Snowbreak: Containment Zone, the upcoming RPG from Seasun Games, made a new milestone. Weeks ahead of its launch, the game has received over 2 million pre-registrations, the California-based studio said.

To celebrate this milestone, developers will roll out more rewards and events.

In-game currency, rare items, and exclusive rewards await players who already pre-registered. These included an exclusive pre-registration campaign skin and a weapon mod loadout.

They can also select an SSR character with unique armor, and gain an ability bonus. Players can earn these perks once they completed the fifth chapter of the game.

Seasun Games also announced they will introduce a fifth character. They will unveil more details of the new playable character soon.

Meanwhile, developers said they made changes and improvements to Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Following the game’s latest closed beta test, they made several optimizations and new features.

They added a reward system for upgrading Neuronics. Neuronics is ‘a reward event for progress made completing the main story.’

Developers have also made improvements to the tutorial, combat guidance, interface, and stage. All these changes were based on player feedback they collected, they said.

Players from 147 countries joined the game’s recent closed beta test, according to Seasun Games. The event went live, for PC, Android, and iOS, last May and June.

Additionally, Seasun Games have also launched in-person events. There, players have the opportunity to bring home more prizes.

They confirmed attending the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Developers will also make an appearance at expos in Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul.

During these events, they will feature character cosplays as well as interactive activities. Participants can have the opportunity to win exclusive merch, they said.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone will be available for PC and mobile devices this July 20. / ###

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