Published on Jun 23, 2022

I bought this game at a low price of $1.99. I've enjoyed it so far, considering the price. Graphics-wise, it's pretty solid with a ton of details they put on the open-world gameplay.

I love open-world games and played GTA Vice City a lot. It takes you to that nostalgic feeling when playing this game.

It's not totally a GTA rip-off considering its isometric gameplay, and it has its own identity. It allows you to upgrade your character, which gives you a RPG-ish like gameplay. There are a lot of things you can do. 

Driving is fun, visiting your neighbor is fun, and having a fun time with authorities is fun. 

It's not the complete package though, I lot of things are missing if you compare it back to the old GTA games of the past. But that doesn't mean it's not a solid game. 

Discover the open world on your own. 8 out of 10, it is a fun game played on a handheld Nintendo Switch.