to three of your friends locally or online. Having the feel of classic isometric RPGs and the satisfying combat of newer titles, Chaosbane should be on the list for any ARPG fan. Heralded by its deluxe version in May, the standard version is coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 1st.

2. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

When it comes to milking their franchise, there’s nothing stopping JRPG masters ATLUS from making more Persona games. Now that Persona 5 is still making waves in the market, it’s time they reintroduce their chibi-filled spin-off in this sequel to Shadow Of The Labyrinth. Q2 introduces you all to your favorite Persona characters from 3 and 4 alongside the 5’s Phantom Thieves. Dive deep into this mysterious new cinematheque and chart the map to overcome its ever-changing dungeons easily. It’s basically a fanservice game made for the hardcore Persona fans. It’s set to release this June 4 on the 3DS.

3. Cooking Simulator

They say the kitchen is a chef's playground. And for wannabe cooks still taking their baby steps, Big Cheese studio's virtual kitchen will have to do. Simulating a fancy kitchen set fit for Gordon Ramsay, it boasts the whole shebang of ovens, stoves, and a packed pantry all rendered in ultra realistic graphics. Start from scratch from the most basic dishes, and steady your grip to prepare them amid their full physics engine. The kitchen is all yours for slicing, blending, cooking, and all the fun explosions and breakdowns that come with it. It's set to release on the PC on June 6th.

4. MotoGP 19 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

With their text-fuelled, straight to to point, Apple ad-like announcement trailer, MotoGP promises to do better. Literally making history, MotoGP 19's new features include historical challenges that let you jump into the shoes of the greatest professional riders in the sport's most iconic moments. Along with a blast to the past, is a look to the future with a Neural AI that makes opponents as smart and as fast as you can be. All that, plus dedicated servers for lower latencies and a Race Director Mode, MotoGP 19 is looking pretty good. Let's hope they can keep their promises. Coming out this June 6th on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

5. Dragonstar Varnir

The power of the dragon lies before you in this stellar new JRPG from Idea Factory International. Set in a world where beasts roam the land, take control of a daring protagonist as he embraces the importance of life after being reborn. Featuring a vertically-oriented battle system, use your Dragon-born abilities to perform dazzling mid-air combat and transform into a powerful being. With the help of witches, embark on a grand adventure to save his kind from being decimated by an evil Empire. This fresh title offers something new and familiar to veterans of the JRPG genre. It’s coming out this 11th of June on the PlayStation 4.

6. Mini-Mech Mayhem

Futurlab whips up something different in this cute little PSVR exclusive. Far from the fast-paced nature of their previous titles, Velocity 2X, and Tiny Trax, Mini-mech Mayhem is a friendly exercise in robot-buddy destruction. Gathering player avatars around a grid-based battlefield, work together with your tiny mechs as you plan out the strategies and they do all the rest. Looking colorful and friendly with their vibrant virtual hub, Mini Mech Mayhem looks like it has just enough of fierce competition to keep you wanting more. Set to release exclusively on the PS4 on Jun 18th

7. Solar Warden

Polar Zenith’s real-time strategy game is mixed with sci-fi space shooter mechanics. Your main objective is simple: Command your fleet called the Solar Warden to combat the Silicoid menace. Developed by the people behind Mechwarrior: Living Legends, expect more strategic elements as you pick which tactic to use during space battles. You can choose between commanding your fleet using the real-time strategy overlay or personally take direct control of any of your vessels. In addition, it’s co-op, campaign and heavy customization bring so many hours of content for anyone looking for a great space action game. It comes out this 20th of June on the PC.

8. Steel Division 2

Just getting by with enough love, Eugen Systems decides to follow up the tactical WWII battles of Normandy 44 with a brand new installment. Packed with the gradually added features of the first game and so much more, Steel Division 2 is looking to push the RTS genre once more. Set in the eastern front of the Red Army and the Axis powers, we'll all get a load of new units and divisions, game modes, and their new turn-based dynamic strategic campaign. Favorably received with just a few kinks in the first game, we have high hopes for the next as it comes out this Jun 20th

9. Super Neptunia RPG on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

The anthropomorphic SEGA consoles are coming back for more dimensional, self-referential escapades. This latest entry to Idea Factory's long-running Hyperdimension series will see the return of Nep-nep, Noire, Vert and the rest of the gang. Witness the awakening of Neptune in a new 2D world and help her break out of the boundaries of the planar dimension. This installment will get us diving into old school dungeons and switching out leaders in classic turn-based battles. After facing a few delays, it finally gets an official release date of June 20th on the PC and June 25th on the PS4 and Switch.

10. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

With the success of Crash’s N-Sane Trilogy, it looks like Sony’s iconic bandicoot makes a grand return. This remaster of the critically acclaimed Racing game takes us once again to the hectic and ridiculous competition that can make or break friendships. Nitro-Fueled packs more fuel than its original which means better graphics and extra content. It’s special edition called the Nitros Oxide adds more playable characters into the mix, this deluxe edition can let you play missing characters from the original including the nefarious Nitros Oxide. It’s coming out this 21st of June on the PS4, X1, and Switch.

11. Judgment

This upcoming action-adventure series from SEGA is set in the Yakuza universe. Currently, out in Japan, the game was at a standstill with the arrest of the game’s main actors. Nonetheless, it’s still coming out to the Western shores. Similar to the Yakuza games, it’s played from a third-person perspective. Players will control a new character as he investigates a murder case. Players can still change into different styles and knock enemies in different ways. The biggest difference of this spin-off is the new ‘investigation mode’, players can find traces of the criminal in the crime scenes. The major difference between this and the original Yakuza titles is its story. It might share the same world, but it tells a different narrative. It comes out this June 25 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

12. Monster Jam Steel Titans on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Monster Trucks in 2019? THQ Nordic’s gargantuan showcase of real trucks performing real action is for everyone to enjoy. Hear the roar of its 25 iconic trucks including the Grave Digger and Max-D. Experience the metallic mayhem as you demolish the environment around you with its satisfying destruction physics. With over 12 stadiums to choose from, get ready to flex on your Monster Truck-driving skills and perform daredevil stunts. It’s coming out this 25th of June on the PC, PS4, and X1.

13. Samurai Shodown on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Nothing like a trip back to memory lane. SNK’s beloved classic makes a grand return to the modern generation platforms. It was one of those games that shaped the future of Arcade gaming alongside CAPCOM’s Street Fighter. This reboot of the series takes players between the events of the original title and Samurai Shodown V. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, expect an improved presentation to the fighting game we once knew and loved. This fresh new title brings along all the familiar combat and characters from the original, with an added twist. It’s coming this 27th of June on the PS4 and Xbox One.

14. The Sinking City on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

To give players a bit more time to breathe in between the gorgeous releases last March, Frogware's love letter to HP Lovecraft's classic eldritch horrors has been moved to June. While they had their players in mind, it also gives their upcoming title a bit more time in the oven, what with their less than stellar previews. There's plenty of horrific content to mine in the pages of Lovecraft's Necronomicon we're all waiting to see them all to life in the eyes of private investigator Charles Reed. We're hoping Cthulu finally wakes on June 27th on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One

15. Super Mario Maker 2

We just can't get enough of Mario games, and that rings true especially for the beloved Mario Maker series. Getting its second installment on the Nintendo Switch, return to the plumbers iconic adventures in stages made from your imaginations or the happy creators around the world. In this sequel, not only does it have more Mario levels to build, players also get to create fresh 3Dimensional stages along with the classic 2D. Pre-order the game, and you'll get a fancy new stylus to go along with it to level up the building excitement. Let your imaginations run wild once it comes out on Jun 28th

16. F1 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

A breathtaking new entry to Codemasters’ F1 racing game. In development for nearly two years, this is not only the most ambitious game in franchise history, but it also continues to rival the quality and production of its real-life race counterpart. F1 2019’s new features include a new personalization feature where players can use their creativity in its multiplayer modes. Alongside its set of new updates, the game is still bringing the players more classic cars and a deeper career mode for all the wannabe racers. It comes out this 28th of June on the PC, PS4, and X1.



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