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Graham RussellSep 06, 2019
It’s a shame that the surrounding structures don’t hold up, because the in-game experience of NBA 2K20 remains top-class. Another year of refinements has smoothed out some rough edges of the basketball gameplay that was already worth seeking out.  The level of control you have over shot types is both useful and entertaining. Defensive assignments feel like they work more consistently. The commentary repeats itself less. They’re great moves forward. But if you engage with the modes 2K seems to want to push most, you’ll have to deal with baggage that weighs down the experience.
Neal RonaghanSep 10, 2019
The quality of the port to Switch and the variety and depth of modes and options on offer in NBA 2K20 is incredible. That makes it such a shame that microtransactions infect the story-driven MyCareer, dragging that down to mediocrity or worse. Fortunately, the intriguing though repetitive MyGM mode and the flexible and engrossing MyLeague mode make up for the online-only options. Throw in the WNBA teams and NBA 2K20 is likely the best iteration of the series on Switch even with its caveats.``
Dom Reseigh-LincolnSep 10, 2019
It’s not faultless, but those looking to play the full NBA experience on a handheld platform can do so with confidence and Visual Concept's approach to Switch is truly laudable. Simply put, there's no better basketball game out there.
Justin PrinslooSep 29, 2019
NBA 2K20 keeps things fresh with some welcome tweaks to gameplay, refining a product that was already well-oiled and well-drilled. This year's MyCareer mode is an enjoyable enough experience but it, like most of the other modes, is spoiled by microtransactions. Year on year, Visual Concepts continues to push the bar on providing an excellent basketball sim. It would be nice if 2K could finally start providing fan service to match.
Dominic LeightonNov 13, 2019
For Switch-owning sports fans there’s nothing that comes close to NBA 2K20. Boasting great visuals, stellar gameplay and a feature-rich range of play types, there’s something for everyone, and while VC is still a ‘feature’ that we’d rather didn’t have a place in modern sports titles, it’s been balanced back in the favour of actual gameplay.
Oliver RoderickSep 30, 2019
NBA 2K20 is impressive off the court – the soap opera elements of the story mode notwithstanding – but the on-the-court experience takes the fun out of basketball. Wait for a price drop.
Oliver GraingerSep 18, 2019
NBA 2K20 is a surprisingly fully featured offering on the Switch. The game controls beautifully and the Switch does a decent job on the graphical side of things. Some particularly egregious microtransactions do show up but thankfully, these can be ignored for the most part. 2K20 is hands down the best way to play basketball on the Switch right now and should be picked up by any fans of the sport.
David SorianoSep 10, 2019
Amantes del baloncesto, aunque solamente tengáis una alternativa este año, podéis estar tranquilos que NBA 2K20 está a la altura. Eso sí, como no seáis muy fans de la WNBA, no esperéis grandes novedades.
Michael HeroldSep 23, 2019
NBA 2K20 ist erneut eine top Basketball-Simulation, aber Mikrotransaktionen, Pay2Win und Casino-Spielchen nerven an allen Ecken und Enden.
Sérgio MotaOct 05, 2019
A dimensão e conteúdo de NBA 2K numa plataforma com características portáteis é inegável e algo raro nos dias de hoje, principalmente na ausência de concorrência séria no seu meio. Globalmente é um excelente simulador de basquetebol com uma atenção ímpar aos pormenores e que vai agradar a todos os aficionados do género. Já o grande desequilíbrio provocado pelo modelo de negócio aqui implementado é o maior ponto negativo, assim como algumas opções peculiares que impedem o jogador de usufruir a 100% da maior vantagem desta versão, a possibilidade de jogar em qualquer lado.
Gabriele BarducciSep 11, 2019
La formula di gioco e del pacchetto di offerta non si discosta molto dal precedente NBA 2K19. Tuttavia una costruzione di una build più accurata per il nostro giocatore, l’introduzione della WNBA e La Mia Carriera come modalità principale (che trasmette sia ottimi fondamenti di gioco, che una bellissima storia di sport) rendono NBA 2K20, in attuale mancanza di competitor, il miglior basket digitale su piazza. Però quel sistema di microtransazioni a pacchetti e slot machine è una caduta di stile imbarazzante.
Артем РащупкинOct 08, 2019
В целом NBA 2K20 — по-прежнему лучший баскетбольный симулятор. От нее можно получать удовольствие, если проходить только сюжет и играть в офлайновых режимах, либо с друзьями за одним монитором или телевизором. При этом 2K20 не привнесла ничего действительно нового в серию, так что если у вас есть NBA 2K19, то эту игру можно смело пропустить — вы ничего не потеряете.