Rune Factory 3 Special is Here

Remastered for Switch, PC

Rune Factory 3 Special is Here

Rune Factory fans rejoice! The newest title in the classic adventure simulation game has just landed. On September 5, XSEED Games launched Rune Factory 3 Special on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The publisher said the latest addition to the Rune Factory series features visuals, mechanics, and content remastered to fit Switch consoles.

XSEED Games added that Rune Factory 3 Special also served as an expanded version of the original game.

The game tells the story of a young man named Micah, who woke up one day to discover that he had become a sheep-like monster. When he regained his human form, however, he lost all of his memories of the past.

Eventually, Micah arrives in Sharance, where humans and monsters coexist and where the game's campaign kicks off. Players will then guide Micah to survive in Sharance and navigate a conflict between humankind and monsters.

Like other titles in the series, Rune Factory 3 Special lets players explore, do combat, farm, fish, cook, craft, and find romance. The newest game, however, introduced players to two new modes. These are the Newlywed and Hell.

In Newlywed Mode, players can unlock standalone adventures with each spouse after marriage. On the other hand, Hell is a new difficulty level that challenges players to fight tougher enemies for lower rewards.

As a bonus, players who have saved data for Rune Factory 4 Special and Rune Factory 5 on Nintendo Switchâ„¢ or own the games on Steam will receive special outfits for Micah based on the protagonists of those games. Moreover, the "Another Episode" DLC, which features illustrated stories narrated by each marriage candidate, will be free for one month after launch.

Rune Factory 3 Special is available digitally for $39.99 for the standard edition on both platforms. Switch players can also purchase a physical copy of the game for $39.99.

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