Space Engineers: New Update Gives a Look at the Field Engineer

Check out the first update in the new Warfare content!

Space Engineers: New Update Gives a Look at the Field Engineer
ByBayani AcebedoApril 23, 2021

Keen Software House’s cyber sandbox game Space Engineers is currently at the start of their new Warfare update, and they’ve just given us a look at the Field Engineer.

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Hello, Engineers! The next major release for Space Engineers is upon us. Warfare 1: Field Engineer provides you with new choices in how you create and destroy. Field Engineers is the first installment in our all-new Warfare content! Warfare 1 doesn't just focus on the Engineer, it also includes new blocks to outfit your base, space station, or fortress. Prepare your defense or lay siege like never before.

This patch promises an overhaul of infantry combat. These include new weapon mechanics, a rebalance of the weapons, a rework on the Ammo, and visual updates on magazines.

The Field Engineer update contains free content, as well as some paid DLC items. The free content includes 3 variants of the S Series Pistol, 4 variants of the MR Series Rifle, and 2 variants of the Rocket Launcher. A new scenario will also be available in the form of the Uranium Heist, and players will also be able to get blocks for target dummy as well as new passages.

As for paid content players can get access to:

  • Fire Cover Block
  • Half window Block
  • Weapon Rack Block
  • More Passage Blocks
  • Embrasure Block
  • Two new Emotes
  • Assault Suit skin

After the update which allowed for crossplay on Space Engineer, the studio is now looking forward to focusing on patches for Warfare. We should expect more drops to occur within the year.

For more information on Space Engineers, you can visit the official site here.

Space Engineers is now available for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. More titles can be found in our updated list of upcoming Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC games.