Guardian Goddess, Anime-Style Idle RPG, Coming Soon to Mobile

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Guardian Goddess, Anime-Style Idle RPG, Coming Soon to Mobile
ByMarie MijaresJune 29, 2023

Idle games for mobile continue to enjoy popularity among casual and competitive players. And mobile game developer and publisher Neowiz wants to get in on the action.

The Korean gaming and software development company is set to launch Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG. Pre-registration for Neowiz's latest title is also ongoing.

[We are] thrilled to announce that global pre-registration for the highly anticipated game, Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG, is now available, they said.

Based on earlier reports, the upcoming game will be available for iOS and Android devices worldwide within the year.

As the title suggests, Guardian Goddess is an anime-style, idle mobile RPG. According to the same press release, the game's main story arc involved heroes, called Guardians, fighting evil in a fictional world.

In it, players take control of the Guardians to battle enemies. Like most idle RPGs on mobile, it is automatic or manual combat. But it also involved the strategic use of character skills. Players can team up with other players for a co-op mode, Neowiz said.

Another highlight of Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG would be its unlimited character growth. This means players can level up their Guardians perpetually. They can also customize their guardians. The game features choices for weapons, hair, and body parts, Neowiz said.

The final release date for Guardians Goddess: Idle RPG has yet to be revealed


Meanwhile, Neowiz has encouraged interested players to sign up for pre-registration. A pre-registration campaign is now ongoing, with exclusive in-game items in store.

These included a limited costume set as a "token of appreciation" from the developers.

Additionally, pre-registration cumulative achievement rewards will be granted, they added. Guardians Goddess: Idle RPG will be available in English, Japanese, and Chinese, Neowiz said.

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