The Troop, a turn-based tactical game set in World War II, is coming out of early access

Get ready to take command and turn the tide of history featuring three new campaigns this October 10, 2023

The Troop, a turn-based tactical game set in World War II, is coming out of early access
ByJamzkie LimSeptember 15, 2023

PLA Studios and Giant Flame gear up to unveil their World War II turn-based tactical game, The Troop. The game will exit from its early access phase this October 10, 2023.

The Troop has been in early access since 2021 and has received a wealth of player feedback. The full release will include a host of new features.

About the Game

On June 6, 1944, the Western Allies started the biggest sea invasion in history. D-Day marks the start of a relentless campaign to liberate Northwest Europe from German occupation. Over the next few months, ancient fields, farms, and villages became the setting for a legendary battle.

The Troop is a game that depicts British and Canadian forces fighting the German Heer and SS in Normandy. Players control infantry, motorized, and armored units in intense turn-based battles against challenging and unpredictable AIs.

The game embraces the rich traditions of classic tabletop war gaming in an interactive digital format. Players have finer control over units' actions. Tanks can avoid showing weak areas on unpredictable routes. Concealed artillery can keep their locations hidden. And infantry won't run away when they are close to victory. Players can take their time and any missteps are solely their responsibility.

Development of The Troop has been a real labour of love for our small and passionate team, and we are excited to finally share the full game with strategy enthusiasts. Following our extensive early access period, we are delighted to reveal that the full release of The Troop will include a host of optional rule settings including overwatch and bocage shooting as well as the highly-requested Campaign mode featuring four campaigns. - Tom Page, Studio Director, PLA Studios

Game Features:

  • Story Mode: Get immersed in the campaign narrative, assuming the roles of various units from both the Commonwealth and German forces as history unfolds in Normandy.
  • Skirmish Mode: Customize scenarios, choose factions, build forces, and set enemy parameters. Every battle promises unpredictability and endless replayability.
  • Campaign Mode: The full release introduces three new campaigns: 21st Panzer Division, SS Panzer Division, and 31st Tank Brigade.

The Troop will release on PC via Steam on October 10, 2023 for $39.99, £30.99, or €33.99.

PLA Studios has been designing, producing and developing games, systems and interfaces for a wide range of applications since 2011. Giant Flame was assembled specifically to develop The Troop, which will be its first own IP project. The team is driven by a deep passion for wargaming in both digital and physical formats and a lifelong love of military history.

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