RedDeer.Games will release a new game this year. In it, players will help the protagonist save a friend from a bloody and tragic ending.

In a press release, the Poland-based video game publisher announced the development of One Night: Burlesque. The upcoming noir-themed title is RedDeer's first in-house project. It will hit Nintendo Switch and Steam within this year, they said.

One Night: Burlesque is a visual novel game that will take players to a hand-drawn world where jazz meets science fiction.

One Night: Burlesque is a visual novel game in which players can delve into the heart of a tarry noir tale, where the fluff of peacock feathers, and sequins darkens under the influence of crime lurking in the shadows, RedDeer said.

The game is set in a world where humans with supernatural abilities must take a drug called ODDERAL. Otherwise, they will spiral into madness and insanity.

Players control the protagonist, Hollie, a talented dancer working at the exclusive burlesque club Angels Den. With her telepathic skills, Hollie discovers that someone plans to murder her best friend, setting the game's story.

Along the way, players must make choices that will affect the story's outcome. They must "delve into the minds" of the characters surrounding Hollie and try to solve the mystery.

Uncover their hidden motives and unveil the truth. Be cautious; every mind holds secrets, and not all are willing to share them right away, said developers.

One Night: Burlesque will have three different endings. All of them will be influenced by the choices the players took, they added.

RedDeer Games will reveal more details about One Night: Burlesque, including its release date, at a later date. Interested players can watch the game's trailer on YouTube.

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