Retro Open World Game Shakedown: Hawaii Comes to Switch on May 7th

More pixel violence to come in Retro City Rampage follow-up

Retro Open World Game Shakedown: Hawaii Comes to Switch on May 7th

Make some space on your Switch open world list as VBlank Entertainment announces a May 7th release date for their 16-bit RPG, Shakedown Hawaii. Initially projected to release way back in 2017, the wait has been long but fruitful for this follow-up to the action Retro City Rampage. This announcement was accompanied by a brand new trailer. Fast forwarding to 30 years into the future of Retro City Rampage, it’s a huge upgrade from the original, most notably in its substantially larger tropical Hawaii setting.

Their trailer playfully parodies the era with chiptune music and a characteristically earnest voiceover. Running on the saying "Business in the front and bodies in the back," gameplay will be a mix of business meetings and crafty competition, with of course a serving shootouts, explosions, and overall criminal mayhem. For what looks like the old-school Grand Theft Auto, Shakedown Hawaii boasts an impressive level freedom in its top-down perspective with an open world of destructible environments and fully customizable characters and cars.

Shakedown Hawaii is also set to release on the PC, PS4, and PS Vita on the same date. A version for both the new and original 3DS versions will arrive shortly after.