The Night of the Rabbit Gets Ported for Switch

The hit 2013 point-and-click game, The Night of the Rabbit just got ported to Switch.

The Night of the Rabbit Gets Ported for Switch
ByMarie MijaresMay 11, 2024

Fantastic news for Nintendo Switch owners. The hit 2013 point-and-click game on PC, The Night of the Rabbit, just got ported to Switch.

Daedelic Entertainment announced on May 8th the release of the new Switch game.

This marks the first time the whimsical story of young Jerry and his journey to Mousewood will be playable in a portable format.

Originally released on PC in 2013, The Night of the Rabbit is a story-driven adventure that takes players to the mystical world of Mousewood. The game explores multiple themes such as the multiverse concept and coming-of-age. In it, players step into the shoes of 12-year-old Jerry who dreams of becoming a magician.

One day, he receives a magical letter and a traveling case. It contains a wand, hat, and an eccentric talking rabbit named Marquis de Hoto. Marquis then whisks Jerry away to the realm of Mousewood, where animals can talk.

As Jerry explores Mousewood, he uncovers a sinister force lurking beneath the surface. The residents are presented with an enticing offer – tickets to a grand magic show – but at a terrible cost. This journey pushes Jerry to confront challenges and make choices about his childhood.

The Night of the Rabbit was developed by Matthias Kempke. Its features include handcrafted 2D art. Its puzzles also took inspiration from the classic LucasArts adventures. The game contains a total gameplay of 20 hours.

Since its release, The Night of the Rabbit earned positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. Many praised its story, graphics, and voice acting but criticized its puzzle mechanics. Whatoplay gave it a playscore of 8.3.

The Switch edition of The Night of the Rabbit will carry a price tag of US$16.99. ####

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