• Amazing and Superb Character Roster
  • Great graphics
  • Photo mode and and video replays are great and really good
  • The spirits offer an interesting take on the battles
  • Has an unbelievably balanced roster and great mechanics
  • Offers newer gamers a chance to learn the basics but offers older veterans a chance to improve upon them.
  • The button controls can be changed to fit gamers with hand/palm disabilities and/or other issues, which is a really thoughtful feature!
  • As of now, there are 9 (purchasable) DLC fighters with 3 more on the way.


  • The story is a bit lacklustre, confusing and extremely long which can discourage newer and normal gamers from completing it
  • The online aspect (which requires a paid Nintendo Switch Online Membership) is full of lag and feels slow and can be unbearable at times. unless you have a wired internet connection. It doesn't function well
  • Another network predicament is that for the wired connection, a LAN cable will not work as the switch will not support that, you will either have to connect with a wired hotspot dongle (many of which have low internet speeds) or you will have to buy another form of USB type wired internet connection.

Nonetheless, the game is incredible and needs to be on every fighting-game veteran's Switch. It also welcomes new players and will undoubtedly keep them hooked on the game for a long, long time.