Top 25 Upcoming Switch Games of 2023

The most anticipated titles

Top 25 Upcoming Switch Games of 2023
ByFeliciano Mondigo III November 22, 2022

You can find the complete, up-to-date list on our page for all upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

1. Persona 3 Portable

Before the Phantom Thieves, we had this set of high school students tasked at investigating a mysterious phenomenon. This roleplaying adventure came out during the heydays of the PlayStation Portable.

2. Person 4 Golden

Another set of high schoolers, another case to solve. This is an improved version of PS2’s Persona 4. It comes with a grand epilogue, new characters, and tons of gameplay tweaks! All designed for the modern players.

3. Fire Emblem Engage

The latest addition to the tactical RPG series. This brand new story and heroes will call for the return of many of the series’ favorite characters. Gameplay will be similar to past games. But now you can fight alongside major characters from previous Fire Emblem games.

4. Disgaea 7

A lone samurai and an otaku girl go on an adventure to obtain legendary weapons. In true Disgaea fashion, it’s bound to be a series of absurd events with even more absurd characters! Its Japan-only release is in January 26 of next year. For the rest of us… maybe in the second half of the year.

5. Digimon World: Next Order

After more than 5 years since its release in the Vita and PS4. This means over 200 digimon to collect, feed, and adventure with! Strengthen your bonds and join together to rebuild the Digital World in chaos.

6. Octopath Traveler II

Square Enix’s latest JRPG series is getting a sequel. Eight travelers from different corners of the world… each with unique skills, stories, and motivations. How you want their individual stories to unfold… is all up to you!

7. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Get ready to munch on enemies and try out some new sides! This is a remake of a Wii original. Same story, same gameplay, with new skills and a lot of mini-games! More importantly, coop lets you play with up to three friends!

8. FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

One more Wii game is coming to the Switch, a survival-horror. There are four characters… each of them is embroiled in bringing back lost memories and solving a mystery. But on this haunted island, your only weapon is your camera.

9. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The game almost every Nintendo Switch owner is looking forward to. It will open new doors for the Zelda series with a bigger open world, floating islands, new abilities, and dungeons.

10. GrimGrimoire OnceMore

Magician Lillet Blan is back to being a worldwide star. This localized remaster not only adds new content. But it also adds new skill trees, improved user interfaces, art galleries and more.

11. Hollow Knight: Silksong

This Hollow Knight sequel has a new location. And with Metroidvanias…a new location is…everything. Here, you play as Hornet who explores a land haunted by “Silk and Song”. Her new acrobatic abilities will be either be a blessing or bring new challenges on your adventure.

12. STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life

Originally a GameCube title. This was a fan favorite, as one of the most laidback of the series—back when it was still called Harvest Moon. There are some changes to the familiar names: like Forget Me Not becoming the Forgotten Valley. Otherwise, it’s the same story, with new ways to customize your character, and a new camera mode!

13. The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

An English release of Nihon Falcom’s series is finally on its way. In fact, Trails into Reveries is one of two Legend of Heroes games releasing next year. This chapter covers the epilogue of two important arcs in the series.

14. Disney Speedstorm

If Nintendo has Mario Kart, Disney has Speedstorm. This battle racing game has all the antics of each character. Watch Mulan, Mickey Mouse, and more, zoom across iconic Disney--and Pixar--locations in a race to the finish line.

15. Suikoden I&II HD Remaster

A two for one remaster of Konami’s beloved JRPG. The stories will be exactly the same, but this re-release comes with new environmental sound effects, illustrations, auto-save, and more. A new way to enjoy the classic’s turn-based battles, interesting characters, and a magical world.

16. Moving Out 2

A party game designed for chaos. There’s more ways to play around in this sequel. With online multiplayer and a new inter dimensional setting, the world’s craziest moving company is about to get crazier.

17. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

The only thing for certain here that you’re somewhere in Central Europe. Everything else in this puzzler, you’ll have to figure out yourself. There’s a lot to discover and each path you choose is your own.


This is a puzzle that will transport you across many alien worlds… as a space beetle. Leap between these worlds and manipulate them to solve complex puzzles. Go deeper…. And deeper… and even deeper.

19. The Plucky Squire

When storybook characters discover a world beyond the pages, our hero must find a way to restore the books happy ending. This game lets you traverse between 2D and 3D environment in inventive levels that feel like a Pixar film.

20. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

The gang is back! This time, to save Patrick, who turned into a ballooooonnnn! This 3D platform introduces a sci-fi twist. Players hop between different themed worlds. It comes with a fully-voiced cast ready to take you to another wild ride in cartoon comedy!

21. Metal Slug Tactics

Grab those heavy machine guns in this return of an old-school title. It removes the side-scrolling shootouts we’re all familiar with…and replaces it with a grid-based arena where heads prevail over bullets.

22. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals

A paranormal, coming-of-age game. Solve a chilling electromagnetic phenomenon using your trusty radio. Every choice that you make will alter the future. It comes with a standalone story that you can enjoy… even if you haven’t played the original.

23. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

It promises to deliver a modern take to the classic JRPG experience. Hundred Heroes takes place in the same world as Eiyuden Chronicle Rising…but features a different cast of characters… more than one hundred of them!

24. Sea of Stars

The guys behind the hit indie platformer The Messenger is cooking something up for RPG fans. Sea of Stars is inspired by old-school RPGs: pixel-like art, turn-based combat, and a narrative-driven adventure.

25. Pikmin 4

The fourth major Pikmin game is real! And Shigeru Miyamoto is eager to release it next year. These adorable garden creatures will once again help us in our journey. To what end? We don’t know. Unfortunately, there’s little info we got from the game’s announcement. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

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