Void Crew's Early Access Launch Date Revealed

Blast off into chaos with your crew starting September 7 on Steam

Void Crew's Early Access Launch Date Revealed

The first-person co-op space game by Indie Studio Hutlihut Games, Void Crew, is now available for early access on Steam.

Void Crew is a space game with revolutionary tactile mechanics, adrenaline-pumping space battles, and a vast galaxy for exploration. The game promises players an unparalleled sense of freedom and unending chaos.

Hosted by Jesse Cox and three of the brilliant minds behind Void Crew, namely Daniel Windfeld (Creative Director), Laurids Binderup (Lead Game Designer), and Javier Garcia (Game Engineer), here's a peek at the first gameplay video.

Players can gather their friends and immerse themselves in the captivating co-op gameplay that Void Crew promises. Play as a team and navigate through the perilous unknown. Work together as a team on the spacecraft to face human scavengers and alien enemies. Go on bold missions inside and outside the vessel.

Void Crew provides great co-op experiences, strengthening friendships and creating lasting memories.

In this space adventure game, players strategize, use tactile mechanics, and shape their own paths. Players can control their fate through careful planning or spontaneous actions. Each session is a unique adventure, driven by player choices and boundless imaginations.

Void Crew launched on Steam Early Access on September 7, 2023. Players can provide valuable feedback and witness the game's growth firsthand.

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