Shakedown Hawaii for PlayStation 4

Shakedown Hawaii

May 7, 2019
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The entire island is up for grabs... or at least, could be with the right business model. Shakedown: Hawaii follows three protagonists through a 16-bit open world. Build your own 'legitimate' corporation by completing missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, 're-zoning' land, and shaking down shops for protection money. Explore the island by foot, by car, or by boat. It's filled with arcade challenges, sidequests, stores to shop at, houses to burgle, civilians to interact with, and secrets to discover. You begin your adventure as an aging CEO, struggling to make sense of the modern world. Online shopping killed his retail stores, ride sharing his taxi business, and streaming his video stores. To save the company, he'll need to learn the 'methods' of modern business, and use them to rebuild his empire. Build your corporate empire and destroy the competition.

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Robert WorkmanMay 08, 2019
Despite some setbacks with the fetch quests and the bad jokes, Provinciano’s follow-up to his classic Retro City Rampage doesn’t disappoint. Shakedown Hawaii has loads of replay value, between acquisitions, mayhem, and raging through city streets. It is splendidly designed, composed, and its visuals are a great nostalgic reminder of the SNES era. It may not reinvent the wheel for classic Grand Theft Auto experiences, but it’s nice that it keeps that spin going.
Jeff CorkMay 10, 2019
The economy might be a little wonky, but Shakedown: Hawaii delivers a nice blast of classic arcade action and some solid laughs. A wealth of entertaining missions and a generous overall structure show that while the game's CEO might be out of touch, developer VBlank most definitely isn't.
Stephen TailbyMay 06, 2019
Despite some repetitive mission design, Shakedown: Hawaii manages to entertain in much the same way as its predecessor. It swaps out pop culture references for jibes at the modern world, and it's an angle that slots right into the GTA-esque design. The business management aspects are what will keep you hooked, with each day bringing you more and more cash to splash.

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