Yomi 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular card battle game from American game designer David Sirlin, is now available in Early Access. The game is currently available for PC, MacOS, and Steam Deck.

Sirlin Games also unveiled their plans to produce a physical tabletop game for Yomi 2. In turn, they urged players to try out their latest title.

Feedback is critically important to us, said David Sirlin, President and Founder of Sirlin Games.

David Sirlin is the designer behind Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Fantasy Strike. We want to get Yomi 2 into the hands of its passionate playerbase now to help shape discussions of the future as you can't really patch a physical card game post-launch, he added.

The game's full version is expected to be released in the summer of 2024, Sirlin Games wrote on its Steam page.

Or summer of 2025 if we decide to add even more features and content, they said.

Like its predecessor, Yomi 2 requires players to "read the minds of their opponents." This means that to emerge victorious, they must analyze their enemies' movements and predict their next moves.

Developers, however, decided to introduce a new element into the fighting card game. They announced that for Yomi 2, players could earn gems. These gems, in turn, can be used to augment their characters' abilities.

Augment special moves with one of six gems and shift reality with a momentum-swinging assault to storm an opponent's defenses in various ways, they explained.

Yomi 2's Early Access version will feature nine characters. More playable characters will be added later, as promised by David Sirlin, the founder of Sirlin Games.

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