André Villanueva Escarela
André Villanueva Escarela
Published on Apr 27, 2022

I was really hyped when the game came out for the Wii in 2011 but I never had the money to buy it because I was a high school student. When they announced the remaster I felt the same hype of 10 years ago.

When I started to play it I got frustrated, because I wanted to play the entire game with motion controls to have the same experience of the Wii, but the motion controls are super inconsistent. The frontal stab works well 1 of every 10 times and that made fighting skulltullas and the third boss A HELL of a time. The shooting and the diving mini games were also a torture so I gave up and switched to pro controller mode to beat those.

Story-wise is decent. The best of it is the relationship between Link, Zelda and Groose. The ost is not as epic as the previous games but it has some memorable pieces, like Lanayru Mining Facility and the Earth Temple. The dungeons were ok but they have similar layouts. The bosses were... uh, Koloktos is awesome but the rest are a joke and the fact you have to face Girahim and the giant avocado several times made the game repetitive.

In general is a solid Zelda game with mechanics that laid the foundations for BotW, but it's clear that they were running out of ideas at the level design department.