Islands of Insights, a Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now Live Until September 21

Get ready to dive into this puzzle paradise on Open Steam Playtest

Islands of Insights, a Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now Live Until September 21

Developers Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios announced the open playtest for their upcoming puzzle adventure game, Islands of Insight. The playtest is now available on Steam until September 21, allowing players to experience the game's unique blend of puzzles, exploration, and discovery.

We're focused on creating an experience that brings something new and different to the puzzle genre, says Carla Rylance, Head of External Production at Behaviour Interactive. We're still in active development and so players participating in our playtest will be treated to a taste of Islands of Insight's expansive world, game mechanics, and puzzles, with lots still left to discover down the road. Putting the game into players' hands for the first time and getting their feedback is incredibly exciting for us as we continue to build this unique puzzle adventure.

The core of the game lies in its captivating landscapes and mysterious puzzles. In Islands of Insight, players become Seekers. Seekers go to a fantasy realm as they solve a series of puzzles. The game features various puzzles, from simple logic problems to complex environmental challenges. Players must use their wits and creativity to solve these puzzles and progress through the game.

Each of our puzzles is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, and satisfying to find and solve, adds Rylance. They also vary in difficulty, making this both a welcoming experience for newcomers, and an engaging one for more seasoned puzzle fans.

During the open playtest, participants will have the chance to:

  1. Go on a quest to solve a diverse array of puzzles scattered across the landscape.
  2. Explore an open world filled with secrets to uncover at their own pace,
  3. Advance in the game's campaign by solving puzzles, unlocking new areas, and discovering lore.
  4. Share feedback with the development team to improve the Islands of Insight experience.

To participate in the open playtest, visit the game's Steam page and click the "Play" button under the playtest header. The playtest is completely free, and no prior registration is necessary.

Get more information about the game on their official website,

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