Top 15 FREE Android & iOS Games of February 2020

Here's our full and updated list of the best FREE Android and iOS Games.

The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. If a game only receives ratings from gamers BUT NOT from critics, it receives a gamerscore.

15. Epic Card Game on Android and iOS

White Wizard Games is dipping their toes in the collectible card game market. Though it doesn't look like they wanted to spend too much time thinking up the name, it does have some deep enough mechanics to back it up--at least for this month's top FREE ranks. As the latest venture from tabletop RPG legends, it's generated a lot of intrigue but it might not be at the same level of polish as Blizzard's and Cygame's successful titles yet.

At the moment, its AI campaign is a little unbalanced, and its presentations, unpolished. But there's definitely a lot of potential brewing for this game where good plays rule over all.

It has a gamerscore of 8.48 on the Android.

14. Dadish on Android and iOS

If there's one thing we can assure, it's that this game's paternal root crop is more than a little rad. From indie developer Thomas Young, this game brings us to a colorful retro pixel world filled with puzzles, danger, and some rad kids too cool for their radish dad.

It's all too easy to get pulled into the game's fun dialog, and engaging atmosphere of health food vs fast food. But, it also poses some fun challenges within its many cute levels and stages. Watch out for saws and spikes, and be extra careful with your precious double jumps. At the end of the day, though, it's the pure simplicity that makes this game great. If you can sit through a few ads, you'll love this.

It gets playscores of 8.79 on the Android, and 8.78 on the iOS

13. Draw Climber

This is one of those multiplayer games, that despite its barebones construction, still manages to enter the top ranks of our free mobile lists. Voodoo's Draw Climber is about as straightforward as their title suggests. In it, all you have to do is to make up limbs for your square racers. With certain obstacles guaranteed to get in your way, you'll need to strategize your appendages well for maximum speed, reach, and grappling abilities.

The matches, if they are real, are short enough and the rewards plenty so it is pretty fun to watch for a short burst. That is, if you don't mind the usual flurry of ads. It has a gamerscore of 8.80

12. Dungeon iDollon Android and iOS

Who said idle games have to be boring? That's certainly not the case in this action-packed RPG from LinkTown. Combining the strengths of role-playing, idle games, and the idol aesthetics, Dungeon iDoll brings the best of those three worlds.

Watch the story unfold as you play manager to a growing party of warriors bent on striking back against the demons invading their world. As your team automatically dukes it out with various monsters in their infinite dungeons, all you have to do is level up their skills, cast powerful attacks, and collect more adventurers.

A fun game, albeit with an understandably long grind, it gets a gamerscore of 8.95.

11. Decor Dream: Home Design Game and Match-3 on Android and iOS

The age of the story-based match-three puzzle game has just begun and By Aliens Studio is rising to the occasion. Unlike match-three puzzle games with just grid after grid, this simulation game offers you something extra to reward you for your good wits.

With Decor Dream, you're both puzzler and interior decorator. With every newly completed stage, you'll unlock new and better items to deck each dream house. While it's not always yours, the satisfaction of completing each project is just the same.

It receives gamerscores of 9.23 on the Android, and 8.71 on the iOS.

10. Shadow Seven

After a break into match-three puzzles, we're back in the world of collectible card games. It might not be a White Wizard Games, but Neptune Company can win you over with sheer style. For fans of the Japanese aesthetic, Shadow Seven is rich with detail, showing their flair in their character designs, environments, and the overarching story of captains against Devil King.

Despite a less than an appealing interface, the game's combat system actually has its own charm, with its unique captains and hardline focus card management and overall strategy. At the end of the day, however, it's still a gacha and the grind for those legendary items will be tough but the journey seems enjoyable enough.

It gets a gamerscore of 9.38 on the iOS.

9. XROSS CHRONICLE on iOS and Android

If it's high-quality games you want, then you'll definitely love this. What you need to understand about it, is that it spared no expense. It came here to tell everyone a good story, and it does just that--not just with the usual flat style, but with straight-up 3D goodness all the way.

On top of visuals, the quality is also obvious with its music and gameplay, gacha mechanics notwithstanding. Because of its visuals-heavy design, it might take a toll on your phones and wifi. And as a gacha game, you should definitely be careful with spending too much on what some see as unfair rates.

With some download troubles on the iPhones and iPads, it's still thriving on the Android with gamerscores of 6.97 and 9.39 respectively.

8. World War Doh: Real Time PvP on iOS and Android

The 3D goodness continues with this strategy card game from Jam City. Following their previous puzzler hits, World War Doh is entirely different from their usual repertoire.

As a game about a world war of clay citizens, all exploding and wrestling for control, it definitely feels more grown-up. But, seeing as their dancing, dabbing, destroying their way to victory every time, it's not by much. The Clash Royale mechanics you love are updated into a wacky, modern play-doh world and it might be just what you need.

World War Doh receives gamerscores of 9.39 on the iOS and 8.41 on the Android.

7. Election Year Knockout

There are no parties and running mates in this election knockout. American politics has always been a spectacle but this game takes that to a whole new level. Presenting iconic officeholders from then and now as witty caricatures ready to square it off in the long-running "campaign", Exceptionull's Election Knockouts isn't just funny, it's also a hell of a lot of fun.

Bring your boxing skills up a notch as you create your own character and party to face off with the likes of Ted Bruz, A-OH, Cap'n Crenshaw and so much more.

It celebrates its iOS debut with a high-flying gamerscore of 9.54.

6. Heroes Bash on iOS and Android

We're really getting a taste of good strategies this month. Prepare to go on an epic adventure across the islands in another high caliber card strategy.

Building upon the formula crafted by Clash of Clans and Lords Mobile, Heroes Bash tries to do it all--from exciting multiplayer dungeon raids and story-driven campaigns, each with awesome characters and units to play around with. To top it all off, they also provide you with the best content to keep you adventuring in the Bash Isles.

It's far from a perfect experience. There will be ads, sure, but for a free-to-play game, it's progression seems fair enough for more than a few hours of entertainment.

It gets gamerscores of 9.64 on the iOS, and 9.55 on the Android.

5. Cookies Must Die on iOS and Android

A platformer that explodes with energy, this casual indie mobile game by Cezary Rajkowski can definitely scratch your itch for cookie destruction. We aren't talking about your run of the mill oatmeal stuff, we're talking about HUGE, sentient foodstuffs who are out to kick your projectile-flying butt. Thankfully, the game also gives you a whole arsenal of upgrades to destroy every living chocolate chip out there.

With challenges at every turn, the going will get tough and you might eventually need to cash in to get through. However, for the first few hours at least, you'll be treated that some sweet high-quality action you're craving.

It receives gamerscores of 9.67 on the iOS and 9.31 on the Android.

4. Symphogear XD UNLIMITED on iOS and Android

Another anime has made its move towards the mobile this month. Now, you can bring the adventures of Satelight's awesome idols wherever you go, battling out against the vicious Noise once more using the iconic Symphogears.

Your favorite characters have all come to play in this Unlimited version. Shining their voices into and across the battlefield are Hibiki, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, and so much more.

While fans of the anime will enjoy all-new exclusive stories and tons of new illustrations, non-fans can still get a kick of out of their addictive turn-based combat system.

It's not available in all countries yet, but it gets gamerscores of 9.74 on the iOS and a 9.00 on the Android.

3. Lucid Adventure on Android and iOS

Idle RPG fans are getting their field day this month with the arrival of this new game from Super Planet. This isn't exactly new though. Set within the universe of the popular webtoon called Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Lucid Adventures continues on from the warrior's fall from the number one rank.

To get back on his feet, he needs the help of four other adventurers to find out what happened to his stats and save the world of Lucid Adventure. Create the ultimate party from their various choices and level up their skills to withstand the hordes of monsters ahead.

The artstyle may be on the cute side, but its sidescrolling gameplay does pack a lot of punch. Especially considering its many PvP modes that will test your grit and strategies against players around the globe.

The Android version may be in some trouble with a gamerscore of 7.43, it's thriving on the iOS with a gamerscore of 9.74.

2. I Love Hue Too on iOs and Android

Ambition is impressive, but sometimes all it takes is the polished execution of a simple idea. That is exactly what Zut Games' I Love Hue offers. At its core, all it wants is to be a puzzler. But, ultimately, it's much more than that.

As you get through harder and harder levels, you find your brains don't always see the same as your eyes and in no time you'll be doubting your senses too. It's never frustrating though. You'll get used to the mixing of palettes and soon it becomes a relaxing adventure, not unlike figuring out the patterns of a jigsaw puzzle.

For a not-so-wild ride of quiet bewilderment, this game has got you covered with gamerscores of 9.77 on the iOS, and 9.52 on the Android.

1. Shadowgun War Games - PvP FPS on iOS and Android

Again, our number one is the game with a full playscore.

For long-time fans of mobile first-person shooters, this game will probably look familiar. Madfinger Games follows up their Shadowgun Legends success with this team-based arena shooter. In this new title, they retain their signature stunning visuals and bring the spunk with their roster of five characters.

That might not sound like much, but the lineup covers all the basic 5v5 formula, with tanks, supports, damage dealers. Using touch controls for real-time first-person shooting will always be a little iffy, but War Games also falls short on content and affordable microtransactions.

On the other hand, with portable Overwatch still a little out of reach, this is still our best alternative. That’s why it’s our best FREE game this month with a playscore of 8.00