Sheltered 2 Announced for PC in 2021

Fight to survive in the sequel to Team17 and Unicube’s post-apocalyptic world

Sheltered 2 Announced for PC in 2021
ByBayani AcebedoApril 23, 2021

Developers Unicube and Team17 had delivered “Fallout Shelter done right” with Sheltered back in 2016. Half a decade later, they announce the coming of the sequel, Sheltered 2.

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Prepare to manage scarce resources and maintain your base to survive in a relentless world. Filled with factions, hostiles and environmental threats, the wasteland will challenge all those who seek shelter.

While the original Sheltered had a more retro, pixelated aesthetic, Sheltered 2 gets a cosmetic upgrade.

The mechanics of the game also introduces some changes. You don't just have to keep their families in the bunkers alive. You will also have to deal with all the other threats from the outside world other humans who are just trying to survive the apocalypse, most especially.

As for new features, you will have access to the Factions system. This will allow you to forge relationships with multiple groups. Whether you cooperate with or steal from them is your choice entirely. There is also a new Permadeath element to the game, meaning that if a chosen leader had died, then the game would be over.

With the first Sheltered earning stellar reviews, Team17 and Unicube aim to "build upon the solid foundation of the first game." Let’s hope that players and critics will agree once Sheltered 2 finally comes out.

Sheltered 2 still has no official release date, but is set to be available for PC later this year. While you wait, you can wishlist the game on Steam. The original Sheltered is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.