My Time at Sandrock's 1.0 version is almost here! Focus Entertainment and Pathea Games have dropped a new trailer for the upcoming sandbox simulation RPG just weeks before its full release.

The new trailer, "A Builder's Life," teased players with more features and content for My Time at Sandrock.

For one, the video provided more glimpses of the life of a Builder. As a Builder, players must use their skills and tools to restore the city and its surroundings.

Ravaged years ago, it is up to [players] to restore Sandrock to its former glory, creators described.

The latest trailer also showed additional insights about the titular town of Sandrock. These included exploring the Eufaula Desert on horseback, scavenging for resources, and repairing the broken technologies of Sandrock.

Meanwhile, Focus Entertainment confirmed that My Time at Sandrock will exit Early Access on November 2.

The game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed cozy life sim My Time at Portia. It started welcoming players in May 2022 via Early Access.

My Time at Sandrock was supposed to release its full version on September 26, more than a year after its Early Access release.

But developers decided to delay its full launch to November 2. In an earlier statement, they said the postponement would help them ensure the game would be at its "best quality" upon release.

My Time at Sandrock is set to drop on consoles and subscription services Bilibili and WeGame. The PlayStation 4 version will be announced later on the game's social media channels.

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