Top 10 Android Rhythm Games (UPDATE)

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10. Geometry Dash World

From the heat of meltdown and the freezing points of SubZero, Robotop Games spices up the world of Geometry Dash with a little bit of everything. Back with the same bass-popping rhythm formula, World concerns itself with the sense of wonder and adventure. But, like most Geometry Dash games, it's still no walk in the park. Back with even more dangers and obstacles littered in their two worlds, with five levels each. Play the strange geometric creature and navigate through rounds of sharp thorns, gaps, and deadly traps.

Using their intuitive controls, flex your fingers and test your dexterity as you fly rockets, flip gravity, and so much more. Other than the given levels, Geometry Dash World also has a few online levels created by the folks of the Geometry Dash community. An action based platformer packed with songs from Dex Arson, Waterflame, and F-777, it has a Provisional playscore of 9.2

9. Muse Dash

Now you might be thinking you're on the wrong video. If you're looking for rhythm in your games, Muse Dash has just the right kind of action. While it might not look like your run of the mill tapping rhythm game, XD Network makes sure you'll need a groove to navigate their sidescrolling universe. Enter the arena as one of their many beauties and work towards fixing their world tampered by a mirror image code--whatever that is.

Combining action and rhythm, nimble fingers and dance moves are the number one requirements in Muse Dash. Watch their adorable monsters make their way towards you and whack to the beat of their track. With 30 popular songs on offer, each one will be presented in their own individual styles, scenes, enemies, and bosses. And that's still not counting their stellar voice acting. Not a free to play title, it's supported with updates which continually bring fresh content. It has a rating of 9.4

8. Cytus II

Any rhythm game enthusiast worth their salt will recognize this particular jumble of letters. Released just last 2018, Rayark Studios follows up their immensely popular rhythm game with an awesome new sequel. Still keeping up with the dystopian feels of their first game, Cytus II is pretty much more of everything we loved about the original. Crafted by the same team, dive once more into their cyberworld of internet developments and severed connections.

Revolving around a rave party gone wrong, prepare for an electric experience through their maddening EDM tracks. Their rhythm game mechanics are naturally still presented in Rayark's signature satisfying chaos. Tap and slide your way through each of their songs and do it all over again to get that sweet high score high. When you've gone through all of them, you can expect more content to come in the form of new DLCs. It has a score of 9.4

7. Lanota

With the saturated market for rhythm games, creators are hardpressed to create a unique yet still familiar rhythm experience. And that's what Noxy games achieved in their title Lanota. Instead of the usual vertical falls of beats, Lanota distinguishes itself from the rest with their circular console. Keep your eyes open as you take on the challenge of their ethereal music. With their golden plate, Lanota keeps faithful to the magical, dream-like atmosphere of their storyline.

Presenting a charming, storybook-like universe, the plot revolves around another quest to cleanse it of chaos and restore the balance of the old order. The game may be free to play, but it only serves as a sampler of what's to come in their paid full version offered within the game itself. By paying the premium price, you get to have an ad-free experience and their much-needed retry function. It has a Provisional playscore of 9.4

6. Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game

This rhythm game is exploring new dimensions in more ways than one. Talking of getting lost in the songs of light and conflict, Arcaea also jumps out of the ordinary plane of 2D, into the three dimensions of arcs of light. Blending ordinary tile gameplay with their unique 3D rays which you can swipe according to the rhythm. As arcade-style rhythm game, it still exudes the same kind of atmosphere as some of Rayark's more colorful titles--except jampacked with soothing soundtracks but equally beautiful anime backdrops.

Arcaea has no shortage of songs either. From 50 artists across the globe, it has a library of over 90 songs each of which you can play in 3 rhythm difficulties. And if that's not enough, it will keep on expanding with each content update. Compete with friends online, conquer the leaderboards, and collect the melodic shards of Arcaea. It has a playscore of 9.4

5. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Truly made for anime fans. This anime rhythm-game from Bushiroad International is built for anyone with a love for Japanese culture, particularly in the area of cute waifu art and anime music. Covering songs from Japan's most popular, check out duke out your tapping skills against their drop of iconic openings that from the cute to the epic. While there are over 100 songs on offer, with varying difficulties, you can also play them against up to four other players. Not just any rhythm game though,

BanG Dream lets you dream up your very own band from your favorite anime characters. Train each of them and bring up their skills to maximum performance. Along with this feature is a town hub where you can interact and watch them live their daily lives. A unique rhythm experience tailor-made for the self-confessed otaku, it has a score of 9.4

4. Piano Tiles 2™(Don't Tap...2)

Efficiency in simplicity. Cheetah Games’ piano-like rhythm game is turning away from the colorful and picturesque backdrops, or with snazzy special effects of other similar titles. It puts into form its responsive… well, piano tiles. It’s one of the most popular Free Games on the App Store, and of course, it’s obvious why.

Choose from hundreds of songs both classic and modern. Test your mettle in its varying difficulty modes that actually gives a great challenge, especially for a tap-based game. It’s a sequel to the first game that also had some great moments. It still shares the same rule: Don’t tap the white tiles.

All songs are transformed into beautiful piano pieces which makes you feel like you’re in a concert. It has a Provisional playscore of 9.40

3. Planet Quest

OutOfTheBit’s addictive rhythm game doesn’t rely on colored notes dropping down on the screen. Achieve science fiction craziness in this tap-based rhythm entry where you control a UFO hovering around planets.

To become the master of the universe, you must rely on your reflexes. Simply tapping with your finger won’t do you any good. Avoid the innocent creatures and begin tapping in sync with the beat. It takes a while to master and it’s multiple endless levels and difficulty spikes can make us frustrated.

Despite the tension and its fast-paced tunes, the game is really is easy to pick up. Unlock new songs by playing its levels like a boss, and maybe you can climb the Leaderboards and take over the entire cosmos. It receives a Provisional playscore of 9.55

2. Lyrica

To introduce something different in a rhythm game is something rare these days. It’s all about pressing the correct buttons, timing your notes right, and simply listen to the tunes. Lyrica tries to combine the rhythm game genre with poetry, in addition to classic styled narratives.

Surprisingly, there’s a story here. Play as a young man who just wants to become a musician, then for some reason, he’s traveling to Ancient China. Interacting with mysterious poets. But like most musical titles, it has the same touch-based gameplay. Tap or swipe on lyrics that sync with the rhythm. It’s beautiful calligraphies add flavor to its wonderful poems. It receives a Provisional playscore of 9.59

1. SuperStar BTS

The boys of Bangtan have their own rhythm game in courtesy of Dalcomsoft. True stans of this 7-member boy band from South Korea will enjoy this collection of their iconic music. Jungkook, V, Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin will steal your hearts as they serenade you with their best songs.

Meet them in-game as you breeze through most of their popular songs such as IDOL, DNA, and more. You can even collect signed BTS member cards to show them off to your friends. Compete with other players in its competitive mode where you flex your ARMY reflexes and climb the leaderboards. It may not be for everyone, and non-ARMYs are gonna be annoyed to the core, but this game is ultimately designed for those hardcore stans. It has a Provisional playscore of 9.60